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Posted by: donkeybeatz Jul 26 2008, 02:43 PM

I will update this as time goes on. If there's anything you guys want to add please post here and I'll update the post.

We use Skype to do our podcasts in the Apocalypse Tribe Office.

Who are the hosts?
and other members if they decide to drop in.
We'll try to have special guests if possible.

If anyone has any questions that you would like to submit to us (ANY question about ANYTHING),
you can send them to

Can I subscribe through iTunes?
Yes! It is available and searchable now on iTunes. If you have iTunes installed, please click on this link,

What to expect?
To be honest, anything and everything. But generally, we talk about video games and other forms of entertainment. We also have our REAL TALK™ segment where we share stories/events from our lives and/or have debates and the like.

When to expect new episodes?
We don't have a set schedule but we're trying to do this bi-weekly on any given day.

Also, sticky icky.

Posted by: donkeybeatz Aug 11 2009, 01:43 PM

We now have a dedicated email for our podcast thanks to super admin Dive! Rah rah rah rah

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