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Apocalypse Tribe HQ _ Phantasy Star _ Back in Black.

Posted by: AC9breaker Jan 26 2004, 07:23 PM

Yesterday I hit 158. two days ago 157. A while ago I beat Seabeds offline. Today i beat olga online and saw flowen. I have never played a game as much as i play this game. Well except for (Armored core beigebiggrin.gif) But for some reason I find it difficult to focus on another game to play. I kinda like the story of this game and for some reason today when i saw flowen i was filled with strong undiscribeable feeling that has been apperant in all of the above mentioned events. I know it sounds silly but I guess they have made me want to go to level 200. So that is what i will be going for now and im switching back to my OG color of black. I will reach level 200. I will now be know as the Black Mirage. Cool yet huggable:P

Posted by: Crushinator Jan 26 2004, 10:16 PM

Go for the goal, and let nothing, and I mean NOTHING stand in your way!

Posted by: HC82 Jan 26 2004, 10:27 PM

Heh, I don't need to tell you good luck, hitting 200 is all about your own determination.

Most importantly, have FUN!!!
Be it ten level 100 characters or one level 200 character, if in either case a person is just leveling up for the status and goal and not because they are having fun, it becomes a waste of real life time.

I know you really dig the game AC9, so it's cool.

Some people grind to 200 mindlessly, which is fine if your having fun...But you gotta ask yourself a serious question "Am I having fun?" If your not having fun and are just doing it to achieve a goal, then there are more realistic goals that one can achieve that can be more beneficial.

Not to get offtopic, but some people who grind exp in games begin to lose sight of the reason that one plays a game and their values become mildly distorted.

Ex."Getting to level 200 is such a pain in the ass, but I gotta hit level 200. Fuck my report, so what if I flunk out?"

I just wanted to make a point here because there are a lot of people who do exactly that. Everquest isn't called EverCrack for nothing.

On your quest for 200, don't lose sight of why your playing.

Posted by: DJ_Donkey Jan 27 2004, 02:28 PM

I would do the same thing but theres other aspects of the game that keeps me away from leveling. I probably do it for like 30 minutes then say screw it and go battle in ep3 or do some cmode runs. beigelaugh.gif
And yes, have fun.


Posted by: DarkEpyon Jan 27 2004, 04:04 PM

Go for it man!

Just don't ever forsake your friends for it. And remember that it can be stolen from you in seconds, so don't get too cocky. Hitting the big two-double-oh is quite the experience, but not worth losing friends over, as I'd learned from my experience with it.

Getting to 200 nowadays is more about personal accomplishment, and as said before, having fun above all else. Around this time last year, seeing a 200 was a rare treat. I think there were only 3 at about that time. However 200s are all over the place now, and instead of cheered, they are jeered no thanks to that one code. But one who didn't get there via said code is a rare sighting. Too bad they're meshed in with all the other code users, and you'll probably be called one yourself (God forbid).

But don't let any of the above dissuade you. Only the ones that matter will know the truth.

Posted by: AC9breaker Jan 28 2004, 12:32 PM

Thanks for the suppurt and advice guys. ^-^

Yea although i don't for school like many here do, I still take my school work serious. PSO is just a reprieve from the stresses of life. Kinda Like in Final Fantasy 7 with the chocobo bredding/racing. Life is FF7 and pso is the chocobo racing/breeding. beigelaugh.gif I know Wierd anology .

Thats a good point DE about friends and all although i must say, Kinda hard to lose your friends when they dont come online anymore. beigelaugh.gif
But I still chill with Zero and the rest on Ant 5 Bsing and all. teleport.gif

Posted by: Sheik Feb 1 2004, 01:56 PM

Okay, okay,
Most of you know that I also bored with FFXI is not such a suprise.
I think PSO holds my interest more for some reason.
It has to be the people that I meet and play with on PSO.
I have started thinking more about PSO as "I want to see who is online to play with" rather than "I wana get 2 levels."

Lately I may just sit in a lobby looking at games or talking with friends. The level grinding thing has lost my it should (it seems to be no fun!).

What ever game I play I eventually end up falling back to PSO for some reason. It is the game I started playing and where I met so many people and I have a hard time letting it go. I admit I do not play it nearly as much as I used to but with everything going on at the University it is easy to see why. I maybe put in 1-2 hours daily where I used to be on it 5+ hours when I was at my community college. PSO does not hold my interest for 5+ hours anymore...

Anyways, my thoughts on PSO and FFXI. I still have an active contentID for FFXI and it is costing me about $13-$14 a month to maintain it. I have not let go of FFXI but that contentID cost will add up and I might eventually drop it...sad to say.

Anyways, good luck with your endevers and hopefully you find your place on what you enjoy doing. LV200 is a goal for me, but my point of playing is to play with friends and meet new friends. Lately I have not set foot on a US ship except for 2-3 minutes here and there. You will mostly find me standing in JP Alcyone:68-06 lobby 1, 2, or 3...sometimes Mintaka 68-3 when I want to level up.

Alright, good luck...and may you find where you enjoy yourself.

Posted by: Knightsword Feb 1 2004, 09:24 PM

Hey AC, I forgot to mention last night, but congrats on getting to 160 toast.gif

Posted by: Zio Feb 5 2004, 12:26 PM

Ya you should do whatever you feel like it. Take your time (unlike me)...but about the only thing that would get me back into pso is A) a new stage or B) a completely different PSO like a cool ep4 with some new stages, weps, and characters....not like thats gonna happen anytime soon though. cry2.gif

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