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Posted by: Mute Jun 7 2003, 05:42 PM

I picked up a copy of the Animatrix yesterday. I finally finished watching it all today and man, it is groovy! It's quite the mix of animation styles and storylines. All of them were very well done and definately worth the watch if you're a Matrix fan. My favorite was "A Detective's Story" which has a cameo with Trinity in it. beigebigrazz.gif The last one on the DVD, entitled "Matriculated" is really awesome and quite disturbing. o.O I think the DVD has some DVD-Rom features as well... but I don't have those capabilities. All in all, this collection of short films really rocks. Pick it up if you get the chance. ;-)

Posted by: Ether Jun 7 2003, 07:42 PM

I got it too, its pretty awesome. Ironically I didnt really like the two you mentioned >.>

I felt it started excellent (final flight, 2nd renaissance) then slowed down. The tie ins to reloaded were pretty neat, though I wont spoil it.

The 7th one about the haunted house (I forget the name right now) felt like a major Lain ripoff though >.>

Posted by: Dive Jun 8 2003, 06:15 AM

Bryn and I picked this up friday and were very impressed with it. The Second Renaissance Part -1 and 2 was very disturbing I thought. Reminiscent of the 1981 animated feature Heavy Metal. I really liked the approach Watanabe took in Kid's story, the animation in that segment was pure art, I think my favorite segment is Final Flight of the Osiris, I wish that Reloaded had this intensity, pace, and sexuality.

Highly recommended. trophy.gif

Posted by: Layrinn Jun 8 2003, 08:14 AM

Yeah, I dig it big time. As a big fan of both anime and The Matrix, this was right up my alley. Osiris was pretty bad-ass... the scene on the surface was breathtaking. I still need to watch Second Renaissance. >.> The very last one, Matriculated, was just... weird. But then, what else would you expect from the creator of Aeon Flux? ;p

Posted by: Bryn Jun 8 2003, 01:42 PM

After being let down by Reloaded, I wasn't too excited by the idea of Animatrix, but after seeing it I was really impressed. I was completely captivated by The Second Renaissance 1 &2, my favorite segments. I think it's interesting how so many people thought the overall DVD was great, but the opinion on the different segments varies a great deal.

Posted by: DivA Jun 9 2003, 12:48 PM

*nods* from what little i have seen of the Animatrix so far ~ the artwork is something that i shall not forget anytime soon; impressive ~ it left me speechless.. ^.- no kidding? i had no idea that it was done by the creator of Aeon Flux ~ i should have picked up on that since i like the animated series lots, even to this day.. beigesmile.gif

Posted by: DivA Jun 11 2003, 07:07 AM

by all things holy.. -.O

The Animatrix = intense + impressive + disturbing; lol, i will say this about the series of animated stories - they were well made, my favorites go to: The Second Renaissance 1 & 2.. teleport.gif especially the 2nd one when the wars begin ~ the cyborgs take it to a whole new level of development; highly recommended for all that have yet to witness such beautiful work.. ^.-

Posted by: Crushinator Jun 19 2003, 10:18 AM

Woo...I finally got to see the Animatrix DVD yesterday. Totally jawsome stuff. I'm sure there will be spoilers in my impressions, so read at your own risk.

Of course I enjoyed The Second Renaissance...I think I may have been the only person happy to see the humans get their comuppance for their mistreatment of the robots, though beigelaugh.gif I really liked the allusions to moments in our own (human) history put upon the robots. Having hundreds of robot "slaves" building a pyramid-shaped building a la the Egyptians, the "war footage" of an android being shot execution-style just like that infamous Vietnam newsreel video. And the solitay robot standing in front of the tank to hold it back from attack his city (like the raid on Tienemen Square in China). I wonder if, on the scene in the UN building on part 2, the humans actually signed their flesh away in that they (the world government) willingly signed humanity over to be batteries for the robots rather than face extinction? Maybe it was a ruse by the AI, but robots don't seem the kind to play tricks...they are too logical. Anyways I thought the part where he signed his name in bar-code form was totally sweet.

My other favorites were Beyond, A Detective Story, and World Record. I really liked the character designs on Beyond and World Record, and I totally dug the retro-future style on A Detective Story.

What I like most about the whole collection is that they fall perfectly within the world of The Matrix, and you can totally believe that these are just snapshots of events that happen in that universe. I hope that this isn't the last of this type of project, because I'm sure there are many other animation directors who would jump at the chance to create their own chapter in the Matrix saga.

Posted by: unitself Jun 19 2003, 10:42 AM

I really really enjoyed The Second Renaissance.
It was great to see how arrogant the humans were (are), only to get theirs in the end.
The robots will prevail!
And, the story is actually believeable. I can really see that scenerio happening. One day, very soon, those machines that build cars are going to rise up and weld the crap out of the people at a Ford plant.

Funny - I haven't seen Reloaded yet, so when we watched the Osris one, we were like, "what the hell?" The story just kinda starts and then ends! And she gets shot!! It was only until later, after talking to someone who has seen both, did they tell me about the connection.

I also really like The Kid. The artwork was great. It even stood on it's own. Just as a short piece. It didn't need the other movies to have it make sense.

Posted by: Riel Jun 19 2003, 02:20 PM

I have it but i have only seen "Program" so far...i really liked that one,the shot near the end,on the rooftop with the full Moon in the background is gorgeous....i also liked the small history of anime on the extra contents....can't wait to see the rest.

Posted by: AC9breaker Jun 19 2003, 03:46 PM

Well Ive had this for some time but never felt like posting.
My 3 Favs are Program,Kids story,and Detective story.
All 3 where greatly animated, had cool character models, and good storys too. Especially Kids story. What a uniqe and Original way to animate I was blown away.
(not to say that the other where corny) just that these 3 stood out in my mind.

I really did find Reniscance ones sad. I was like "Dam you Human beings!" the sad part is that i can actually see something like that happening. But still a great segment

Overall, I found all of the segments good except the first one. I really didn't like Final Flight of the Osiris, Im not sure why, I think it was cause It was sort of a wham, bam, thank you mam type of thing. Or probaly because they computer animated what weve already seen in the movie. Well none the less its like Bryn said. Everyones Opinion differs on the Segments.

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