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Apocalypse Tribe HQ _ Entertainment _ COD: Modern Warfare 2 Rumors,

Posted by: Crushinator Mar 4 2009, 03:16 PM

So supposedly this info got leaked from a playtester on COD:MW2 which will be releasing later this year. Of course take it all with a grain of salt.

Leaked from a play tester on the twitter fourzerotwo’s live blog.

Here is the leaked information

*Vehicles will be in MW2
*M16 will return, using stopping power will only be OHK at head, neck, and torso (abdomen, limbs, and hands/feet will not)
*Ak47 and M4 will return, unknown if there are any changes
*M40 will return, ACOG damage boost will be fixed
*Scorpion, P90, M21, R700, G3, G360 will not return
*There are more unknown weapons that will not return
*New sniper rifle: SR25M (United states forces)
*New Assault rifle: Diemeco C8 (Canadian forces M4 equivelant)
*New Assault rifle: L85A2 (United Kingdom forces)
*Total weapons in multiplayer are said to be around 35
*Favourite Modern warfare 1 maps will return
*Helicopters, air strikes, UAV will return
*Red dot sightings will come in different shapes for multiplayer (circular, square, original)
*Snipers will have special grass camouflage (As seen in Modern warfare 1’s campaign)
*All perks will return from MW except eavesdrop and others will be altered
*All gametypes will return from MW and all will have hardcore versions
*New gametype: Secure (Call of duty version of capture the flag, however you capture the enemy’s Intel)
*New gametype unconfirmed name, similar to search and destroy, however instead of trying to plant a bomb, you try to kill a specified enemy
*Solider customization for each class (and each country)
*Sniper with silencers will NOT be in multiplayer
*There are NO bots in local multiplayer
*Similar version to Nazi Zombies, however details are unknown
*NO guest players online, 1 player per console
*Killcam save feature
*There is blood and gore
*Offline/Online Co-op
*Story takes place in the Middle East
*Role as US marines return
*Ken Lally voice work in campaign
*Release is set for sometime in November
*New army tags will be available to add different elements in campaign (similar to halo skulls)
*Campaign-only weapons

Posted by: Crushinator Mar 25 2009, 10:01 PM

Official launch date, 11-10-09.

Posted by: Crushinator May 10 2009, 09:11 PM

First gameplay footage teased, looks fucking awesome. SCUBA, Snow Mobiles, CQCs. FUCK YES.

Posted by: Crushinator May 22 2009, 01:40 AM

8 more seconds of dookie footage.

Posted by: donkeybeatz May 22 2009, 02:51 PM

The shields portion was interesting. Didn't counterstrike source have that?

Posted by: Crushinator May 24 2009, 09:21 PM

Posted by: Crushinator Jun 1 2009, 07:08 PM

Posted by: donkeybeatz Jun 1 2009, 07:42 PM

That was awesome. I like Soap's voiceover. Totally fits the bill.

Posted by: AC9breaker Jun 2 2009, 04:52 AM

I didn't even realize that was soap until you mentioned it. I thought he died at the end of 4 with Griggs and McMillian.

Posted by: Crushinator Jul 27 2009, 05:16 PM

Holy shit at the graphics, and using an AC130 in multiplayer? beigebigeek.gif beigebigeek.gif beigebigeek.gif

Infinity Ward am Gods. buttrock.gif

I guess they will keep doing these vids to reveal all the Killstreak's, like they did with the Perks on COD4.

Posted by: Crushinator Sep 1 2009, 03:44 PM

Posted by: Crushinator Sep 17 2009, 05:16 PM

Confirmed perks, weapon unlocks, and killstreaks from the multiplayer preview event that just wrapped up.

a. At 9 kills you get "Pave Low" which is a "heavily armored assault helicopter"

b. At least at this low unknown level (has to be under level 27) - You get 2 classes and then at some point you get 3 custom ones. The first 2 might be custom too, but there were named "pessimism" and "skepticism."

c. There are 9 assault rifles in the game. The levels they unlock is at 28, 40, 49?, 60 (this one's stats are super high), and 70. m4a1, famas, scar-h, tar-21 are your first 4 in that order. These weapons have an additional mobility stat to them.

d. 10 Attachments for assault rifles.
1. Grenade launcher requires marksman I. Does nothing to your stats.
2. Red Dot requires marksman II. Does nothing to your stats.
3. silencer requires marksman III. It only reduces range about 20% kinda like cod4.
4. 1 classified attachment that requires marksman IV. No stat changes.
5. the next is also classified and requires marksman V.
6 The next is a shotgun attachment! Waaahhh. Looks like a shotgun you add to your gun! It appears to unlock by a "challenge."
7. The next is another classified attachment that is unlocked by a challenge. Does no stat changes.
8. The next is a heart beat sensor and does no stat changes.
9. The next is another classified and unlocks by a challenge. This one increases your range by about 20%. I'm guessing this might be a scope attachment.
10. the last attachment is another challenge based one and does no stat changes.

Secondary Weapons - Do NOT affect mobility. No mobility stat.

machine pistols - 4 total
1.) you start with the pp2000. That's right I said PP. Oh wait, wrong thread. The gun's stats are impressive and almost compare to some of the assault rifles.
2.) auto-G18. stats are worse than pp2000.
3.) classified
4.) classified

machine pistols have 6 possible attachments -
a.) Red dot
b.) Silencer
c.) classified
d.) Akimbo
e.) classified
f.) classified

Shotguns - 5 total
1.) Start with the spas-12. Pump action. High damage. medium fire rate. semi-low accuracy and fire rate.
2.)AA-12 - high rate of fire high damage but really very low range and accuracy. (not like the real thing haha)
3 - 5) classified.

Handguns - 4 total
1.) Start with USP .45 - semi-auto. Mid accuracy and range. high fire rate. low damage.
2.) .44 magnum - high everything but accuracy.

Launchers - 5 different kinds

1.) Start with AT4 - medium everything except mid-high damage.
2. Thumper X 2 - "Grenade Launcher" - mid everything. Literally down the middle on everything.
3. Classified - unlocked at level 30 - almost identical stats to AT4.
4 - 5 classified no info.

Special Grenade (literally 1 frame of this video lol) - 3 options
1. Flash Grenade x2
2. Stun Grenade x2
3. Smoke grenade x1.

Perk slot 1 - 5 choices
1. Marathon - unlimited running (paraphrase)
2. Slight of Hand -
3. Scavenger
4. Bling
5. Classified

Perk slot 2 - 5 choices
1. Stopping Power
2. Lightweight - "move faster"
3. Hardline - "Killstreak require 1 less kill"
4. Cold-Blooded - Unrecognizable? by UAV, air support, sentries and thermal.
5. classified.

Perk Slot 3 - 6 choices

1. Commando - "increased melee distance"
2. Steady Aim
3. Scrambler
4 - 6 classified

Also a great interview here on a lot of the changes they're implementing for multiplayer.

GOTY confirmed.

Posted by: Crushinator Oct 4 2009, 08:25 PM

MW2 is Fallout 3 prequel: CONFIRMED.

Posted by: AC9breaker Oct 4 2009, 10:31 PM

Yeah best thing about that Steelers Chargers game. Pittsburgh shitted all over San Diego. Is it just me, or does the voice in thbhe beginning sound a lot like Micky Rourke. That dood is bad ass.

Posted by: donkeybeatz Nov 4 2009, 01:15 PM

Anybody picking this up at Midnight? Seems really likely for me.

Posted by: AC9breaker Nov 4 2009, 01:26 PM

I think it should go without saying for me! Night vision goggles! Oh crap, I just realized my cousins still have my HD and I have theirs...


Posted by: Crushinator Nov 4 2009, 08:50 PM

FUCK! I hate midnight launches, but if you guys are getting it then I guess I have to.

Peer pressure, real talk.

Posted by: Crushinator Nov 5 2009, 12:08 AM

There's probably some campaign spoilers in this vid, so be warned! WTF fighting in space???

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