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Apocalypse Tribe HQ _ Entertainment _ Treasure of the Rudras

Posted by: DarkEpyon Jul 10 2003, 07:41 PM

...or "Rudra's Treasure" or "Rudra no Hihou in some circles. It's a Super FamiCom game made by Squaresoft in 1996, but never saw the light of day here in thes States. Until recently, that is, when a translation group translated the ROM into english. The story of the game is that every 4000 years, a creature called a rudra is sent to destroy an entire race of beings and give rise to another. The game takes place 15 days before the next rudra is to appear and repeat the cycle. But a group of people whom were chosen by stones called "jades" are out to stop this from happening.

The game starts by having you name 4 characters (Sion Surlent, Riza, and Dune), then you can play the scenarios of Sion, Riza, or Surlent. Each character has their own unique quest that takes place throughout the 15 days, and they sometimes meet up with one another. But what sets it apart from other RPGs is its unique magic system where you get to name your own spells. I played through it a couple years ago before the patch came and thought it was great. Right now, I finished Sion's quest and am almost done with Surlent's. Definitely a game worth checking out

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