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post Feb 10 2004, 11:18 PM
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Yeah, I was bored, so, hear is one of me from last year...I look much different...better abs..more weight...my hair is straightened...and...yeah~

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post Jul 19 2005, 12:26 PM
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Yeeehaw cowbow! Heheh. Damn this sounds complicated!!

Beer Pong

Beer Pong is the game as played with hand-thrown balls. The objective of the game is to eliminate the other team's cups from the table by sinking ping pong balls in them. The rules are many-fold, but easilly grasped, which makes the game accessible to beginners yet exciting to all.

Each team begins the game with six or ten cups of beer placed in a triangle formation on their end of the table. One edge of the pyramid is on the edge of the table, the oposing "tip" is facing the other side.
Each team fills each cup to a predetermined level, typically four or six ounces. This will require either four or six beers per game.
The game is played with the same number of ping pong balls as there are players per team, either one or two.
Each team is allowed to throw their ping pong ball(s) unimpeded directly into the other team's cups, one at a time. If the ball goes into a cup, the other team must consume that cup of beer and remove the cup.
If the ball is not flying directly into a cup (it is bounced off the table, wall, etc.), the defending team is allowed to obstruct the ball from entering a cup, either by swatting it or by blowing it away.
A bounce shot (one which did not fly directly into the cup, but landed into a cup before coming to a stop) counts as two cups - the defending team must remove the sunk cup as well as another cup.
If both players hit during a team's turn, the defending team loses its next turn (balls back).
A "re-rack" occurs when a team reaches certain increments of cups. Popular counts for re-racks are 6 (triangle), 4 (diamond), 3 (triangle), 2 (horizontal or vertical) and 1 (recenter), although various rules will omit some or all of these racks. Some rules do not allow a re-rack in the middle of the team's throwing turn, and sometimes the re-rack is not automatic and must be called for by an opposing team.
The team whose cups are cleared first are allowed "rebuttal" or "redemption," - they are allowed to shoot indefinitely until they miss a cup. If either player misses a shot, the game is over and the first team which cleared the cups wins.
If the rebuttal is successful (all the non-rebutting team's cups are cleared without a missed shot), an overtime shootout period shall begin in which one cup or three cups are played on each side. In matches between highly skilled teams, overtimes and rebuttals can extend the length of the game significantly.
Death Cup is when a thrown or bounced ball lands in a cup from which the opposing team is drinking. If this rule is in effect, the game is over and the cup holder's team does not receive rebuttal honors.
The game is won when one team clears their opponents cups or scores a Death Cup. The losing team must immediately drink the winning team's remaining beer, unless a "drink your own" rule is in effect.
The winning team continues playing at the table, against the next challenging team. The defending champion team receives "honors" and throws first.
Note that there are thousands of house variations of the game, such as "Gentlemen's Beirut" in which every cup must be called by the shooting team, similar to calling a shot in billiards. Note too that Beer Pong is almost always played with ping pong balls, though beer caps are used in some forms of the game ("Beirut"proper in parts of of the Midwest, as opposed to the more common "Beer Pong".), calling for a different set of throwing skills. The name "Beirut" derives from an irreverent, and some would deem offensive, allusion to the United States military campaign in Lebanon in the 1980's in which missiles were "lobbed" at the capital city. Rules also often vary by gender: oftentimes only women can "distract" or "blow", for example. An aspiring player would do well to observe a few games of beer pong at any given venue before participating. This is often necessary anyway due to the popularity of the game versus the number of tables usually available at any given location.

Miscellaneous gameplay factors in Beer Pong
There is often a "wash cup" or "holy cup" on each team's side of the table, another plastic cup filled with water to cleanse ping pong balls with should they accidentally hit the floor, table, etc. It is good etiquette to wash on any throw that does not land in a cup, although the game is not known to promote good hygiene.

Over the course of several games, water and beer may accumulate on the table, drastically altering the characteristics of the cups. Cups on wet surface may shift across the table due to table movement or unlevelness of the table. Such motion is referred to as "Act of God" and the players may or may not be responsible for correcting this depending on house rules.

Technique in Beer Pong
The most common throwing technique is to grasp the ping pong ball with the tips of the thumb and forefinger of the player's good hand, and hold the arm at a right angle with the ball upwards, then throw by using gentle elbow motion, holding the upper arm parallel with the table. Wrist movement is not usually necessary, although a good player may push off with the knees as they throw to create an upward arcing motion. Since ball deflection is illegal on a non-bounce shot, the ball does not need to be thrown with a lot of force. A player should strive to perfect a good arclike motion on their throw.

Some players prefer or occasionally use a "fastball" style throw (named for its speed, it is not thrown like a baseball!) which uses more of a hard chopping motion to send the ball in a more direct line to the intended target cup. Caution must however be used if a "no elbows over the table" rule is in use, as it is much easier to violate that guideline with a less controlled throw. Fastballs are also much more likely to knock down a cup, which may have positive or negative consequences depending on house rules.

Bounce shots are much harder to accurately throw. The best time to use a bounce is when the opposing team is not paying attention to the game, as the risk of deflection is zero. The current rack must be taken into consideration as well - there is obviously a much higher chance of sinking a bounce on an unspoiled ten cup rack than on an inconsistent rack which has floated all over the table by "Act of God". Serious defenders should also always keep one player on alert for bounce shots to their cups.

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