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Rantastic, totally boomastic..., Gotta chill from PSO
post Feb 27 2003, 01:54 AM
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RANT ----

Then theres this whole being broke issue thats most likely to happen since Pataki(the govrner of NY) wants the price of college tuition to be raised($1200 more) and also reduce student aid by 25%...WTF!?! beigebigeek.gif

I need to play my FUCKING video games Pataki, don't be such a dick...I need an education and video games....DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!

Iam not going to cut my life span in half by stressing myself with a job and going to college(need atleast 12 credits for student aid...thats about 4 classes). Full classes and a job...err sorry but part time on the weekends isn't going to cut it $$$ wise.

I do have a life outside of PSO...believe it or not, gotta devote my time to the things I love(non PSO that is).

Gotta maintain this B average for college(don't get me started). Then theres this Bullshit about you need work experience when you get out of college...Errr DUDE WHY THE FUCK AM I GOING TO COLLEGE FOR...TO GET WORK!!!! You want me to INTERN, get paid NOTHING and have Pataki shove a bottle up my ass crack with increased tuition costs. decreased finicial AID and work to get paid????...NO THANK YOU!

Anyway Iam being a frugal mofo so just bare with me and understand why I need to pocket my 9 bucks a month. Thats the goddamn price of my weekly car fare(actually higher) and the mother fuckers at the MTA(metro transit authority) want to raise it!!!

Iam not gonna bug my folks for cash, they are just finish paying back my sister college tuition (70,000 dollars for 4 years...NO, thats not a typo)...private schools are a bitch eh? Overrated like most of those lousy girls on "Are you Hot?"(some of them were hot though)

Then theres those fucking alqueda bastard running around with there fingers up there ass.
(Psssttt....I live in NYC)

Yes, iam familar with the practices of different religon,s so i kinda know what iam talking about on this one...

This is not a FUCKING jihad, America doesn't give a shit about infringing on anyones reglious bielfs, only thing they are concerned about is capitalism(mostly the capital).

Were(USA) EVIL!?!....Uh then you might as well nuke the fucking world, and yourselves. Like you fuckers don't sin?

Sorry dudes but if you fuckers actually read the Koran instead of listening to the Binladen guy you'd know that

Iam not Muslim, but iam not ignorant either.(no offense to anyone, ignorant = in the non knowing way). People say alot of stuff in the name of God, they give religion a bad name in general. Religion aside, blowing up innocent people IS WRONG!!!

Back to the cash issue...

Iam not taking out loans, those things are death traps. Don't make do the math. Hell, the rate of inflation rises at a higher rate then the yearly interest you get back from your bank(if you have money in your bank). Thats right, having your money rot in the bank actually causes you to lose money.

Back to PSO...

Oh yea, I might restart and go clean...well not that I could help it, mem card got corrupted...BBBZZZZZZTTTT "cool my screen froze...You rock ST". Power flashed on and off for a sec, screen/GC didn't go off long enough but it was enough to F up the save file. Could ST implement Encrytped save files anyone?

Iam not pissed, I was planning to start fresh after my HL went out. Although I got back every FO item thats important which I lost(that I found)...*wink*

Eh, don't feel bad for me...I got everything under control(I seriously do). I'll just have to skip this month of PSO, and my usual big and tasty after class *sniff* to prepare for the worst(amoung other things to cut back on). I did the math so it's cool...but if this tution thing passes....GAHHHHHHH, damn thats gonna F' up my gaming.

Just kinda PO'ed ya know? It's mostly the tutition hike, everything else is trival. Buncha students rallied at city hall to protest it...hopefully that did something(I had to write a report, lol)
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post Feb 27 2003, 06:34 PM
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gah, you lost your entire roster of characters? bad times. crash.gif

yes, it seems like the world is in a total state of decay. are we headed for world war three? or the 2nd great depression? or both?

with all these clouds, where is the proverbial silver lining?
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post Mar 2 2003, 07:33 PM
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i too could go off in a huge rant about the fucked up state of the world and te crap that is going on in PSO lost all my HU weps due to FSOD in a trade game... sigh .... but ill just sum it up into 2 words

........ LIFE SUCKS .........

thats my feelings about prettymuch everything nowdays


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