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A Summoners demise, a Sons rise., Wiryu Background.
post Aug 19 2004, 10:38 AM
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Part I

Wiryu, a young Tarutaru in the region of San'doria, lived with his parents in a remote area inside of South San'doria; By not being a native of san'doria, was often harrassed by the locals and Elvaan natives of san'doria; But he lived a good life. His parents were by no means wealthy, but widely known for their skills in advanced combat. His father Maukeruu, was a Tarutaru summoner whom held command over all of the avatars but one, Fenrir. His mother, Latenna, was a Tarutaru Bard, though she no longer engaged in combat, she took place in small jobs, singing for local pubs and events.

And then there was Wiryu, a young Tarutaru struggling to learn White Magic, though he had not yet matured, he could not harness the full power of Cure spells. One day Wiryu and his family were visited by an Elvaan guard. "Excuse me, you are Maukeruu of windurst are you not?" the elvaan said sturdily. "Formerly of Windurst, but what concern of that is yours sir knight? Have i done something wrong?" Asked Maukeruu. "You've not paid your taxes this month, if you do not pay withing 14 hours, you'll be prosecuted by the king." said the knight. "Thats Ludicrous! you're 12 days early! you can't expect me to rummage up 15,000 Gil in 14 hours!" demanded Maukeruu. "Then you'll be prosecuted if you do not pay! And prosecution by the king means execution, as you become a thief of the kings property! I will return." Said the knight. The knight of San'Doria made his way back to the kingdom, and Maukeruu fell to his knees.

"That poor excuse for a king thinks he can bewilder me because of where i come from?! I'll show him, my family will not be mocked by such a petty being!" said Maukeruu. "The king has been having their way with this family for a long time, perhaps we should just pack up?" asked Latenna. "No, we'll wait here until the king himself tears us of our own home!" said Maukeruu. Maukeruu is a generally kind hearted Tarutaru, but the he had just about finished with the Harrassment of his kind. after hours on end, they waited for the guards return, with no intents of gathering the money 12 days early, 3 hours early of the guards initial demand, he came early. The night was dark, darker than it had been in a long time, and the guard paralell to the door banged on the door. "Open up Maukeruu! your time to pay your tax has come!" shouted the guard. The door opened slowly, Maukeruu was equipped in a battle tunic. "I'll tell you know, and listen good sir knight, i will not pay your tax until everyone else in this city has to!" said Maukeruu.

"Then you and your family are under arrest come with me." said the knight. "Never! we'll not be forced out by you!" said Maukeruu. Wiryu hid in the corner of the hut watching his father argue with the knight of San'doria, Latenna was also huddled with Wiryu, for she knew what happened to those who opposed the knights. "Then you will die." said the knight. The knight started to draw his sword, but just before he put his hand to the hilt, Maukeruu shouted "TITAN!" and Titan rose. By the time the knight drew his sword, Maukeruu had called for titan, and he stood well beyond the houses roof, so he was forced to duck. The knight trembled with fear for a moment, but stopped, and lunged at Titan, but his blade did not pierce Titan. The knights blade was repelled by Titans body. Titan made one strike to the knight and he was crushed. Wiryu and Latenna were frightened, latenna had seen Maukeruus summons fight, but never anything that was not a monster or beastman.

"We have to get out of here, the other knights surely heard that, and when they see this, they'll surely have a warrant out for our arrest." said Maukeruu. "Where can we go? theres no possible way we can out run the guards!" said Latenna. "To Bastok, We'll take chocobos, they are not bound by the gates of san'doria, i pray we make it in time before the guards catch up to us!" said Maukeruu. Maukeruu picked up Wiryu and Maukeruu and Latenna made a run for the Chocobo stables. The guards had not yet caught on to what was happening and they had made it to the stables. During their journey it started to rain hard, but this was only the start of the journey......

End Part I

Well, as it's time i need to go to work now, i'll finish part 2 and 3 later beigebigrazz.gif
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post Sep 6 2004, 02:53 AM
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Wow, thats pretty cool Wir. I have only read part 1 but im fixing to read part 2. After reading the first one here are a few suggestions I have.

You might wanna try mixing up your sentence structures a bit so as to make the lines a bit more captivating. Plus try working wth imagery words and really bring the story to life. Instead of it was a dark night. You could have said the "town was enfulfed by the jet black of night as if it was ink, dripping its darkness on the land." By don't over do it too. I looking foward to reading the 2nd and 3rd one.


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