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Ragol photo shoot!, Warning: death awaits 56k users inside!
post Apr 19 2003, 09:16 PM
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Well, on our way through the Seabed last night I noticed that those long ramps in certain rooms let you get a fantastic close-up view of your teammates. So, some lucky folks got their pictures taken. =D

For anyone interested, un-cropped and un-compressed images can be provided upon request. Each such file is about 300k. PM me if ya want 'em.

Without further delay....

First up is the lovely Zorya...
user posted image user posted image

Is it any wonder why Layrinn blushes when this hottie walks into the room?

user posted image user posted image

Babs is definitely a very striking woman...
user posted image user posted image

Babs doing what she does best...
user posted image
user posted image user posted image

... to be continued...
(silly image limit)
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post Sep 7 2003, 06:18 PM
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Grand Armor

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And last but definitely not least is Shauri. =D
user posted imageuser posted image

Shauri sure is pretty... it's a shame about the eye, though. -.-;
user posted imageuser posted image

Looks like this is one HUnny you don't want to make upset. o.o;
user posted imageuser posted image

She kicks high. ;p
user posted image

You knew it was coming. ^.~
user posted image

After such an intese photoshoot, Shauri was exhausted and said she wanted to go take a nap. ^-^;
user posted imageuser posted image
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