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Trying to explain leet speak in a smart manner
post Oct 5 2004, 07:09 AM
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# "haxor", "#4><0|2" for "hacker" where the symbols are used to draw rough approximations to letters: >< is an "x", |2 is an "r". It is possible that the substitution of "ck" with "x" is a linguistic nod to the Greek letter chi. Also, Haxor is sometimes found as 'Haxxor', as symbols for "x" are often doubled.
# Note that the construction "-xor" or any variation thereof can mean not only "-ker" but also "zor" (which is how majority of English speakers would say it). In the phrase "r0x0rz my b0x0rz", which means the object of the phrase (usually a game, program, exploit, etc.) is of high quality, "x0rz" in the word "r0x0rz" is almost ignored (pronounced "ks" so that the whole word is "rocks") while the "x0rz" on "b0x0rz" is pronounced "kszors". It is important to note that while "b0x0rz" appears to be leet for "boxers", it is actually from a common leet expression "r0x0r j00r b0x0rz", "b0x0rz" meaning "computers" (sometimes referred to as boxes, or among system administrators, boxen). "r0x0rz" is generally pronounced as "roks-ors", which is how it is spelled; however, a very small minority pronounce it "rockers", following the usage in "hax0rz". The term "r0x0r j00r b0x0r" itself is probably a derivation from "r0x0r j00r s0x0r" ("rocks your socks"). It should be noted that although the spelling of leet is fairly standardized, pronunciation differs widely, as does the actual alphabet used. Much depends on which forum, newsgroup, or chat room the leet is being spoken in.
# "h4x" for "hacks"
# "sux0rz" for "sucks" in "sux0rz my nutz0rz" when one feels pity for someone else, or when angry.

Other examples

    * "WHeRE @Re J00" for "where are you"
    * "wH4+'S uR nAME" for "what is your name"
    * "/\/\|<' 1+ |<11 |/\||\| _|" an example of especially obfuscated leet (see:obfuscated code), this translates to "Mike's leet skills own you".
    * "g0s\/", meaning "pro", from Korean players of Starcraft

Another common feature of leet is over-exclamation, where a sentence is postfixed with many exclamation marks: pHu><x0|2z j00 L4yMUr!!!!!!!!!! In some cases, because the exclamation symbol (!) resides on the same key as the number one, over-exclamation can be accidentally typed with extraneous digits, owing to the excitement of the typist: y0 d00d th1s 5h1zZ47 R0Xx0rzZ!!!!!11 Additionally, the adjacent ~ (tilde) and @ keys are used in this fashion: t3h leik this OwNz!!11!?!??!@!!????//1!!~~ Some users have adopted this and include it deliberately. A growing phenomenon is deliberately typing the word "one": pwnz0r3d!!!!!11oneoneone; in some cases, this has been purposely exaggerated for comic or ub3r-L33+ effect, i.e., L0l!!!11!eleventy-one1!1!11one1. It is also used to poke fun at users of AOL speak, and other 'lesser' cultures. Note that letter-to-number translations tend not to occur within these "oneoneone" blocks.

I think it's just funny seeing leet speak trying to be explained like that. beigelaugh.gif

I got a severe headache after reading most of it though.

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post Oct 6 2004, 12:47 PM
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Revolution to the Destruction

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leetspeak and intelligent... another fine oxymoron.


"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination."
-Albert Einstein
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post Oct 6 2004, 12:52 PM
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Hyper Frame

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/\/\`/ |3|2/-\1/\/ |-|/-\$ |333/\/ |`\/\/ /\/ 3 |)

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