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Character Graveyard, We commit the` to the void.
post Apr 30 2003, 08:52 PM
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Group: Dark Templar
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From: Roseburg, OR
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Post the names of your fallen characters, and witch version of the game they existed in.

Oni IVI (humar, dc v1)
IVI (Ramar, dc v1)
Type:IVI (Hucast, v1)

Wutai (humar, DC v.2 import)
Type:IVI (Hucast, DC v.2 import)
Gun:IVI (Racast, DC v.2 import)

Grenade (Racast, GC ep1/2)
Sav (fomar, GC ep1/2)
Argos (Fonewm, GC ep1/2)

i have more but these are the only ones i deem mentionable.

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post Apr 30 2003, 10:07 PM
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Grand Armor

Group: Associates
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From: Texas, y'all
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Hmm... I think the only character of mine who hasn't made it throught the ages (in some form or another) is Brin, a HUnewearl from v1. It's probably a good thing, since that would be awfully confusing with Bryn around. ^.~

All of my other old characters have current incarnations on the GameCube. While they're not all exactly what you would call "active", none of them have been deleted or permanently retired. I like the names I chose for them a lot, so I tend to reuse them. And, of course, there has to be a Layrinn. =D
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post May 1 2003, 12:04 AM
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Antarctica Traffic Control

Group: Dark Templar
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Dreamcast V1
Arcturus: Humar
Dirge: Hucast
Caliban: Ramar
Margorach: Fonewearl
Mr. Fabulous: Fonewm

Dreamcast v2
Dirge: Hucast
Wave Serpent: Ramar
Legion: Humar

Gamecube Ep. 1&2 Import
Harbinger: Fomar(was level 118, deleted card to make characters for US version.)

Gamecube Ep. 1&2
Dirge II:Hucast(deleted to make room for more c-mode characters)

There are numerous challlenge characters but these were ones I actually levelled with.
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post May 1 2003, 01:05 AM
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Group: Arbiter Caste
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From: Sin City
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Oh there's lots...


ED-209 RAcast lvl 40 (deleted him cause he got boring X_x)
Zenislev MK2 HUcast lvl 100 (cked)
Scary Man HUcast lvl 2 (cked when I walked in the game o_O)


Lt. Fox FOmarl lvl 110 (my fubar, pulling out the cord while it was saving on accident >_<)
Sgt. Marza HUnewearl lvl 80 (sold the VMU she was in beigelaugh.gif )


IceCreamTruk RAcast

^ All 3 joke characters I took to Vega to scare people. beigelaugh.gif Thought they were worth metioning because I miss them. beigebigrazz.gif So I haven't lost any serious characters yet on GC thank god.

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post May 1 2003, 05:03 AM
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Holding these random memories

Group: Magister
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From: Utah
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The only character I got rid of was the fake Crushinator I made to play during the lapse from when I got the import V2 and when the convert code came out to load your USA PSOv1 characters. I think he got to level 91 or so.


Steam: MrCrushin PSN : MrCrushin XBL: Mr Crushin
I'm not a playa I just crush a lot.
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post May 1 2003, 08:17 AM
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Version 1

Ashura - lvl 20
(brother deleted to make room for Unreal Tournament...*sigh*)


ForSaken - Humar - lvl 30
(Was making another char on another slot on the card and turned off while it was saving >_<)

Zalure - Humar - lvl 80

(Miroku) - Fomar lvl 60
(deleted to make fonewm)

Kid (Shojin) - Humar lvl 11
(Deleted to make c mode char)

Chibi Shojin - Fomar lvl 11

(Deleted to make Racast)
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post May 1 2003, 10:46 AM
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Revolution to the Destruction

Group: Paragon Caste
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From: The Black Spiral
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Let's see here...
DC era
MetalGriever (HUcast v1) Got to 100, only to get corrupted EXACTLY one week later.
Izzy Glow (RAcast v1) Got to about lv25, then I got bored with it.
MetalGriever(2) (HUcast v1) Deleted after lv65 or so after importing V2.
Yggdrasil V2 (HUcast v2) got to 109 and beat cmode, but got corrupted shortly after.
Izzy Glow II (RAcast v2) Challenge mode dummy chara.
DarkEpyon (HUcast v2) Got to 135, but got turned into a lv1 HUmar named "---" with like 250HP and TP, 10ATP and all the rest 0s. This all happened on Thanksgiving weekend.
kakkoyosa (FOmarl v2) Got to about lv25, then got bored with her.
MetalGriever (3) (HUcast v2) After the incident with Epyon, I got ahold of an Xploder and got myself back to 135. After getting to 141, I just got bored one day and hacked myself straight to 200 at the beginning of 2002.
Shiborena (RAcaseal v2) My last gasp of energy in v2. Got to 105, then I just decided I was too burned out so it ended there.
GC era-Trial
MetalGriever(4) (HUcast-Trial) Got to 25, then I pulled out the card after making a char I didn't want, and the whole chara file went caput.ShinRyu (HUcaseal-Trial) Got to lv26 and the trial ended.
Final game
Yggdrasil=V3 (HUcast) Got to lv60 and got bored.
ZEOTA (HUnewearl-import) Got to 52 then I switched to the US version.
Masaka Epyon (HUcaseal) Got to 34 and got rid of her to make my FOnewm.


"Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid. Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination."
-Albert Einstein
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post May 6 2003, 11:57 AM
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Monk Princess

Group: Paragon Caste
Posts: 888
Joined: 29-December 02
Member No.: 11


Lt. Alisha lvl 150 RAmarl (corrupted) then later lvl 89 also corrupted
Azure Alisha lvl 115 FOmarl(corrupted)
Dark Alisha lvl 102 then later lvl 122 HUnewearl (corrupted)
Lady Alisha lvl 143 FOmarl (corrupted)

hmn why the hell am i still playing this game........
btw those are all gcn version
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post May 6 2003, 12:07 PM
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Psy Armor

Group: Associates
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Member No.: 24

DC V1.

OzzaJW {EoD}-level 97, VK

DC V2.

OzzaJW {EoD} -level 127, VK
Goten {EoD} level 99-VK

literally about 20 more characters because i had my bad days on DC when i tried the cruddy fight fire with fire method, and Vked the entire grass assassins clan (the hacker one, not the legit clan) and then burnt their access codes to the server, preventing any other chars of theres from accessing the game, but i also accidentally messed with the strongest and most untalked about hacker clan on DC, the Draca, and they had Chain VK...which affects members on your cards, and early on on V2 i had to delete my characters, have my access key chnaged and restart so none of my mates would be VKed.

Goten {EoD} -HUmar level 66 , corrupt
Goten {EoD} -HUmar level 53 , corrupt
Goten {EoD} -HUmar level 79, corrupt (bless goten...not been the most lucky HUmar around..)
ANGELAN, -RAcaseal level 35, corrupt

also a few more chars been corrupted on GC, but it's mainly the weapons that wrere of value. on them

also my main char ozza has been corrupted 3 times, but thankfully the decorruption method worked after a few attempts.

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Co-founder of Intrinity-the Era of Destiny
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