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Phantasy Star Universe - PS2/PC bound!
post Mar 17 2005, 01:50 AM
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HUnny Powah!

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:D Consider me on the pc bus.

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post Mar 25 2005, 08:44 PM
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*steals more info*
Credit to Nash from PSOW (which in turn, credits Soul4ger from GAF):

Soul4ger on GAF has the latest EGM and posted this excellent summary of the PSU article:

"Offline - 40-hour quest. It's a linear story, but you can explore the world as you please. It has everything you'd expect from an actual RPG -- huge towns, more than 20 dungeons, more than 15 bosses. You can have up to three members in your party, and while you don't directly control them, you can assign them commands. The single-player mode will have cutscenes, dialogue, an in-depth story, character development, etc., etc. Some people will have to join you for missions, but when you just want to explore and build levels, you can apparently select anyone to go with you. By the end of the game, you'll end up exploring three planets. It starts on the hume world, Parum, which gets attacked by weird aliens. You visit Neudaiz, a water world of "newman people," and Motwob, the planet of the beast people - desert planet. THe main character's name is Ethan Waber. He decides to fight because his sister gets attacked. Gameplay remains relatively similar to PSO, but there will be more puzzles and stuff in dungeons -- and not just flipping switches.


No longer jobs, just character races. Each of the four races has its own strengths, but you can develop them as you see fit. For example, casts are the best with guns, but that doesn't mean you can't build up their other characteristics and make them good magicians. Character customization is apparently incredibly improved. You can change colors of lips, eyebrows, eyes, hair, clothes, shoes, you can mold faces and bodies, create large or small breasts, make them firm or jiggly. That's an example the lead artist gives. HDD is NOT supported, because Sony pulled the support. It looks substantially better on the PC, and EGM recommends that version. Voice chat, regardless, has not been confirmed, for either platform.

Combat remains relatively similar to PSO, but there are differences, There are six-hit combo strings now, but you insert custom technique attacks into the combos to change them up. Strafing has been adding, and button-timing is supposed to be quick, for combat. Like John said, the number of party members is much higher, but Sega hasn't revealed how many it will be yet. Characters can dual wield different weapons now, so a gunner can have a short range gun and a long-range one equipped at the same time. Mags are gone, robot partners are in. Downloadable content will be more frequent and more substantial.

And PSO Blue Burst is coming this Summer, the mag says it's "free," but you just have to pay the $13 Hunter's Fee.

One last thing I forgot, vehicles are included."

I swear once I get a copy of that issue, I'm writing whatever they have on there word for word.
HC82: LMAO! Don't you dare edit that post!

Oh I found some scans from EGM. Credits to whoever scanned them:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4< Dam look at that dragon!
Page 5

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