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Phantasy Star Universe - PS2/PC bound!
post Mar 17 2005, 01:50 AM
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HUnny Powah!

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:D Consider me on the pc bus.

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post Jul 30 2005, 08:20 AM
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Soul Hunter

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New update over at the PSU website pertaining techs.


Link to a scan from some JP magazine. Containing the same images. haxs

From the looks of some of the images it looks like you can perform a Haduken type of attack. I guess we are gonna start seeing some damn good Goku and Vegeta characters. beigelaugh.gif

Sucks that the site isn't in english. I really want to know about how fighting will be. There is alot of speculation over at PSOW at how the new combat system will be. This one seems to be the most plausible one.

QUOTE (Nash)
From the look of the latest trailer, all weapons in the game have a certain amount of photon points (PP). This is shown as a bar in the bottom-right of the screen, under the button lay-out. The button layout shows 2 named attacks, one normal and one heavy, same as PSO.

Standard attacks don't drain the bar, but heavy attacks do. So a heavy strike with a sword uses a small amount of it's PP. I think the techniques in these screenshots are the special attacks for these weapons, and would also use up PP when you do them. In the same way as PSO had guns with Zonde as their special, or fire wands, ice staff etc. In PSU I expect there will be more weapon-specific techniques, rare wands that cast one-off things.

This does mean that weapons will eventually 'run-out' of PP, and you would only be able to use standard attacks, but you might be able to get them recharged on the equivalent of Pioneer. Or there might be support-techniques that refills PP. It would fix one of the problems of PSO with it's overpowered weapons, and add another element to consider. With this system in PSU you could have a weapon with a very powerful special, but could only be used a limited number of times before it becomes useless and needs to be recharged.

I just hope techniques aren't *only* done using weapons now, as it would remove the customisation element of PSO. I hope a Force-type character can still choose from any technique, and cast them with nothing equipped, rather than be limited to the weapon they are holding. Dual-weilding would allow for some options, but it still wouldn't be as versatile as PSO.

*Edit Oh yeah and some newscreenshots as well screenshots as well as wallpaper added.


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