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Let's design a game.
post Jul 1 2005, 04:22 AM
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Antarctica Traffic Control

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So you want to do something? How about we design a game, and maybe mock up some screens and possibly even get something working. I have been looking at diy game creation programs recently and thought it may be an interesting diversion, something that a lot of people could pool some ideas on. Sound interesting? Our game can be completely fictional, allowing us to go crazy or we can ground it in reality and actually get a working engine running.

A list of affordable creation software, which could be feasable if this takes off. Some of the programs even allow an online game to be designed. It could be as graphically simple as old school Zelda or as complex as a ps1 title.

Ideas, suggestions?

1. The game must have custom character creation.
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post Jul 4 2005, 04:41 AM
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I'm actually familiar with rpg maker 2k. I really remember fooling around with it for quite sometime and at least making an incomplete 25 hours rpg. I got bored with finishing the game and decided I had learned what I needed as a learning tool, so finishing the game would be pointless. You could do some pretty cool things with it and I'm sure the latest version would allow for some quality product. I have no ideas about the other versions.

It essentially taught me how utterly time consuming it is to make something that looks so simple. A well designed engine is key, but somethings just take a lot of time. Those little cut scences you see probably take longer to plan then the dungeons you run around in. That is assuming they aren't shitty cut scences, all of them are drawn out in detail and broken down like a comic book, breaking things down scence by scence; it's the sameway they do it in the movies.

I'm not saying we should do that, but it just underscores the importance of organization.
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