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The AT game Brainstorm, Ideas for the game and story
post Jul 12 2005, 01:36 AM
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Soul Hunter

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I was thinking about possible scenarios and ideas for the game, and thought maybe making this thread would be a good way to get things rolling. I think it was agreed that the game would be a 2d scrolling action game.

Story: I've been trying to come up with original ideas but end up hating them. Someone proposed that it be set in a futuristic setting, I think its a cool idea too. I was thinking something post apocalyptic too such as Fist of the North Star or Mad Maxx.

features: Several AT personalities could be bosses. Example Cushinator could be a ninja robot that dances and melms you while you try to figure out his weak points or SCU could be some huge robot thats chases you while fleeing on the back of some truck all the while the characters have to chuck things or shoot him.

Also each selectable character could have their own special move of sorts. Such as the ninja vanish from Dive's mock up beigelaugh.gif

Lastly on the ideas a stage involving vehichles of some sort. Well those just a few of the things Ive been thinking.


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post Jul 14 2005, 02:07 PM
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Nothing wrong with making the AT members bosses.. that's sounds pretty funny. So I can help with the coding aspect..

In Jr.High I did a game called 'The Jamacian Ninja Posse Game'. It had a single room with a boss and a switch. I like the ideas of having ninjas because that means you get to have cool moves, tools etc. Anyone skilled enough to do a character animation mockup.. I can plug it into a 2d engine I have laying around and upload a prototype.. basically what we would need to start for a prototype would be:

1 character sprite organized into a single image file (currently I can load TGA files natively)

so 32x32 or 64x32 is a pretty good frame size.

Each animation cycle should be in a serious of consecutive frames in the image. See the attached tga for an example from a prototype I did recently. It was a top-down tactical game so there is a series of frames for the different directions you can travel.

1 background

For the prototype we could just use a single image that scrolls but for the real deal you actually want to use a tilemap to save on space. A tilemap would be where you have an image that contains pieces that fit together then a file that is something like:


etc etc that specifies which piece of the image to use in that place.


Story wize I like the character development in initial-d and think that would be neat for a ninja game.. You start out as a delivery boy, the first few mission you have to take food to people living in an apartment complexes and learn to use your ninja skills do deliver food to the windows (ala crazy climber, bionic commando) you have a time-limit to deliver the food.. This is actually the way your dad is training you to be a ninja without you knowing it..

Second set of levels is post-life-changing-event that introduces antagonist but you are too weak to really defeat them at the end of this set of levels. After failing you meet your 'oracle-savior' type character who tells you about the next stage and what you must do to defeat the uber-boss.

Third set of levels is collecting the powers and pieces ot make the ultimate sword/item whatever that will allow you beat the bad guy (think zelda and the master sword)

4th set of levels is you fighting through boss liar to defeat his ass.

Each set may only be 3 smallish levels with a 2-3 bosses at the end but I think it could be fun.
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