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Matrix Online Screens, take the red pill
post Aug 8 2005, 02:01 AM
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Antarctica Traffic Control

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Friday evening Bryn and I went to Gamestop looking for something new to play. I spotted Matrix Online for $20 and it included a free month trial. The price was right so I picked up a copy and figured twenty bucks was worth a month of gameplay. We are both huge fans of the first movie and the Animatrix so this was worth a look. I made a character and had a look around the city. It is a pretty cool game, notwithstanding a slightly poor performance on my aging machine.

This game feels like a cross between City of Heroes and Anarchy Online. A bit hard to figure out the upgrades and abilities but plays very fast, and easy to jump into the action. Bryn wanted to join in on the fun so we went back and picked up another copy.

Jacking in to the Matrix.
user posted image

Residual Self Images.
user posted image

Knock knock motherf#ckers!
user posted image

Let's rock!
user posted image

Giving the office a fresh coat of bullet holes.
user posted image

exp and ejecting shells.
user posted image

Crushing Zion loyalists with our Hacker Code and Simulacrum.
user posted image

Gettin' down after the battle at a nearby club.
user posted image

You notice the radio tuner in the lower right corner? You can tune into any streaming broadcast or your own music library in game. The official station of the game has live DJ's who are in game when they broadcast and give updates on any pvp action, parties, or movie character appearances throughout the city. I'll have to set up AT Radio with a .asx file before I can access it with the in game tuner.

Matrix Online also comes with AIM built into the interface. You can contact anyone in or out of the game, and people who don't have the game can contact you while you are playing, kind of like Xfire.

Pretty fun game for what we paid. I am not sure if we'll take it beyond the month trial, we'll see how it pans out. For now we'll be fighting on the Merovingion side, terminating Zionists and Machinists. guns.gif
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post Aug 15 2005, 09:28 AM
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Antarctica Traffic Control

Group: Dark Templar
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Looks like the transition to Sony is in effect, we now have to log into the game with a Station.com username/pass now. When you start the game now you are directed to https://secure.station.sony.com/mxo/index.vm, which is down as of this post. crash.gif

We also need to add Matrix to our station.com's subscriptions. What a hassle.

More info and FAQ here

Last nights in game Q&A with a Customer Service Rep.
user posted image

edit: Info on Hotbar fix

First, just to avoid panic: All your character information is stored on the server. You will not lose any $Info, items, Abilities, etc. during this transition. This information pertains only to things like hotbar settings.

When you're able to log back on after the update on Monday, your character's UI settings will not be set up. Since your UI settings are saved locally in a folder under your account name, the first time you log on with your SOE log on a new directory will be created with that name on it.

However, there is a workaround to this. Once you know what your SOE account name is, you can rename the folder your character settings are stored in. For example, if your current account name is "Eggman" and your SOE account name is "Walrus":

Open your Matrix Online Profiles directory. Usually, this would be:
C:\Program Files\Monolith Productions\The Matrix Online\Profiles\
Where "C" is the letter of the hard drive the game is installed on.

Right click the folder "Eggman"
Select Rename
Type in "Walrus"
Press Enter
Close the directory

Once you make that change, your character settings should match what they were the last time you logged on to the game.
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