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A FFXI Tale by Wiryu and Phyree, I found this on alla
post Jan 7 2006, 09:02 PM
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Look Wiryu is a writer Teh Vs. WTF (1 of 3): Schism

This may seem like an odd thing to write about and it extends from a dumb little joke that persisted between a few of my LS mates.  I bagan calling myself "Teh Phyree" along with a few others, while Wiryu defiantly became "WTF Wiryu". The joke built and built as did the "sides" until it was decided between Wiryu and I to write a story about it. Thus, we are co-authoring it. While I submit the final product, he has written about half of the story himself. Enjoy the fun netspeak rivalry!

Teh Vs. WTF (1 of 3): Schism

Requested by: Wiryu
Subject(s): Wiryu & Phyree
Genre: War
Setting: Teh Island

* * * * *


There is a corner of Vana'diel yet discovered, or at least small enough not to raise any eyebrows. This places is Teh Island. On Teh Island lies an old, classical city appropriately called Teh City. Teh people (or Tehans as they were known) were a diverse group of all the races which coexisted in stressed harmony as only an island nation can impose upon its people.

Teh Island is ruled by a theocracy in zealous service to Altana. At the top of the hierarchy is High Priestess Phyree, also known even more formall as Teh One True Phyree. Her Minister of Religion is another blonde hume who could almost pass as a twin or close blood relative, Yekan. Together, the benevolent rulers kept the island safe and unified, though locked down under strict rule. Dissention threatened harmony, which in turn threatened the entire populous. Thus, criminals were harshly dealt with even for what some would consider to be minor crimes.

From under the oppressive grace, a tarutaru named Wiryu who lived far to the east of the western citadel capital began a small underground movement to oppose Teh High Theocrat. Wiryu, a simple samurai, scraped up supporters from the east and tried to hold peaceful but forceful demonstrations against the rule of Phyree and Yekan. Yekan was dispatched to meet with Wiryu to settle the east and restore harmony. The Minister of Religion never returned and was rumored dead and the old capital castle in the east lost to the enemy.

Phyree sent in Teh Army to put down the uprising. Many in WTF (Wiryu's Tehan Faction) were killed and driven underground. There they plotted and began a guerilla war against the theocracy. Slowly support grew for change as some of the most destitute saw hope in the eyes of the small, new leader.

It was at this time a cunning ex-general of Phyree's named Mastra roused a small party of brigands on his own, hoping to hire out for mercenary work. He knew Wiryu held no power but could help him reach his ultimate goal of retaking Teh City and running it under a military junta. Mastra held no love of Phyree as the High Priestess had demoted him for supposed crimes of "treason" and instead made her most accomplished battle mage, Deedlit, general of Teh Army.

"Teh WTF" Mastra first approached Wiryu and with the other taru's help, waged a successful campaign to just miles outside Teh City's walls. At that point, Mastra fled the field leaving Wiryu's forces no other chance to survive but to retreat.

Phyree realized that skirmishes like these were only bringing divide to her land. Not wanting to damage the fragile balance and structure, and save her people unnecessary death and destruction, she called out to Wiryu to meet her in a large meadow to the north, Teh Field. Here, if Wiryu came, she was resolved to end this and lock down Teh Island under peaceful law once more.

It is here our story begins...

The field's meadows stood silent in the dusk of what would look to be a cloudy night. The wind would come in every so often to interupt the meadow's silence and create waves of flowing tall grass. The reeds which covered the meadows were browning from the coming fall season. Amid the grasses stood tall a tarutaru donned almost entirely in lizard skin armor - nearly the same color as the meadow itself. Belted to his side, a great katana lay in wait. He did not wear the helmet to complete his lizard set. Instead, he wore his silver hair pulled back and tied near the end with a red band. Wiryu's eyes closed, and with an expressionless face, he stood silently without any hint of movement.

From the south, a tall slender female hume came into view. She was adorned in full white mage artifact armor, a hammer, and a sturdy shield. Phyree removed her cap to keep the wind from blowing it into her face. Her almost golden blonde hair shined in the growing moonlight, making the high priestess eerily supernatural but appropriate in appearance for her station. The wind caused her ponytail to drift her face lazily, but Teh One True Phyree remained calm and serious. Now no more now than ten yards from the tarutaru, she clutched her hammer with one hand and uttered to him just loud enough to be heard, "So, you came."

The tarutaru lowered his head, eyes still closed and responded with a simple, "Yup."

Without another word Wiryu went straight into a run and unsheathed his great katana from his side, charging the woman. Phyree was ready for this and braced for combat. The shield protected the white mage from direct attacks, so Wiryu would have to be quick and sneaky. Sparks flew from metal-on-metal contact as a slash came from below. WTF Wiryu's momentum carried his sword almost to the ground behind him, and if he didn't duck, Teh Phyree's hammer would have ended the battle quickly.

The topheavy blessed hammer overextended the hume and Wiryu tried exploiting the situation by making a horizontal strike, spinng the sword in a metallic arc. While unbalanced, the katana strike came to Phyree's shielded left side and was stopped short from blade biting into flesh.

Each had regained themselves and the tarutaru hopped backwards, keeping distance and steeled eye contact with Phyree. The wind picked up and suddenly the small samurai grinned in malice. He dashed into the tall grass and became effectively invisible in the roiling tanned field. Blue eyes scanned to the best of their ability, but picked up nothing.

"Damn," she cursed to herself.

Almost if Altana heard her, the winds stopped and Wiryu's location became evident from the patch of grasstops trampled under his feet. He saw his position revealed on the high priestess's face and made a surge forward. An angled slice cut cloth and skin and drew blood, sending it down Phyree's arm. Just as quickly as he sprang out of the meadow's cover, he ducked back in, waiting for the wind to cover his tracks. Phyree furiously recognized this tactic as the mainstay of the WTF forces.

"You fight like a coward!" the woman yelled.

"I fight smart. I fight to kill." came a voice from the meadows.

"You fight for nothing!" replied Phyree.

"I fight to give my people a chance at life where anything is possible. You are the one who fights for nothing, causing uprises. You are a tyrant," he said calmly, "I fight for hope! A hope that people can be in charge of their own destiny, we live as slaves under you're rule with all of your authority."

She yelled back. "My authority saves lives! All beings are subject to panic and stupidity, and in order to put those emotions into check, a higher power is indeed needed! If you don't believe these words I say, you are a hypocrite."

"One who believes in a god such as Altana is indeed pacifying themselves with the thought of something watching over them, making sure they don't spill their drinks!"

"All you are is the acting high power." Wiryu said more aggresivly.

"How dare you insult the Goddness Altana and Her Divine Will!" Yelled back the woman. The wind was starting to pick up again, as was the tarutarus movement.

In all of her rage she took a slightly more aggressive stance. To WTF Wiryu's dismay, the wind died and his movement was clear as day toHigh Priestess Phyree. Out of desperate need, he tried again to quickly attack. Before the sparks could dance, the Tehan ruler managed to bring down her hammer and strike his shoulder with a crushing blow. He was thrown aside, and rolled to the ground.

Sitting up and holding his shoulder, he began to pant and wait out any further attacks. The hume was also exhausted. She dropped to one knee and held her arm which continued to bleed. In their break, a voice was heard echoing over the meadow, "They can't be far! Find them and kill them in the name of Teh WTF!"

Many men could be heard rallying together perhaps a half mile away.

"Damn't, Mastra," said the taru.

"This is not the end, Wiryu! However, true as it may be, exhausted and battle worn, we cannot fight off an entire army in this condition, we'll be killed," winced the theocrat.

"Phyree, our battle goes on hold for now!" yelled back the rebel. With that the woman tapped her knowledge of black magic, chanted, and caused a black void to take her away far, far from the northern battleground.

Wiryu smiled and pulled out a scroll of instant warp, and his bow. He could hear the mercenaries draw closer and so he loaded his bow with an arrow and shot it directly at them. Mastra's forces became disorientated and slightly broken up about the origins of the deadly projectile.

"I'm over here you bastards!" he yelled to the party of men. "We'll meet again Phyree," he said. With that, the tarutaru used his scroll and was magically whisked away into the night like his declared enemy.

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post Jan 21 2006, 03:50 AM
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Master of Blades and Rakes

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Part IV

"Sister Deedlit!" Zephie exclaimed as she saw the battered elvaan make her way toward the village.

"Zephie, is Phyree alright?"

"She told us to go ahead. Wiryu and some other elvaan woman were on our heels."

"Elvaan woman? What about Yekan?"

Arcanis spoke up, "If Wiryu and that elvaan-welvaan survived my firaga, Yekan probably-wobably did, too."

Deedlit furrowed her brow in thought and a bit of pain as Zephie used her magic to knit the general's wounds. "You two, get out of here. Arcanis, protect Zephie with your life. If something should happen to Phyree, she is next in line to assume the cloth and pulpit."

The opportunist's eyes lit up and his mind whirred at his luck in life. "You have honor-wonor, General Deedlit."

Deedlit nodded and took Zephie by the shoulders, "You must do this. You must return to Teh City and await word of things here in Hybra." Her plea was met with a nod and assurance that she would be warped back home by Arcanis.

Steeling her gaze to the burning village, General Deedlit had to hurry. A possible three versus one situation did not bode well for Teh One True Phyree, as battle competent as she was. In a burst of energy, strong, lithe legs pushed the elvaan warrior forward.

"We meet again, Wiryu," Phyree was somber.

"Indeed." Linkka shifted uncomfortably at the dialogue. All WTF Wiryu had to do was blink the right way and her full fury and jealousy would be unleashed.

"Where is my former minister, Yekan?"

"Dead! Your little taru mage killed her outright!" Linkka's anger was boiling over, the winded shifted and smoke blew past her making her appear as if she was literally steaming.

"What Linkka here says is true. She's dead, Phyree. You will be soon as well and we can finally end this unjust rule." Wiryu's stomach knotted as he said it, but his escort's hand on his shoulder seemed to empower him.

With hammer and shield at the ready, High Priestess Phyree tightened her body and prepared to take on two opponents. She wasn't without some advantagious tricks, though. She knew how to fight Wiryu, but Linkka was the x-factor. The spells she had hoped to use to bring down the leader of WTF would have to be wasted delaying his attack dog.

In a literal flash, Phyree shouted with divine fury. Linkka nearly dropped her swords as she clutched her eyes, blind. Wiryu couldn't react fast enough and his elvaan was encompassed in searing, holy light. She screamed. The next second, the tarutaru's armor seemed to be electrifying his flesh. It wasn't disabling, but painful white lines resembling cracks in his armor shifted across his body. Out of fast spells, Teh One True Phyree charge WTF Wiryu.

A hammer was brought down with vengeful reckoning. A parry with his great katana was Wiryu's only hope. Being smaller and weaker, he was at a disadvantage. He staggerd back, trying to deflect the flurry of blows.

"You hume slut!" Linkka was nearly frothing at the mouth in seething rage and defensive love. The elvaan's vision had cleared, and she tossed aside a small, empty vial of healing potion. Wiryu caugt the break in pace he needed as Phyree turned to confront the larger threat, quite literally.

"Sister Phyree!" It was Deedlit running toward the fight. She extended a hand in front of her and a gust of wind blew from her fingertips. Wiryu was blown back before he could get in an opportunistic strike.

Linkka sneered in a twisted smile. "So, you have your own elvaan bitch to sic on your enemies like Wiryu does. Let's see which dog has sharper teeth." Deedlit was ready with her sword and buckler and stood firm to the charging woman. The white and red haired elvaan fought furiously. It was almost a deadly and beautiful dance with each other.

Yekan came within sight of the battle. The former Minister of Religion for the Tehan people saw Wiryu stitting up from the ground shaking his head and that he was suffering from the effects of dia. The blonde hume stopped short and cast erase. Wiryu looked as his body was cured of his ailment and his pain eased. It was all Yekan could muster in her condition and she nearly collapsed.

The tarutaru looked behind him and saw his vizier alive! "Yekan! I thought you were killed by Arcanis!"

"Linkka attempted to murder me, she ran me through with her swords." Yekan coughed, blood flecking her hand over her mouth.

Before he could get up, Phyree shouted behind him. Distracted, he never heard her run up. The squirrely taru rolled to the side and a hammer slammed where his head had been. His katana arced up but was deflected by the priestess's shield.

"Sister Phyree!" Yekan managed to shout.

Phyree looked up in shock, a fatal move. Wiryu's great katana emerged from the back of her gut. Yekan shouted in horror, Phyree stared out as she had before the battle with hazed eyes, and Wiryu simply lay on his back in shock that he had finally seemed to achieve his goal.

The moment dropped when Linkka screamed. Deedlit had given her a vicious gash, enough to make her drop a sword. Wiryu was torn now between the elvaan and the hume who both needed him at the same time. Phyree's whispers stopped. Though impaled, she had been chanting the mantra to summon her most powerful banishing spell.

Yekan hobbled forward. "No Phyree, please don't cas-" It was too late. The third tier of banishment was released at point blank. Wiryu's body was consumed in light and searing heat. He screamed loudly. Yekan's eyes watered from the misery of the sight in front of her. She hand't meant for it to be this way. She had joined forces with Wiryu to maintain peace, to prevent the attrition that took place this day. She wanted to council him slowly away from war and more toward peace talks and negotiations.

In the end, this is what it always came to. Societies and ideals are built up so high, so arbitrarily, that they are bound to collapse. The survivors then try to rebuild again in and endless cycle. Yekan, defeated, succumbed to her last resort. She reached inside her hip pack and pulled out a goblin bomb she aquired along her diplomatic journeys. "It has to come to this."

Linkka beat back Deedlit. Both elvaan women were sweating and panting. Both were fueled on by their extreme lust for blood and undying love for their leaders. It hurt to do, but the redhead parried a thrust and punched the white-haired general square on the cheekbone with her injured arm. Deedlit was staggered and bleeding from a cut that was opened.

A burst of light came from behind and both women heard Wiryu scream. Simultaneously, they looked to see what had just happened. They screamed. Linkka for seeing Wiryu writhe, burning on the ground; Deedlit for seeing Phyree run through. Linkka wheeled around and laid the Tehan general flat out before running further down the street to catch up to the scene.

Sharp warrior eyes caught Yekan, teary-eyed, running toward them as well. In her arms seemed to be a small Kazham pineapple or... "A goblin bomb?!"

Wiryu, Yekan, and Phyree were all nearly dead from injuries and exhaustion. Yekan shouted to them and herself "I'm sorry, but this must all end!" Four eyes managed to look up and two hands reached out, shaking. Grasping for angelic mercy, or perhaps attempting to ward off demonic sentencing. In a white-hot fireflash, all three were consumed.

Linkka was lowed to the street. She hissed in pain as she fell on her lacerated arm. Deedlit cried at the beautiful light which had taken her Phyree from this world. Though watery eyes, she saw her rival elvaan stand up and begin to stagger away. In a moment of softness, Deedlit felt for Linkka who must be feeling the same way she did. Then two battle-weary eyes looked up at the grey, late fall sky.

"It's going to rain soon," thought Deedlit as she lay spent and exhausted in the grass.

"It's going to rain soon," Zephie idly commented to Arcanis, "I wonder how Phyree and Deedlit are doing."

Arcanis the Dire was laying on a pile of soft pillows in the meditation room behind the balcony Phyree used to give her public addresses on but was now occupied by a mithra. "I can'taru say-way for sure, priestess."

"No...I suppose not."

"Justaru in case things go baddy-waddy," Arcanis lacked tact, "what will we do?"

"I will have to assume the mantle of High Preistess of Teh. With Fuzzle dead and most of the students the same, I would hope you would take over the university and help us rebuild." Her voice was shaky, her confidence and experience low.

Arcanis smiled. A whole magic academy at his disposal not to mention the gratitude and, if he worked things right, affection of the high theocrat of the land. The taru had come a long way from being a ruthless, lowly brigand. He was enjoying himself very much, a perverse turnaround from the rest of Teh Island.

Zephie turned around and walked inside. "I just want this all to end..."

"I will end this," Linkka fumed, "I will kill every last loyal Tehan if it is the last thing I do! I will have my revenge. I will rule this land with an iron fist! Teh Island will be the most feared nation in Vana'diel!" She closed her fist, wincing from the cut on her arm.

"With Wiryu gone," she continued, "WTF is gone with him. I will have to begin again, to rebuild from the ashes. I will need a legion of warriors to wage a neverending onslaught against the weakened Tehan forces...Linkka's Onslaught Legion...LOL." A cruel smile formed on her lips. "LOL".

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