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First Revolution Game Revealed
post Apr 9 2006, 01:52 AM
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Antarctica Traffic Control

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Game Informer reveals first Nintendo Revolution Game

Red Steel is being developed by Ubisoft and will be featured in the May issue of Game Informer. Early reports indicate that the game will feature gun and melee weapon control via hand movement with the Revolution "nunchuck" controller. You will be able to aim your gun, slash your sword, or lob grenades by swinging your hand around in the air. More details as they become available.
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post Apr 9 2006, 01:57 AM
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Soul Hunter

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Holy Crap! a game!!!! and it looks awesome! beigebigeek.gif

Info I found out that is in this months game Informer. an interview with a Nintendo exec, George Harrison.


-Harrison admits that a mere uber powered Gamecube would wind up doing just as bad as the GC. Because of this, Nintendo decided to do something totally different

-Their main goal was to revive the Japanese market. The DS was to be the first shot at this (and it has clearly succeeded).

-Art direction can be just as expressive as photo-realistic graphics. He mentions that the Simpsons wouldn’t be nearly as funny if it was live action

-Revolution will be a multiple of the GC in terms of capibilities

-Nintendo is still deciding what will be packed in the Revolution. Right now a controller and a nunchuk add on will be, but Nintendo is thinking about adding another controller as well. No mention of the shell

-Nintendo is shooting for a worldwide Revolution launch this year

-”Clearly, for us, the Japanese market might be the most important - it’s the home market, it’s the chance to reset the clock to the main competition, which is Sony”

-On price, as compared to the 360: “Yes, our goal is to come in at a slightly more mass market price”

-Nintendo is considering some like XBL Marketplace

-Harrison mentions that they learned a lot of lessons from the PS2. In terms of having a wide variety of software and the fact that the strongest tech doesn’t always win

-”The other thing we recognized is that you really make your reputation in the first year. You’ve got to deliver software, not just at launch, but you’ve got to deliver software in the first six to nine months after launch. It has to be solid software. In GC, we didn’t have that, we had kind of a drought for six months after it launched. By that time your reputation starts to solidify and it’s hard to reverse that after awhile.”

-$50 games will not be the standard on the Revolution, although he does say that there could be some games that cost $60

-Compares the challenges Nintendo has in terms of marketing the Revolution to those it had marketing the…Virtual Boy

-You can’t simply show gameplay or people won’t see the difference. He mentions that game commercials used to show people on their couch playing the game, and that the industry moved away from that. He says Nintendo might get more into that with Revolution marketing

-Nintendo still hasn’t chosen a cost barrier for the Revolution’s Virtual Console

-Possibly 20 games at launch. He says they haven’t seen many of the games licensees have

-”Maybe a third will be Nintendo games”

-Red Steel is a Revolution launch title, and will broaden appeal like GoldenEye 64 did.

Info on the game Red Steel

-Developement started shortly after E3 2005
-Ubisoft Paris took their idea directly to Iwata and Miyamoto and
were given prototype controllers, the article states that Ubisoft worked "closely with Nintendo engineers
in Japan on the title

-during the beginning of the game you are encouraged to use your weapons ruthlessly, but as the game progresses you become
more strategic and profecient. This gameplay idea lead Ubisoft to give the game a martial arts setting.
-The1st 3rd of the gamewill be all about"Being brutal by neccessity"
-You will be less precise and favor more devastating weapons (machine guns)
-As you progress and become more precise smaller guns will be used
-The goal is to use 5 bullets to kill 5 enemies
-When fighting using this level of skill the music and sound effects will reflect it remaining calm and peaceful
-when you fight brutally, the sounds around you grow increasingly more intense
-audio feedback
-According to the lead game designerit takes roughly 3 seconds to turn completely around in most console shooters in Red Steel it takes 1 second
-AI characters will care for themselves they will come after you while you reload. "They wont walk around a table to get to you, they will jump over the table."
-The benchmark for their intelligence and agressiveness is the PC title F.E.A.R which has been praised for thir A.I
-GI-We found Red Steel to be most enjoyable by standing up
-Straffing is extremely easy and effortless
-Aiming felt similar to using a PC mouseand its easy to quicly explore every direction in a 3D space with quick gestures.
-In the finished game you will be able to push forward with the controller to knock over an object to use for cover, pull it backwards to reload, and twist it to lead from behind walls.
-Lob granades wiith the controllers or roll them on the ground like a bowling ball
-"Gangsta style" shooting is cool
-Total immersion feels like you are living the game
-GI-The Revolution is real
-Andy from GI-It could change the very way games are played now and forever

Multi player
-Splitscreen multiplayer with traditional deathmatches
-Totally original modes that Ubisoft is not revealing until E3
-They didnt talk about Nintendo wi-fi (NDAs) Full details havent been revealed yet
-you can stand at any angle and not lose accuracy
-Even while playing with 4 people on one TV you can swing the controller around and not interfere with another players quadrent.

Game Informer hands on
-the 2 triggers on the front cover jumping and ducking, analog stick moving revmote aiming-No rails
-Level consisted of shooting ranges with targets that came from behind cover
-Aiming with the controller is as simple as using a laser pointer, just aim at what you want to shoot and pull the under trigger to fire
-unlike other FPS's which tie the camera and aiming together this camera follows your aim with a slight delay. With the sensitivity of the controller
a standard FPS would move to much potentially making the player feel ill.
-Thanks to the improved reaction to the controller the tam can creat gunfight scenarios that would be difficult to accomplish on a standard controller
-Most console FPS's limit their enemies to horozontal planes to avoid player frustration but on the Rev it  is just as easy to hit vertical targets
-You can aim at a target as quicly as you can move your hand
-While you can quickly shoot enemies on screen Red Steel never feels like a light gun game, this is a true FPS one that feels like it has drawn from the best of PC and console shooters worlds


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post Apr 10 2006, 04:31 PM
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That looks sweet, from the picture and name, Red Faction came to mind for some reason.

I hope waving around the controller for long periods doesn't cause you arm fatigue when you progress through games, or something. D:

For once I'm actully intrigued by a console release. luna.gif

-Compares the challenges Nintendo has in terms of marketing the Revolution to those it had marketing the…Virtual Boy

. . . I'm pretty sure the Revolution is safe from 1 week extinction unlike said interrogation torture device.

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post Apr 11 2006, 01:15 AM
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Holding these random memories

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-Nintendo is still deciding what will be packed in the Revolution. Right now a controller and a nunchuk add on will be, but Nintendo is thinking about adding another controller as well. No mention of the shell

I sure hope they include two controllers. With every rev having at least two, dual-revmote games might be more common! buttrock.gif

-$50 games will not be the standard on the Revolution, although he does say that there could be some games that cost $60

WTF does this mean? Are they saying they will be cheaper than $50 for the most part, or all over $50 up to $60? beigerolleyes.gif It's not like nintendo is known for inexpensive games, hell you still can't even get Mario Party 5 any cheaper than $40 new. And their "greatest hits" line started at $30, when Sony and MS's lines began at the $20 standard.

Red Steel looks really good, though. It's great to finally see concrete impressions of how a real Rev game handles.


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