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Phantasy Star Universe Screenshots
post Sep 1 2006, 02:31 PM
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To get things in order, since the games out, please put all your screencap stuffs in here. at-emote1.gif

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post Oct 8 2006, 11:56 PM
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Soul Hunter

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Yoyo everyone. Back with some more screenies. Here is part 2 of our adventure on Content update day 1.

After finishing up a quest, me and Donkey decide to hit the bar and get some drinks.
IPB Image

The bartender was being a douche though and had water down all the liquor. Donkey was about to knock him out. Good thing I was there to hold him back.
IPB Image

Alot of people don't know this, but Tanshin got all his smooth style and pick up lines from me.
"Is you're mother a construction worker? cause I saw her working on some skylines in Parum."
IPB Image

She wasn't down with Casts so me and Donkey left her with the bill and bounce to the deserts of Mootube.
IPB Image

Donkey couldn't hold his liquor though, so he was having a hardtime focusing in combat.
IPB Image

Fortunetly I was there to whip open a can of pain on those aliens. With my brand new SUV too.
IPB Image

Some crazy ass huge alagator things that die surprisingly fast.
IPB Image

A few peeps deicde to join our crew and help us stomp on some alien but. There's PSO-World Mod Guntz giving us support by singing the YMCA song.
IPB Image

We finally made it to the end of the area, and the boss pipe.
IPB Image

I personally though this guy looked way cooler then the first boss we fought that pretty much mimiced him. Ohnma Gonna or Oh mah gawd, whatever the hell his name is..
IPB Image

I had alot of fun in this fight. He was actually pretty damn tough.
IPB Image

Huge rocks, Watch out! i think if it weren't for us doing a Crank mission, we would have lost.
IPB Image

Eventually, we beat him and decided to leave the desert and explore new areas.
IPB Image

Oh crap, new enemies!
IPB Image

Holy purple balls of death batman! Even if megid doesn't kill you in one hit, it still deal alot of damage which seems to vary.
IPB Image

A few of us chilling in the lounge area, getting our "danse" on.
IPB Image

Megid AoE!
IPB Image

This new area reminded me a bit of Hakura temple, multilayered and everything. But the feel was more like a mix between seabeds and Mines.
IPB Image

IPB Image

These guys self destructed on death too.
IPB Image

IPB Image

Pretty fast!
IPB Image

No match against my power though.
IPB Image

New rest, time for a photo shoot!
IPB Image

Newish Area!?
IPB Image

womzg wtf, MAN BAT!?
IPB Image

Crazy horse,dog,elctric, monster alien thing!
IPB Image


"Brotherhood asked for no friendship, only loyalty. They stood back to back as the galaxy burned - always brothers, never friends; traitors together unto the last."

--an Excerpt from a Night Lords Novel Void Stalkers Chapter X: Revenge
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