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Phantasy Star Universe Screenshots
post Sep 1 2006, 02:31 PM
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To get things in order, since the games out, please put all your screencap stuffs in here. at-emote1.gif

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post Oct 20 2006, 02:55 PM
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Update time which means more pics! A new story mode quest was uploaded, it seems to be a continued story from the offline story. I'm assuming that this is what all the "PSU expansion" talk was about.

IPB Image

So like the goal of this quest is take this girl out on a date and score.
IPB Image

So I was like Lets go for a walk in the park and she was all like K
IPB Image

On our walk some chick wearing a mask was like omg your Breaker! Can I tag along on your date. I was thinking 3some? lol K so I told her I convinced my date to let her join us.

IPB Image

But then all of a sudden some haters showed up and began hating on my macking skills.
IPB Image

They even start calling my girls names, so you know I had to whup some ass.
IPB Image

So after I finish taking out the trash, me and my 2 companions finally make it to the spot.
IPB Image

But then all of sudden this huge ass monster comes up starting trouble.
IPB Image

Turns out the haters where behind it, and in the midst of the confusion kidnapped my masked girl!
IPB Image

They sent out some drones to take me down but they werent enough.
IPB Image

But then we made it to end and found who the true hater was. Ethan Weber and his little sister! beigebigeek.gif
IPB Image

But then Ethan realized he was missing his favorite episode of Dragonball Z and ran home. So I finally had both girls all to myself, but it was past their bedtime and I had to take them back home to their father.
IPB Image

Translation" Breaker your so badss, next time take my wife on your date too!"
IPB Image

Also with the update Halloween event!

IPB Image

The planet of Mootube with some cool decorations.
IPB Image

Later on Donkey signs on and we go questing and what do we see? HALO RAPPIES!
IPB Image

IPB Image

The both dropped items. Here is the weapon, and I forgot to take pics of the furniture peice they dropped.
IPB Image

Thats it for now, intill next time!


"Brotherhood asked for no friendship, only loyalty. They stood back to back as the galaxy burned - always brothers, never friends; traitors together unto the last."

--an Excerpt from a Night Lords Novel Void Stalkers Chapter X: Revenge
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