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post Oct 24 2006, 04:42 PM
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IPB Image

...or so they thought.
To set the record straight, yes its no doubt a fake.
At the time, only Dive knew about it haha.

Anyway, I didn't really go out of my way to make it as real as possible. There were a bunch of things I overlooked but I thought it wouldn't really make a difference. It would make an impact one way or the other.
Before I continue, here is the original picture at 800x600:

IPB Image
I took the picture at an angle so it wouldn't be super easy to edit by the average joe.
Yes, that is my hand, my jeans, my mac keyboard and yes, that is the actual PC PSU box... for the Japanese version.

I found a link somewhere in PSOW that had the high resolution box art and I decided to do this little project.
With the release of the domestic version of PSU near, why the hell not??
As the day went on, I was in the AT vent server talking to Kaz & AC. I thought about posting it up in PSOW.
What better place to post it than there? Kaz suggested that it should be posted around 12AM EST.
So AC did the deed as you can see here:


I left for a bit before all of this went down. When I came back, AC linked me to the thread and it already had like 6-7 pages of replies. There were alof of pissy people but hey, it was to be expected.
My job is done here.

So I come home from school today (and after a last minute pre-order at Gamestop), AC linked me to a thread at IGN:
At first, I was like "WTF?" because he claimed thats him haha. But hey, this is what I was set out to do.

Then I saw another thread in PSOW which merged to this topic:
Does anyone actually have the game yet?

and so ends the story of my fake psu box.

And now for a special Q&A with Q's from PSOW:

That has to be a fake pre-order empty box...right? I mean how could you have gotten it and posted a pic already? There were similiar replies but I'll answer it all here.
As you can see by the real picture, its not a display and it wasn't actually empty! The PSU disc is in there at the time.

Also, the Japanese version wouldn't have an ESRB rating.
This was a little tricky. The box art I obtained didn't have a ESRB rating on it. I couldn't find a high quality image of the "T for Teen" rating icon and I didn't feel like re-rendering it in Illustrator. Even though the box art was in high-res (which made it really convincing), the rating icon wasn't. Hence the reason why I shrunk the original image from 1600x1200 > 1078x768 > 800x600 > then finally to 640x480. The final looked really weird because of the coloring. But hey, whatever. If you guys know anything about lighting, black would show up as.. well... black! Unless you can get the flash to hit it dead on. Even that I doubt would work unless you had it at the right angle.

Well, I for one have never seen a PC game in a PS2/DVD case. They're usually in those thicker ones or in a box.
You're got me, Ronald! But then again, the JP box came in a DVD-like box. And yes, it was the PC version.

Though just to add to the chance it might be fake, it can always be a printer printout of the box and stuck in there, need a content picture to 100% confirm it.
Nope! Though I wished I coulda done that instead but you would still have to put the rating on there somehow.

IF thats a fake why would you spend your time doing such a thing? So you can impress people on a msg board that you dont even know? If it's fake you're:

A- A huge loser
B- Have no life


It has lighting and shadows that match the rest of the photo though.
Indeed but its not perfect. Thank god there were no reflections.

IPB Image
I do believe this was the pic that was supposed to be shown, although the "RP" rating thing kinda kills the whole pic.....
Not bad!

AC9 replaced the RP with the PC tag and T rating via *insert photo manipulation software here*. Many a person got owned in this thread
Those were already there!

I'm sorry if I mislead any of you guys haha. I would like to add that this is nothing to get pissy over.

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post Oct 24 2006, 04:46 PM
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Master of Blades and Rakes

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Most of us figured it was fake and ment to get a good laugh from the twits at pso-w

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post Oct 24 2006, 05:38 PM
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Antarctica Traffic Control

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That was funny as hell, I watched that thread grow like a monster.

Great photoshop work, people were arguing about the most minute details bash.gif
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post Oct 24 2006, 09:25 PM
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This is my custom member title.

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To be honest it really didn't matter to me in the least. I don't need to have anything first. ;)

In anycase, all this other stuff makes it really funny! beigesmile.gif
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post Oct 24 2006, 10:13 PM
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c σ м р ℓ є т є !

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Awesome pre-release joke! The response sort of gives you an idea of the kind of people we'll have to deal with on the game beigelaugh.gif

IPB Image
ℓєt γσυя sнσят ℓєgs cαяяү үσυ αωαү ωίtн үσυr тєℓєscσрє єүєs, мєtαl тєєтн.
ί cαn'т bє sєєn ωiтh үσυ

Kari - Newman Force - level 36
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post Oct 24 2006, 11:47 PM
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Soul Hunter

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Yeah, the responses where totally better then I could have ever predicted. hats off to donkey for coming up with such a good prank, haha.


"Brotherhood asked for no friendship, only loyalty. They stood back to back as the galaxy burned - always brothers, never friends; traitors together unto the last."

--an Excerpt from a Night Lords Novel Void Stalkers Chapter X: Revenge
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