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AT Halo Assualt Project, GG
post Sep 22 2007, 12:49 AM
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Soul Hunter

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As of typing this, I'm now in possession of a Premium Model Xbox360 and am making room on my gaming center for it, by putting away my Gamecube. I have already prepurchased Halo 3 and will be there at midnight to pick up my copy and play all night. Crushinator has informed me of 4 player co-op campaign mode online, so I wanna know who's up for this. I'm currently re arranging my room so I haven't hooked up my 360 yet. But once I get my Gamer tag I'll have it up.


Collection of Halo 3 Ad campaign videos Believe


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post Sep 22 2007, 01:39 AM
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Holding these random memories

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Yeah, I was going to make a halo 3 hype thread, but this will do. For those of you that are out of the loop on the biggest game this year, get with the program!

Most important features:

-Online Co-Op for 4 players. Yes thats right, you can play through EVERY stage of the single player campaign with up to 3 buddies on Xbox Live. Also instead of the halo 1-2 style "2 mysterious master cheifs" the 2-4 players are the Arbiter and 2 new Elite characters with their own back story and looks.

-Campaign mode challenges and rankings. You don't just do the story now, there are actually sub-missions inside each stage with score-tracking and competetive play during co-op, plus worldwite rankings for high scores on XBL. Each chapter of the story has a unique meta-game mission to play. Clearing them and gaining certain scores will get you unlockable armor pieces, which can be used for...

-Customizable player character appearance. No longer are you limited to just 2 color selections and Spartan/Elite model choice. You can now customize your character's helmet, body armor, shoulders, and voice (male or female), and 3 colors (primary, secondary, and detail.) There are tons of different options for each part, and you can mix and match as you like.

-Tons of new weapons, vehicles, and new "equipment" such as land mines, portable shields, radar jammers, etc. All of which can be used in campaign and multiplayer mode.

-Online multiplayer. Of course the bread and butter of the game, all the classic modes from previous games return, along with some new ones like "VIP", where you have to protect 1 specific member of your team; "Infection" where one team "zombies" tries to kill and convert all the other team "humans" onto their side before the time limit is up. The playlists have been divvied up into "Ranked" and "Social" now, so you can jump right into the type of "crowd" you want to play with. If you just wanna have fun, and don't care about ranking up, want to fool around with ridiculous and hilariously unablanced gametypes, or whatever, go Social. If you want hardcore, pro-level, rank based play, you can go with the "Ranked" list. Also players have MASSIVE customization over the game rules now. You can change anything from gravity to powerup effects to team appearance. Its staggering how much you can change the game, which leads into...

-Forge map editor. Yes, built into the game is a real-time map editor, where you can collaborate with other players to edit maps on Xbox live, and play those maps WHILE you edit them, as well as save them for later to be used in regular or custom gametypes. Bungie will also provide webspace for you to upload and share your custom maps and games, and have a ranking system so the most popular ones can be downloaded by everyone.

-Saved films, replays, and screenshots. You can save EVERY SINGLE MOMENT you play halo 3 onto your hard drive, view it from any angle, cut, clip, and edit them into "films" and upload and share them online with anyone on XBL. That means every single player, co-op, and multiplayer match. EV-RY-THING. You can also cap high-res screens of any of your replays and upload them to the Bungie.net site so you can download them on your PC. This is the most exciting feature of the game to me. Being able to see EVERYTHING that happens in a match, from any perspective, reliving those "OMGWTF OWNED" moments, making fan-films. Combined with the forge, the possibilities are endless here.

It goes without saying anyone with a 360 MUST buy this game. There's no way around it. This will be come the new stomping ground for AT's online presence, come hell or high water!


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