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1UP Cup Guides
post Oct 19 2007, 11:26 AM
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First of all, I want to say that this event kicks all kinds of ass.
EXP and rares out the ass

Anyway we did some runs today and did pretty good on Parum. Moatoob however was a different story =T
Now on to the guides:

Parum: Invisible Road (Taken from PSO-W. Thanks to Lyrise.)

Block A:

-Turn your sound way up for this. The first choice you make, is which warp to take. The shortest route will be the warp that makes a sound. The other warp will lead you to a detour that you can use to add to your kill score. But whichever warp you take (since one will lead you back here anyway), REMEMBER which warp made the sound!

Block B:

-The container is random, 4 possible results. Key, Key with Vahra, Vahra, and air. Even though its theoretically faster to just skip this part entirely, SHOOT the container! You'll see why in a moment.

-The next choice is 4 warps, one behind a lock. The reason why I made you shoot the container before: a flower will spawn next to one of the warps. If you did not shoot the container before it, it will not appear.

-Each warp has a destination to take you, and this depends on where the flower is. Taking the warp with the flower wil lead you to the mid length route. Taking the warp right of the one with the flower takes you to the "Mysterious path", which is the longest route. And the one left of the flower is the same as taking the one behind the lock (the short route). Whatever route you take, Make sure before you leave this block you get the chip hidden in a tree in the indent to the side. (It's in the last room, so no matter what warp you take, you can get it)

Block C:

-Remember the warp you took from Block A to get to Block B? The route you take depends on that earlier event, and the enemies you kill here. If you went left, Killing the Badiras opens the far path. Skipping the badiras and killing the vahras makes the key appear by the gate. If you went right, its the opposite, Vahras for the far gate, Badiras for the close gate.

-Getting the chip: At the fork after you get an NPC to join you (or in some cases not) means stopping by the left side first and noting what spawns there. This includes enemy status (sword, shiled, king). Afterwards head to the right side and kill ONLY the monster in the pair that spawn, that you saw on the left. In the event that a monster spawns but the status does not match, look for the closest answer, and kill it anyway (ex. you saw a sword vahra, but there's only a vahra and a badira on the right; kill the vahra anyway). Repeat 3 times to get the chip.

-Corollary to the above: if your NPC is Remillia, skip the left side, its a waste of time unless you need the kills. On the right side, kill everything that's not a Koltoba for the chip.

Block D:

-Depending on your party structure and when you left Block C, you will be randomly split up into 2 groups with 2 different spawn points. Or in the case of a solo run, you will end up in the large room.

-In the first room of each side, there wil be a mix of 2 monsters that spawn. Killing a certain set makes the gate open faster, killing the other set spawns more monsters. What you kill once again depends on the warp you took way back in A. If you went left, kill the Volffu. If you went right, kill the Golmoro.

-The next choice you make, is the 2 switches. This happens on both sides, but are completely opposite from each other. If you're in the path that starts with the big room, the warp you took in A will be the switch you press. (If you went left, you press the left switch, likewise for right). Pressing the wrong switch warps you back one room, and spawns more monsters. In the other path (not seen when soloing), the square room, if you went left, you press right and vice-versa. The wrong switch has a bomb.

-In the room with the 5 boxes, if you went left warp on A, The chip will be in the Southeast box. If you went right, it will be in the Southwest box. Also, if you took the right warp, the middle large box will be safe to break. It will spawn 4 smaller boxes. If you went left, its got a svaltus.

Regardless of Difficulty chosen, in order to score a perfect 10, you need to clear this in under 20 minutes (5 points), you need 81 or more kills (2 points) and all 3 chips (3 points). So after getting that 10 on that rank, if you choose to speedrun it for quick bonus access, run the short routes and don't miss a single chip. That will get you the 8 points you need for S.


Moatoob: United Front (Taken from PSO-W. Thanks to Lyrise.)

Warning: If you aren't in a full party, BRING FREEZE TRAPS!

Block 1:

-When you reach the first locked door that needs to be opened by a switch, run along the right side of the pit to avoid all 3 traps, press the switch to open the door. Not a glitch, and also a recommendation, have your force or RA in party stand at the door that you just opened. Even though the door is timed for 20 seconds, as long as someone is there to keep it open, it will not close and lock.

-In the last room, there is a warp, which you need to split your party up to access. Upon taking the warp, there is a destructible wall BEHIND you. Break it for the chip.

-In the same area, you can scan the containers to see which are trapped and which has the key. but since it never changes, its the Upper left container that has the key.

Block 2:

-IMPORTANT! Pay attention to where you found your keys. After opening the 2 key gate, there will be another batch of enemies to spawn where you found key 1. If you have a ranger, ignore that mob. I'll explain why later.

-The order for the switches when you hit the 3 laser fences is Left > Middle > right. Pretty simple isn't it?

-Upon entering the last room, immediately turn to your left, and scan the rock. This leads to another chip.

-Remember the mob you skipped if you have a ranger class? You can snipe them all with a rifle or a bow from the last room. This saves you a LOT of time, which is something you need if you are to score a 10.

Block 3:

-Rather run of the mill, split-your-party-and-grab-the-keys deal. Ignore the press switches you run across, they serve no purpose other than to make your life miserable with popup traps and turrets. Note the fake wall at the end of the right fork for a light switch.

-At the friendchecker, it's important to note that ONLY *2* people will be involved in this. The leader, and the character the game randomly selects. The others (if you have any others) are free to run ahead and play enforcer.

-The 2 who are selected at the test should take all the time they need. Don't rush this, the indicator has 4 color warnings from blue to red. If it turns red, you fail. Additionally, the 2 people selected shouldbe moving towards the finish point at all times, do NOT attempt to fight anything, let your partners deal with it. Bil de Bear is here, and one punch is all it takes for you to fail this if you aren't next to a wall. If they get to the finish point before you can clean out the monsters, head for the finish point as well. Then double back and pick off the remains.

-In the case of a 2 person party, or if you are unable to clear the enemies before your pair gets to the monsters, drop a freeze trap to let them pass. OR hope one of you is a cast with a charged SUV.

-Upon finishing the friendchecker SUCCESSFULLY, there is a warp to your immediate left. Don't miss this, as it is easy to pass by. This warp contains the last chip.

Moatoob is by far the hardest of the 4 trials. Even though I mentioned GColony as the hardest as well, this one tests skill, that one tests sheer luck. Your goal for Moatoob to score a 10 is as follows:

Time taken: no more than 22 minutes ( 5 points)
Enemies killed: At least 93 (2 points)
Chips: 3 (3 point)

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post Oct 19 2007, 05:17 PM
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Holding these random memories

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I'll be on tonight. guitarist.gif Sounds hardcore.


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post Oct 20 2007, 04:27 PM
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+4 HP

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Drop Lists:

Also before anyone gets confused, Variation 3s for the bonus missions aren't released til the last week

Parum Bonus Missions

Variation 1:
Badira: [b] Storm Line
Jarba: [b] Halarod

Variation 2:
Go Vahra: [b] 2-headed Ragnus
Polavohra: [b] Meteor Cannon

Variation 3:
Go Vahra: [b] Two-headed Ragnus
Gol Dova: [b] Sweet Death

Box Drops:
Solid / Power S
Solid / Hit S
[b] Huge Cutter
[b] Sweet Death
[b] Crimson
[b] Black Bull
[b] Viper
[b] Muzzlefever

De Ragnus Boss Box Drops:
[b] Double Agito
[b] Twin Tornado
[b] Delette Line

Moatoob Bonus Missions

Variation 1:
Naval: [b] Rabol Lebfa
Bil de Vear: [b] Bil De Axe

Variation 2:
Vanda Merha: [b] Shigga Desta
Kog Nadd: [b] Mugunruk

Variation 3:
Vanda: [b] Shigga Desta
Drua Gora: [b] Gur Bazga

Box Drops:
Mega / Rainbow
Orpad / Guard
Gudda Skela
Gur Bazga
Cubo Musrana

Maggas Magahna Boss Box Drops:
[b] Rattlesnake
[b] Shigga Baret
[b] Rabol Asted
[b] Rabol Cati

Neudaiz Bonus Missions

Variation 1:
Ageeta: [b] Baji Line
Bysha type-Koh21 : [b] Hirokteri

Variation 2:
Ageeta: [b] Baji Line
Olgohmon: [b] Uransara

Variation 3:
Olgohmon: [b] Uransara
Kamatoze: [b] Fuka-Misaki

Box Drops:
Har / Quick
Sori / Force
[b] Fuka-Misaki
[b] Deva-zashi
[b] Shi-kikami

Onmagoug Boss Box Drops:
[b] Togeha-zashi
[b] Kazarod
[b] Cati-senba
[b] Yamata Line
[b] Orpa-senba

Linear Line Bonus Missions

Variation 1:
Deljaban: [b] Deljagnus, [b] Deljabaner, [b] Crimson, [b] Crea Doubles
Gaozoran: [b] Gaozoran rod, Gaozoran Rod (material)
(Crea Doubles dropping from Deljaban only drops in this mission)

Variation 2:
Deljaban: [b] Deljagnus, [b] Deljabaner, [b] Crimson
Dilnazen: [b] Gizaha-Zashi

Variation 3:
Deljaban: [b]Deljagnus, [b] Deljabaner, [b] Crimson
Carriguine: [b] Carriguiruc

Box Drops:
Tero / All-save
Mega / Stamina
Me / HP Restore
[b] Mugunruk
[b] Ank Dedda
[b] 2-headed Ragnus
[b] Muzzlefever
[b] Uransara
[b] Viper

Dulk Fakis Boss Box Drops:
[b] Blackheart
[b] Ank Zagza
[b] Cubo Tuma
[b] Tesbra
[b] Dulk-senba

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