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PSU AOTI System Updates
post Nov 14 2007, 10:54 AM
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PSU Update Schedule

Due to the specifications for upgrading our servers for Ambition of the Illuminus, we are introducing new system changes separately to the servers on Friday 11/16 and Tuesday 11/20.

Schedule for 11/16 and 11/20

11/16: PSU to AOTI System Upgrade for PlayStation 2/PC, Normal Maintenance for Xbox 360

11/20: PSU to AOTI System Upgrade for Xbox 360, No Maintenance for PlayStation 2/PC

11/20: AOTI Content Live For All Servers

PSU to AOTI System Upgrades!

Ambition of the Illuminus will be here in one week, and we are updating the servers to get ready for the expansion. Unless otherwise noted, all of these system changes are in effect for players using the original Phantasy Star Universe, and many more enhancements are included within the expansion. For clarity, PSU will refer to the original version and AOTI to the expansion. As previously stated these changes will take effect on 11/16 for the PlayStation 2/PC and 11/20 for Xbox 360.


Lobby Transport: Players can transport directly to Field Lobbies they have already visited by paying meseta to the Lobby Attendant NPC. This will only work for lobbies you have visited after this update.

Increased Photon Arts Levels: Photon Arts level limit is currently 30, but Photon Arts can be level 31-40 after AOTI launch.

Protranser Gains Detect Traps Ability: Traps, previously only detected by goggles, are now always visible to Protransers. However, goggles are required to uncover and disarm traps.

Chat Availability: Chat communication becomes available during some event cutscenes, such as boss enemy entrances.

Changes To First Person View And Goggle Activation: This adjustment will cause a delay when switching between normal camera, first-person and goggle viewing modes.

First-Person View Available While Seated: Now you can get better camera angles while sitting down in rooms and lobbies.


Increased Synthesis Success and Elemental Attribute Results: Synthesis success rates and elemental attribute results will be higher. The success rate when using rare and unusual materials will be raised even further. In addition, there are more varied results when synthesis fails. To make failure less punishing, synthesis materials related to target item or unusual items may be created.

Weapon Grinding Changes: Weapons no longer break when a grinding upgrade attempt fails. However, grind status will be reset (back to zero) and the maximum number of grinds is lowered by one. For example, the first time you fail when grinding a weapon, its grind status will become 0/9, and it can no longer be ground to +10.


Just Attack Available: Just Attack is the melee timed-attack system where critical hits are caused by following up melee attacks with precise timing. Just Attack will work with Skill Photon Arts; players can automatically critical with their whole Photon Art if it is activated after the second part of a normal melee attack. As a result of this, Just Attack will work a maximum of five times continuously (Normal melee attack, followed up with the 2nd and 3rd part of the normal attack chain, then 1st, 2nd and 3rd Photon Art attacks). There is no special effect in PSU for Just Attack (there is a special effect in AOTI), but Attack button icon will become brighter. Due to a unique issue, PSU players cannot activate Just Attack when using Photon Arts after 3rd attack with knuckles, although this will work in AOTI.

Just Counter Available: Just Counter is a critical counter-attack activated by attacking with precise timing after evading enemies (the shield guard animation). It is possible to use Photon Arts for Just Counter, including Bullet and TECHNIC Photon Arts. There is no special effect in PSU for Just Counter (there is a special effect in AOTI), but Attack button icon becomes brighter.

Photon Points Will Be Recovered By Normal Melee Attacks: Photon Points of your equipped melee weapon will recharge when attacking normally (without using Photon Arts). Extra PP are recovered with a critical hit.

Elemental Attribute Calculation Changes: The difference in damage between weapons with different elemental attributes has been reduced. With this update, the damage will be almost the same when using 50% elemental weapons against the correct element, as it was previously. However, players will notice damage is much improved for weapons with low attributes, no attribute, or against creatures with the same attribute as your weapon.

Character Damage and Defense Adjusted: Changes are made to characters' base damage and defense to balance the changes with elemental attribute damage calculation.

SUV and Nanoblast Changes: When using SUV weapons and Nanoblasts, CASTs and Beasts will no longer lose any positive status bonuses granted by support TECHNICs and consumables.

Weapons Drop With Elemental Attributes: Attributes will be added with random percentages when whole weapons and armors are dropped. Which attribute is added for actual weapons and armors depends upon the manufacturer.

Meseta Drops Increase With Size Of Party: Meseta amount players receive from enemy drops will increase according to number of party members.

The Default For Item Distribution Is Now "Set Random": This change only affects Rare Item distribution.

Changes To Meseta Distribution: When "Set random" or "Set in order" is selected on the Adjust item distribution menu, picked up meseta is distributed to all party members evenly. Only the player picking up the meseta will receive it if set to "Give finder".

Photon Arts Balance Update: Some parts of low-power Photon Arts are updated to balance them with high-power Photon Arts. This update will bring more variety to battle by making different Photon Arts more effective.

Updating Endurance For Huge Enemies: To improve attack variation against huge enemies, endurance will be lowered for some parts of huge enemies which are currently affected by high-level status effects. With this update, even low-level status effects become potentially useful against huge enemies, although they will have low probability of working.

Enemy Experience Increased: Defeating enemies will grant more experience, especially at lower levels. Players can reach at Level 100 faster then they can currently, but leveling up becomes slower after that.

Changes to Status Inflicting Attacks: Inflicting negative status will be easier for players and enemies. Using different status attacks will be a more effective strategy then before.

Bonus Damage Using 'Hanzo' With Photon Arts: Now this Seven Star GRM long sword is especially good for Photon Arts.

Bonus Damage Using Kubara Melee Weapons With Photon Arts: Now all Kubara melee weapons are especially effective when using Photon Arts.


NPC Shops Will Pay More For Certain Items: Weapons can be sold to NPC shops for higher price. Selling prices will be also be updated for certain items.

Beauty Salon Is Discounted: Certain character customization options in the Lumilass salon are discounted.

11/20 AOTI Content is Live!

PSU: Ambition of the Illuminus has shipped!! Please enjoy the expanded PSU with many additional missions, items and new features. Note: All content information below is for AOTI only unless otherwise noted that it affects standard PSU.


AMF HQ Recovery C to S: Mission Counter: Parum: AMF HQ

Military Subway C to S: Mission Counter: Parum: AMF Metro Linear Platform: Central Command

Scarred Planet C to S: Mission Counter: Parum: Holtes City Flyer Base

Lightning Beasts C to S: Mission Counter: Parum: Old Rosenom City: Paracabana Coast

Sakura Blast C to S: Mission Counter: Neudaiz: Mizuraki C.D. Kugo Hot Spring: Kego Clearing

Caves of Ice C to S: Mission Counter: Moatoob: North Continent: Vio Tonga, Granigs Mine

Awoken Serpent C to S: Mission Counter: Moatoob: North Continent: Granigs Mine, Voloyal

New Enemies: Along with the new missions, you will find many new enemies to battle.


Casino: Voloyal is a special lobby featuring casino games. Slot machines and a giant roulette wheel can be played with special coins different from Meseta. Exchange coins for rare items! Note: You can receive 100 special coins in a day with each account from the bank in the Casino. This is not transferable.

Autumn Leaf Lobby at GUARDIANS Colony and Neudaiz: Winter is approaching! Lobbies in GUARDIANS Colony and Neudaiz are decorated with autumn leaves! How about taking it easy these autumn nights and sitting down under the beautiful foliage? This is also in effect for standard PSU.


New categories added: "Photon Whip," "Slicer," Shadoog" and "Madoog" are added.

Many new weapons: There is a large addition of new weapons to existing weapon categories available in shops.

New units: New Rank B units are available in shops.

New Clothes and Parts: Each shop adds new clothes for Human, Newman and Beast characters and parts for CASTs. New color variations are available for existing clothes and parts.

New Photon Arts: Chikki Kyoren-jin and Visshi Grudda are added to Skill venders in shops.

Partner Machinery Update: The following partner machines have been rebalanced: GH413, GH423, GH433, GH443 and GH453. This is also in effect for standard PSU.

Many other new items are also in shops!


New GUARDIAN Types: Acrofighter and Acrotecher advanced GUARDIAN types are available for players who meet the qualifications.

New Level Cap: Level cap is extended to Level 110. This is also in effect for standard PSU.

New Type Level Cap: Advanced Type level cap is extended to Level 15. This is also in effect for standard PSU. Basic types (Hunter/Ranger/Force) do not go above 10.

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Vitamin D
post Nov 14 2007, 11:58 AM
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HEL YEH. This update is massive and it's certainly enough content to hold for 4 days when Illuminus drops. I plan to get those lobbies situated, I wonder how long it would take to do an entire planet run haha.


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post Nov 14 2007, 12:48 PM
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QUOTE(Vitamin D @ Nov 14 2007, 12:58 PM) *
HEL YEH. This update is massive and it's certainly enough content to hold for 4 days when Illuminus drops. I plan to get those lobbies situated, I wonder how long it would take to do an entire planet run haha.



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