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AT Soundoff, wassup?
post Dec 3 2007, 08:15 PM
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Soul Hunter

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Yo! Its been a while since we've done one of these. You know, the Annual thread where we say whats up and see how everyones doing? The year is almost over and I thought now would be a good time to reflect on things and let our fellow AT'ers and associates know whats up.

I've had quite a hectic year myself. So many unexpected responsabilities literally heaped on me. I manage to get through my 2nd Semster in college with the grades I wanted but this last semester proved to be much too challenging for me; and in the end I ended up droping almost all my classes rather then settling for something less then what I expect of myself. I've somehow still managed to also keep my job and sanity and its all been a great learning experience. I've definetly felt myself grow alot this year.

Got myself a 360 and been splurging on games like I've never done before. With my DS and 360 I've never been so satisfied with a purchase I've made as I have with these. As of lately Crushinator,Donkey, some of donkey's friends and I have been housing it up on Call of Duty 4 and man have we been having a blast making fun of some italian gangs, making fun of spoiled annoying little kids, teabagging, knifing, headshotting, car exploding, Bret Favre grenade lobbing fun.

A file on my windows PC corrupted so I haven't been able to get on PSU or visit the boards in like a month now. Hopefully I'll have that fixed by end of this week. Not sure, what I want in my love life when it comes to women so I've just been taking things as they come don't really want to commit to anything. Still keeping my dream of aiming for the top and focusing on my first step to that dream by becoming a teacher. So what about you? How are things with my fellow AT'ers been going? I know some of us have gone through some very troubled times so I hope I don't trouble you or bring back any unpleasant memories. But I've really grown attached to my time with you guys and I feel that I genuinely care for you guys. As so I hope for the best for everyone and invite you to share with us whats happening with you. At least let us know your still alive!


"Brotherhood asked for no friendship, only loyalty. They stood back to back as the galaxy burned - always brothers, never friends; traitors together unto the last."

--an Excerpt from a Night Lords Novel Void Stalkers Chapter X: Revenge
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post Dec 4 2007, 02:19 PM
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Well theres a decent chance I'll be moving to Utah (lolhicrush) next year, and living with a friend of mine. We're working together to make a varied arts studio, with another friend of ours that lives nearby, and hopefully make a small business out of it.

I got ahold of a professional animator a while ago via e-mail, who gave me some advice on getting into animation as a career, along with tips from another former animator for the old school Spider Man cartoon (isn't that friggin awesome?!). Which hopefully, all builds up to more connections of that nature.

So yeah, within the coming couple of years, I'm sure my life will take a huge leap in what I wanna do for a living.

And I'm just here currently, day by day doing the same ol' same ol'. Nothing to extraordinary to report besides the above news. Other than being too poor to play any of these new games with you guys. beigebigrazz.gif

But yes, that's about it. Heres to more roll call threads in the future. pirate.gif

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post Dec 4 2007, 09:29 PM
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Holding these random memories

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QUOTE(Retehi @ Dec 4 2007, 01:19 PM) *
Well theres a decent chance I'll be moving to Utah (lolhicrush) next year, and living with a friend of mine. We're working together to make a varied arts studio, with another friend of ours that lives nearby, and hopefully make a small business out of it.

Tee-hee, nowai, that would be radical. I'll buy you some drinks if you move up! toast.gif
I don't know how long its been since we've done one of these, haha. Right now I'm working as Assistant manager (ass-man!) at a local custom computer retailer. I'm not 100% satisfied with the job as far as wanting to make a career out of it, but the people I work with are great and I'm making fatter stacks of cash than ever before, so its nice. shades.gif The big problem is that I have to work a shitload of hours (usually over 50 a week) and I have to work saturdays, so I don't have much free time for anything. We're moving into an extremely hectic month (as anyone who's worked a retail job during x-mas knows) so I'm gonna be burning the midnight oil till the end of the year. Hopefully I can get some serious time off in the first quarter '08 though, I want to take a long vacation and maybe even visit some AT peeps on the east coast.

I was finally able to get a new car after driving my old '96 cavalier pretty much to its end. Tanshin can attest that the old crushinator-mobile was letting out its death-rattle for abou the last 7 months beigelaugh.gif . So now I'm driving an awesome 2002 mustang! buttrock.gif sonicrun.gif Or at least it was awesome until we had a sudden blizzard last saturday and I spun out off the side of the freeway into a ditch cry2.gif . The damage isn't super bad, but it sucks seeing as I just got it 8 days prior, and I'm probably gonna be out almost $800 to get it back to normal.

On the gaming front, I've got the same story as Wir and AC... too many good games, and not enough free time to enjoy them all! This holiday has got to be the best (if not easily in the top 3) for amazing videogame releases. If you watch my XBL profile you can see I've racked massive amounts of time into Rock Band since it came out, its just fantastic. On the online front I've been playing COD4 a lot with AC and Donkey, more people in AT need to get on this game! (Wiryu, Kazicht, HC82, get your asses in gear!) Its seriously the next big thing FPS-wise, both console and PC versions. I still dabble in Halo occasionally, but I just dig the tactics and intensity of COD4 more, and the rpg-esque leveling up just increases the incentive to play more and get better. The new map pack for H3 should pull me back in this december though. guns.gif

I'm also trying to get through some of the awesome single player games I picked up last month, I'm heavy into Assassin's Creed right now, and then I'll hit up Mass Effect after that. Then I've got Zelda on the DS and Contra 4 to man up as well. beigelaugh.gif I've finished Super Mario Galaxy, so the Wii can continue to gather dust till Smash and NMH come out this Feb.


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I'm not a playa I just crush a lot.
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post Dec 4 2007, 11:42 PM
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Badass Billionaire Extraordanaire

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Real life is insanely demanding; I get home around 8pm every day. Gaming is something I do maybe a few hours on the weekend and it's been going toward Mass effect.

So, where do I begin?

I'm a banker now and its pretty intensive due to the learning curve. I should say "New York Banker," because it's a little different here than in other states. I finished all that insane training and the job is demanding. It's really something I find that I'm taking home with me, in a sense that now I really need to have a strong understanding of the market, on the job and off the job. The more you know, the better you help your customers, and the better you can help the customers, the more money you make. I barely have time for lunch breaks, and if I take lunch breaks I lose the potential to make more money. This job is totally incentive based and it has massive money making potential. The thing is that I gotta bust my balls to do it. The fact that I'm new at it means that I'm in the process of taming the job.

It's a little more complicated than just me being busy right now. It's like an uphill battle, since iam trying to build myself in many ways. As an adult, and as a professional. I find that when I come home, I'm trying to focus on so many ways to get my life moving foward in the direction I want to go, that gaming takes a back seat.

As an adult:
Trying to find a new apartment, or maybe consider purchasing an apartment. Location is very important and money is of course the issue. The hunt for one in NYC is beyond annoying. I find renting in a nice neighborhood to be a huge cash-sink, because those dollars could be going toward a mortgage, which nets you actually equity (ownership). The problem is, to buy, at least in NYC, you need a good 30k to 50k saved away just for the down payment. I'm about halfway there, but I am feeling very impatient. I can move now and rent in a very nice area, or wait the year and buy in a decent area. I really feel like the moving now will give me the personal boost I need to get my self in order, but the cheapskate in me doesn't want to pay some bastard excess rent if it's not needed.

As a professional:
This job is a great fit for me, since it's totally incentive/performance based. If you don't produce the numbers, you're out (ie. fired). Produce the numbers, make big money, and you're a demigod. I gotta have the eye of the tiger right now to do this. Because this is more so a career then a job for me, I feel that I personally have to put in a lot of initial effort to produce the numbers I'm looking for to reach the further job positions I have in mind. To put it simply, it's do or die, and I intend to do-do-do. So, I spend a lot of time bettering my self with financial knowledge, in addition to opening a brokerage account with exposing myself to the market. All of these things will help me to gain the ability to produce more and quite frankly, it takes up time. Essentially, my job, for me now, is going to be a disipline in the financial field for the next few months.

Honestly, the biggest thing holding me back is myself. I'm just not 100% here right now.
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