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Official Phantasy Star Zer0 Topic, All stuffs go here.
post Dec 22 2008, 05:47 PM
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Since a few of us have the game already (and been playing it to death), why not put up some info/screenshots?

Lobby Controls:
L-Trigger (+R-Trigger for opposite sex) + D-Pad = emotes

Specific In Game Controls:
L-Trigger: Resets Camera
Holding L-Trigger: Strafe/Lock on enemy
R-Trigger: Toggle action palette
L+R Trigger: Photon Blast
Holding X + L/R Trigger: Pan camera
With Gunblade, Hold L-Trigger + attack: Use gun

For Crush
L-Trigger + Start button: Item menu shortcut
R-Trigger + Start button: Weapon menu shortcut
This method is not as quick as you think it would be but its faster than bringing up the menu first.

What we know:
  • All the base classes return from PSU with the exception of Newman Rangers and Cast Forces. There are no new classes specific to PS0. Oh yeah, there aren't any beasts in this game. Good thing? Probably.
  • Telepipes? Yes, telepipes.
  • Areas/rooms in each level are separated into zones. You do not move from room to room in real-time instead you zone in and out into each area.
  • Friend codes are required to play with each other online. The process is fairly simple and its easy to set up a game.
  • You can also choose to jump into a quick play session. Choose a difficulty and available areas then jump in a random team.
  • "Enemies no longer drop items, but there's still single item boxes around, and every room you clear now has a BIG chest that drops anywhere from 4 to a GAZILLION items. And the items appear on each players game seperately, so each person gets different loot and they all get their own fair share." (credit goes to Crush)
  • MAGs return from PSO in full form. Everything that's related to MAGs in PSO is present here.
  • Few exceptions: You can feed them up to 5 times instead of 3 at a time. The time it takes between feeding times have been reduced.
  • Usage of grinders is PSO style. You can find them then grind your weapon on the spot. You can also grind armors.
  • You can only use certain grinders depending on how many stars a weapon/armor has. Monogrinder = 1~3 star items, digrinder = 1~5 star items. trigrinders = 1~6+ stars.
  • There are a total of 7 areas. The later areas are fairly long and brutal. Each ends with a warp to the boss.
Gurhacia Valley
Ozette Wetlands
Rioh Snowfield
Oblivion City Paru
Makara Ruins
Arca Plant
Dark Shrine

A bonus area after you finish the game will be available. Its basically a tower with at least 100 floors. Its only available offline from what I can see.
  • Three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Super Hard.
  • Four types of enemies are back: Native, Alt. Beast, Machine, and Dark. None of that elements crap from PSU.
Battle system:
  • Action palette is exactly like PSO.
  • Timed combo system returns from PSO. No more spamming buttons. Normal and Hard attack return.
  • Certain weapons cannot be comboed. Ex. rocket launcher types.
  • Auto target returns from PSO. You can also specifically target an enemy holding L-Trigger.
  • Strafing returns from PSU.
  • "New" dodging move implemented. It works exactly like Monster Hunter. Dodging takes up an action palette. You can remove it for something else if you think you're not going dodge during the game.
  • "Charge" attack implemented. Techs and certain weapons can be charged for a special attack (think Photon Arts in PSU). You simply hold down the attack action until you see a graphic indicator that lets you know you have a full charge then release for a cool attack. For techs, you'll use the higher tier of that tech. Ex. Charged Resta lets you heal everyone. Charging Foie gives you Rafoie.
  • Each weapon has a unique charge attack.
  • Techs and Charged attacks uses up "PP". I assume it still means Photon Points here. Bullets DO NOT take up PP unless its a charged attack.
  • You can unequip a weapon and cast techs/attack barefisted just like in PSO. You can charge an unarmed attack.
  • Weapon types that are available, separated into 3 categories (Saber, Gun, and Wand):
Daggers (Twin)
Shield (classified as saber type)
Double Saber
Hand Gun
Gun Blade (classified as a gun type)
Rocket Launcher
Laser Cannon
Slicer/Fan (classified oddly, as a wand type)
  • Weapon %'s return.
  • You can gain a "chain" bonus. I'm not sure how this works or what it affects if anything.

Any new info will be added here.

DO NOT let the fact that its a DS game turn you down. Its a high quality game that's packed with excellent old school gameplay. Its just as addicting as the original PSO was. PSU can't match this game in terms of.. well everything except for graphics. Heck, the graphics are awesome for a DS game with varied enviroments and areas. I would be very surprised if this game doesn't come out stateside.

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post Aug 4 2009, 05:24 PM
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Holding these random memories

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I thought you played the ROM with all those upgraded stats and weapons unlocked? beigeconfused.gif

You have to hold the button down to charge the PA attack, so you can't spam it as easily as it was in PSU.


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post Aug 10 2009, 03:07 PM
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Monk Princess

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QUOTE(Crushinator @ Aug 4 2009, 07:24 PM) *
I thought you played the ROM with all those upgraded stats and weapons unlocked? beigeconfused.gif

You have to hold the button down to charge the PA attack, so you can't spam it as easily as it was in PSU.

nah i didn't feel like patching the rom. i only fiddled with character creation.

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