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AT Gameday: Modern Warfare 2 [11.10.09]
post Nov 6 2009, 03:48 PM
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It's that time again. This time the name of the game is Modern Warfare 2 (360 version). Event starts Tuesday morning at 12:00AM until early Wednesday. If any of you wish to join us, leave your gamertag (or send a request our way) and we'll party it up.

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post Dec 1 2009, 08:14 AM
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Holding these random memories

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I got sick of getting raped, so I totally redid all my custom classes from the ground and, and its made a huge difference! My previous builds were pretty standard fare stuff, AR+Sleight of Hand+Stopping Power, SMG+Shotty with stealth perks for indoors, sniper with stopping power/steady aim pro, etc etc.

I redid all my classes with a metal gear boss motif beigelaugh.gif , here's some of the ones that have worked out the best:

Machinegun Kid
SCAR-H (switching between FMJ or Holographic depending on the map)
Stinger (this is my only anti-air class now, before i had stinger on 3 classes)
Frag Grenade/Flash Grenade
Sleight of hand pro
Hardline pro (I used to always pair stopping power with ARs but with the more powerful ones like the SCAR and M16 it doesn't really seem necessary)
Commando Pro

The Fear (aka "Captain Stabbin'")
Mini-Uzi (Using rapid fire now but leveling it up towards akimbo or holographic)
USP / Tactical Knife (The USP is damn accurate, I kill more dudes with it than the Uzi)
Marathon (With this build, if you're not hiding waiting for someone to walk past, you're running. No walking, EVER!)
Throwing Knife/Stun Grenade
Commando Pro (If its not entirely obvious, this build is pretty much all stabs all the time. Since you get the same mobility with a Sniper Rifle as you do with an SMG, I'm toying with the idea of swapping the primary weap out for an M21 EBR rifle, just to give it more versatilty. As it stands I don't stop moving to shoot much though.)

The End
FAL / ACOG or Thermal (for mid-range sniping this gun is way more effective than any of the "true" sniper rifles, barely any muzzle jump when you fire. Thinking of taking this build silent with bling.)
USP Akimbo
Claymore/Stun Grenade
Sleight of Hand Pro
Stopping Power Pro
Steady Aim Pro (This is entirely for the Akimbo USPs, which are retardedly devastating with Stopping Power)

I also adjusted my killstreaks upwards, before I would just stick with the lower rewards so I would get them more often, but I'm finding its more worthwhile to start with the Predator at 5, and build up from there so I can get 2 "big" ones. Right now I go Pave Low and then Chopper Gunner, although I think I'll have better luck getting to the chopper gunner by changing it up to Attack helicopter/Harrier Strike. That way I can go 5 > hopefully a double ko with the predator > 7 > then let the chopper do the work for me to 11.


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