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Back from the Void.
post Mar 23 2010, 12:43 PM
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Hello everyone. It's been a while to say the least. I hope everyone is fairing well.

Just today I was visiting the site and realized I haven't made a post or sent a message since 2007, and in all honesty I have only visited a few times in that period as well. I guess sometimes time gets away from you when you're drudging through the jungle of life eh?

In any case, MIA no longer, I should be around more regularly once more.
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post Apr 13 2010, 12:46 PM
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Sup dodes. I'm hijacking Henge's thread to say I too am back from... well, not being here much in the last couple years.

I ran into Crush on Xbox live a lil'while ago while playing Mass Effect 2. Told'em that I've been planning to get back to posting on AT soon, right before I went to Australia for a month. I'm back now though so I thought now would be a good time.

What I've been up to... just the normal things any gen Y'er in their mid 20's would be doing I guess - school, hook up, get hired, break up, quit, travel, get hired, get fired, unemployment, anxiety, travel get hired, etc. I'm currently interning as a motion graphics designer in NYC.

Anyway, just wanted to say what's up.

I'll list some games I'm currently playing daily:

PSP: FFVIII, BoF3, Monster Hunter FU
Xbox: Mass Effect 2
PC: Dragon Age Origins

Games I will be playing soon:

Wii: Monster Hunter Tri (I'm really excited for this, anyone else?)
PC: Star Craft 2

I'll keep a look out for whatever you guys are playing and hopefully we'll game out like the good old days.
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