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Metal Gear Solid: Rising
post Jun 14 2010, 02:14 PM
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Grand Armor

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Holy crap! Playstation Move support please?

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post Feb 23 2013, 11:14 PM
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Grand Armor

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Game is overall great. It kinda loses steam for the last 3 chapters. Last boss is bullshit though. Fuck that guy.

I think the game would of been better if they fleshed out some of the later levels and made Sam the last boss. The build up to that was great as is, but it I think it would of been better if he was the final and did not tack on the Sumo Senator asshole.

Bosses are overall awesome. Monsoon being my favorite. So freakin good! Last boss sucks, until you figure out you can cheese the Save feature in the game at a certain point in the battle. Getting to that part, however, is a pain in the ass. Everyone, even folks that played through on normal, is complaining about this boss.

So for like the first hour of the game I was not feeling it at all. But it soon clicked once I discovered you can cancel moves with Dodge, and you mix that up with parry. The combat has more depth to it than it seems. I was hooked and even went back to play each stage multiple times during my playthrough.

My game file says 10:28 minutes. So I think that is about right because my completed game was over 7 hours (it just adds up your best times and does not include retries and cutscenes). Again I did VR and went through levels multiple times.

Satisfied and I will tackle harder difficulties on a rainy day.

This game is a must have you if you like hack n slash beat'em ups.

Edit: Oh the move list could of been handled a lot better. The way Bayonetta handles was the best way to do move list. Even DmC kind of gets it right. Big step down. The main problem is the move list is kind buried until you figure out it's under "Help." This should really be labeled "Move List." Also in unlock moves menu it does not tell you the inputs or give you any type of preview. Don't understand why this basic stuff is absent.

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