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Diablo III
post Aug 18 2010, 03:41 PM
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Holding these random memories

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I was suprised we don't have a thread for this yet, but I guess since blizzard is so stingy with the news its not unexpected.

Anyways, straight outta GamesCom we have details on the crafting system!

Looks fast, slick, and unobtrusive. I love how you can break down the "big loot" into crafting shit so you don't have to TP to town constantly to sell big things like armor.

Update with some details on the caravan:

Diablo III Caravan FAQ
Q: What is the caravan?
A: The caravan is a persistent group that follows the heroes across Sanctuary, providing a centralized hub for players to find quest givers, crafters, and other important NPCs. As your character moves through the world so too will your loyal band, setting up in specific locations to remain close by should you need them.

Q: Who are the artisans?
A: In order to access the professions in Diablo III, you’ll need to gain the loyalty of various artisans through your travels in Sanctuary. The blacksmith, mystic, and jeweler will each provide unique services over the course of the game.

Q: What do the artisans offer?
A: Skilling up your artisans will unlock unique recipes, granting your character access to benefits that may not be found anywhere else in the world. The blacksmith crafts weapons and armor, and can add sockets to some items. The mystic creates scrolls, potions, magical weapons, spell runes, and charms, and can also enchant items. The jeweler crafts gems , amulets, and rings. The jeweler can also remove gems from socketed items and can combine gems to improve their quality.

Q: How do I find the artisans?
A: Finding the artisans will be part of the main quest. Each artisan has been fleshed out to include their own story and quest line.

Q: How do I use the artisans?
A: You’ll collect loot as a reward for slaughtering the forces of the Burning Hells. Unwanted items can be salvaged in your inventory, converting these goods into raw crafting materials—higher-level items are salvaged into higher-level materials. You’ll then take those raw materials and hand them over to the artisans, putting them to work crafting or enchanting for you. Upon returning to the caravan after a lengthy foray, you may also find that the artisans have been hard at work plying their trade for your benefit.

Q: How do I salvage my items?
A: Players will find an item while progressing through the main quest that will allow them to convert unwanted gear into crafting materials from the inventory. This item will not take up any inventory space. This should be a more satisfying option for offloading unwanted loot than the alternative—dropping things on the ground or making frequent trips to a vendor.

Q: Why are you including crafting professions in an action game?
A: Professions add depth to the item collection gameplay that drives the action of Diablo III. We want to provide players with an alternative way to acquire gear, potions, and other randomly found items. We also want to provide additional forms of customization for players—adding jewels, enchants, or sockets to existing gear allows players to further tailor their characters. Many rare crafting recipes and materials are only found as world drops, enhancing the item acquisition process by increasing the diversity of items dropped by monsters.


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post Aug 20 2012, 11:05 AM
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Some major Diablo III 1.0.4 changes.

Paragon system is being added. Essentially it's another 100 levels to gain after level 60. You'll gain further stat buffs with each level and your gold find and magic find will increase with each level up as well. Definitely a smart move for Blizzard. Grinding and gear checking as the only form of a progression system after 60 doesn't work too well in an action online RPG with limited content.
Links: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/6968517/In...ystem-8_20_2012

Major class buffs. Most of the classes are getting their skills buffed so there is more build diversity. Certain overpowered skills were readjusted though.

Also, legendaries are being buffed, cheap ass champion pack affixes are being readjusted, weapons are being improved, group play is being improved so you can actually play with your friends and not be punished by a retarded difficulty spike, and the auction house is getting better search functions. The prior patch nerfed Inferno a bit, so with these new changes it should be tolerable.

My question is, why wasn't the game developed like this before it came out? I don't like purchasing incomplete games which I need to beta test. The new changes definitely seem cool and I like the new Paragon system, but did they really think playing a game that's more a chore then being fun, would actually be, oh I don't know, fun? Never design a game that appeals to the minority 1% that likes to torture themselves with bullshit retarded fake content. Don't force certain game behaviors on players. Believe it or not, but sometimes when a game doesn't force you to grind to progress, but to grind because its fun to play with friends and develop an avatar, it's actually better received. Artificial Gear checks don't = a challenge, it = Chinese gold farmer. I think they're finally figuring that out now with these new changes.
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