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Phantasy Star Online 2 at TGS 2010
post Sep 16 2010, 12:56 AM
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Oh hey, we still have the PSO forums.

I'll just post this here:

Teaser video that shows absolutely nothing:

Hopefully, they'll show more during TGS.

I'm excited but also skeptical.

Also posting this for old times sake:

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post May 2 2011, 02:37 PM
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have any of you guys played phantasy star portable 2? some of the stuff you guys ask for is already in that game wich ive been playing bootleged on my psp.(you dont even need cfw to pirate psp games these days.....) free to play online they also changed a lot of stuff. like i think they got rid of synthing weapons. PP is a character stat not a weapon stat so no spamming PA's then switching to a different weapon with the same PA you regenerate PP though. instead of using PA's to level them up you just find/buy discs of a higher level. photon blast like summons for human and newman. Fo's can shoot techs consecuitively to make a combo. guns get charged shot wich is like like PSZ style PA's where you hold the button down then let go to do a fancy shot. 2 new nano blasts(they arent just different colors they look and attack different) also theres this system sorta like talents in wow so you can customize your character. like buy a skill to increase your damage with double sabers. or increase how much you heal for. also sonic team hasnt touched the phantasy star series since PSU:AoI its handled by a company called alfa system now. almost forgot they added the dodge roll from PSZ and you can block either with a 2 handed weapon or a sheild wich you equip with a 1 handed weapon.

shows black nanoblast and mirage blast at 1:00

charge shots

mirage blasts-this isnt all of them

an old friend from pso

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