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Guild Wars 2, Get HYPED
post Nov 9 2010, 07:04 PM
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Soul Hunter

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My fellow AT'ers there is a game that I feel strongly deserves our attention, and that game is guild wars 2. Prepare to get hyped.

So what the hell is Guild Wars 2 you ask? Well it's the sequel to the highly successful MMORPG title Guild Wars. "Cool I like MMO's AC9Breaker, but why should I play this one when I'm already playing WoW?"
"I hate MMO's AC9Breaker? Why the hell should I give this game the time of day?"

Two perfectly fine questions and I shall explain. First off

No Commitment, No subscription fees.
One of the unique things about the original Guild Wars was that it was one of the first MMORPG titles at the time to not have a subscription fee which most MMO's use to require. In keeping with this they are applying their success with this business trend to this installment. No cumbersome unituitive sign up page to enter a credit card and register for, no extra charges after you've already bought the game, and before you think this effects the quality of service no, the game still has a strong GM and carefully monitors the servers for any problems and promptly address any issues that may arrise as well as also providing updates and events.

Candy for the eyes
Not only do we want to play a good game, but we also want to play a good looking game. Guild Wars 2 has that in spades. The game has taken a drastically beautiful approach from their original work that carries over strongly to their in game models. Towns and worlds are alive and breathing and look hand crafted and environments are alive and dynamic as the landscape changes based on actions of players and events happening in the world. Explore beautiful areas captivating areas and eviroments you could not have imagined such as underwater areas! Yes underwater areas. The developers are hoping to make underwater exploration easy and exciting for players and eliminate some of the traditional limitations (i.e., drowning) to aquatic travel found in many games. The underwater zones open up exciting new possibilities and greatly expand the explorable areas in Guild Wars 2.

But now for the meet and potatoes and why you really should give a damn about Guild Wars 2.

Dynamic experience
I think one aspect that most of us appreciated out of FF11 was the story and it's world. However it wasn't very personable when everyone else is treated as "the hero" and are the only able to take down the "shadowlord". In GW 2 however the story of the game is the story of you and your characters actions in the world. You fill out a biography at character creation time that defines your background and your place within the world, and that starts you on your path. Then the choices you make will take the story in different directions. Each time you play through the game, you can experience a different storyline. GW2 tells story by allowing the player to befriend and adventure with key characters, by presenting him with moral dilemmas that will impact the lives of the people around him, and by having him live through world-changing events and all the key moments of the storyline. But more interestingly, that some choices may not only just effect you, but also effect the online community and other players as it should. You literally shape the world and the events around you.

Combat tiem!
In keeping with the dynamic theme of the overall game, combat is has been structured so that it is always engaging and full of limitless choices and possibilities. This is done by allowing each of the 5 races to approach the 8 planned professions in a different manner, Some races have their own innate abilities and specials. (think beasts and Casts from PSU with their SUV's and Nanoblasts) Then you also throw in the cross class cooperative attacks. (think Chrono Trigger and their team attacks) One elementalists casts a a fire wall spell while a Ranger class uses his volley ability effectively doubling his power by shooting through the fire and giving his arrows fire properties and causing each shot to explode on impact. Then there are environmental weapons such a rock found in the field could very easily be turned into a meteor shower by an elementalist or your in a bar and a fight breaks out, yeah, pick up that bar stool and crack it over your enemies head. Effectively making a great club. Each profession is being made so that they are all unique and balanced and don't fret about need worrying about having to party with other classes as you will totally be able to effectively solo a major portion of the game if you deem it so but as well keep in mind that some challenges will be designed to be taken on with groups. There in also lies another beauty of the game. GW2 has great support for parties, but they just don’t feel as necessary as they do in other MMOs, because your interests are always aligned with all other nearby players anyway. When someone kills a monster, not just that player’s party but everyone who was seriously involved in the fight gets 100% of the XP and loot for the kill. When an event is happening in the world – when the bandits are terrorizing a village – everyone in the area has the same motivation, and when the event ends, everyone gets rewarded.

The Races:

Humans - Of course

Asura - Tarus?

Charr - wolf/lion doods

Norn - lawl Beast Rangers

Sylvarri - Elfs, of course

So Far only 4 classes have been announced Necromancer, Elementalist, Ranger and Warrior. Expect more in the coming weeks!
Here's the link with all the info. http://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/professions/

So if you love MMORPGs, you should check out Guild Wars 2. But if you hate traditional MMORPGs, then you should really check out Guild Wars 2. Because, like Guild Wars before it, GW2 doesn’t fall into the traps of traditional MMORPGs. It doesn’t suck your life away and force you onto a grinding treadmill; it doesn’t make you spend hours preparing to have fun rather than just having fun; and of course, it doesn’t have a monthly fee.


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--an Excerpt from a Night Lords Novel Void Stalkers Chapter X: Revenge
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post Nov 9 2010, 07:41 PM
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Holding these random memories

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All I see are a bunch of paintings. This isn't Magic: The Gathering.



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