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post Dec 12 2010, 12:13 AM
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Holding these random memories

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Finally, after almost 5 years we get a TES 5 announcement. And in Skyrim, home of the Nords!

Bone up on the region if you're not up on the lore: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Skyrim

Release date 11-11-11.

I'm already calling it, this is my GOTY 2k11. I don't need anything else.


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post Feb 4 2011, 12:36 PM
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Holding these random memories

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More info from the game informer podcast:
Skills and leveling:
- The tutorial in Oblivion was deemed "too long", so we'll probably be getting a shorter one
- Each race still has certain strengths and weaknesses
- No classes (which we already knew)
- Face creation has been simplified, to make it easier to create decent-looking characters. Each facial feature (nose, eyebrows, etc.) has a few presets you can choose from. You can still adjust size and position.
- Over 280 different Perks, no character can get all of them in one playthrough. This helps to make characters really unique.
- There's no hard level cap, but eventually you won't be able to advance any further.
- Three weapon skills: one-handed, two-handed, archery. No spears (so far).
- Perks allow characters to specialize in a certain type of weapon (mace, claymore, etc.)
- A lot of attention is being paid to crafting, smithing, alchemy and enchanting.
- Alchemy is now a stealth skill (poisonmaking and such)
- Spellcrafting may or may not be in, they're still working it out.
- Vampires and Werewolves may be in: "We're messing around with it right now."

- No confirmation on mounts: but they're trying to improve on the Oblivion horse.
- Dragon mounts will not be a part of the game.
- The game world is the size of Oblivion's, but its a lot more detailed. The multitude of mountains in the game makes the game feel a lot bigger.
- There's several ways to get across a mountain: you can go over it, alongside it, or right through it.
- There's more to Skyrim than just snow. Expect around 6/7 different zones.

- A lot of work has been put in making the Dragons a difficult and amazing enemy to fight. They can divebomb, set streets on fire, and a lot more. Todd describes them as "a mix between a Big Daddy and a Combine Helicopter".
- Gameplay is not too radically different from Oblivion, but...
- Combat will be more realistic and gritty than in Oblivion.

Radiant Story:
- They're trying not to "oversell" the Radiant Story mechanic. It's a tool to keep players occupied, it doesn't influence the story.
- If the game feels your character could use a challenge, it might place a radiant quest inside a high-level Dungeon to teach you some humility.
- Companions function differently from the Fallout series. There's a lot more of them, but you won't be getting to know them as well as you could in the Fallout games. They originally experimented with everyone being able to become a companion, but ultimately cut that again.

- A small compass will always be present on top of the screen, while the Health/Magicka/Stamina indicators will appear when needed.
- PC version will have a special UI.

- Skyrim is a lot more low-tech than Cyrodiil, with a lot of majestic ancient ruins.
- You start off as a prisoner, as a bit of a tradition.
- Your character finds out he/she is the Dragonborn after being confronted by a Dragon. The Greybeards will want to contact you, and their shouts of "Dovahkiin" will rumble throughout the world.
- Some factions are returning, some are new. The ones that do return might be different than you remember.
- High Hrothgar has 7000 steps, just as it does in the lore.

- PC and Console versions are developed concurrently.
- Right now, it seems the 360 is the main development platform.
- PC version will have higher resolution and the usual.
- Depending on how well development proceeds according to plan, there may or may not be an additional graphical update for the PC (think higher res textures)
- Todd's preferred platform is the 360, but a majority of Bethesda uses the PC.
- Todd's very confident about meeting the release date.
- They're shooting for an 'M'-rating, but no Fallout-style violence.
- Achievements will be balanced between quests and more random stuff.
- No Kinect, no Move, no 3D.
- First gameplay video coming Soon™. (A month with an 'r' in it.)


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