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Dark Souls, Demon's Souls successor
post Feb 5 2011, 01:50 AM
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So yeah, From Software has revealed "Project Dark" as Dark Souls, which is officially NOT Demon's Souls 2... But we all know it is.

As much as I fucking rage and hate Demon's Souls, I always said I'd gladly play a sequel. This looks damn good, if not just as brutal as its forbearer. Word is they actually have "normal" co-op now too, you can play with your friends, not just random dicks. The world is more open and focused on exploration, and its now multiplatform.


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post Aug 26 2012, 04:20 PM
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It's like a side thing, kind of like Painted World. You can do new content after you place the Lordvessel. I still have the last boss to beat and the optional boss to beat, but man is the DLC very good. The content is about 10 hours long, but I am at about 15 hours or more on it since the stuff is very challenging ( I still skipped a lot of items) It like adds so much to the lore and answers more about the Dark Souls story. The whole mystery aspect that is ever present with the world of Dark Souls opens up more questions in this DLC; in a good way. I am left wanting to see more of this world.

From Software claims they are not doing another Souls game next. However, supposedly there is a hint to the next Souls game buried somewhere. I would hope the next game, if they do one, is a direct sequel because there is a lot here I still want to explore. Maybe more DLC is the route?

The the content has a ton of stuff in it, and stuff that has not be discovered since the game just came out. Hell, if you do the content before a certain boss and find a specific secret, it changes a cutscene in the main game: not in a way that just adds different colored fireworks sniperer.gif . Who knows what other stuff like this is present.

On top of that you have Arena style PVP matchmaking with leaderboards. You can view the top players' equipment and builds too via the leaderboards. Nifty!

My impression on the bosses? They are amazing, and hard as hell. I would argue they are much harder than anything in the main game.

So for other things about the game. This is actually Patch 1.06. So there are some gameplay changes.

Like they nerfed the Ninja Flip ring (Dark Wood Grain Ring). Before you it lowered weight requirements by like 50% so you can get fast role at 50% weight and flip around. Now you have to be 25%, which means some build will have to go well over 40 endurance. I was so shocked when I got the ring that I thought the game was glitched.

Bunch of items nerfed in damage and even Greatsword swing speed is slower.

Backstabs do less damage.

Overall it feels like the game is slightly harder. Like they tweaked the AI or something. Like they seem to mix up their attacks a lot more and not have as much path issues that you can exploit. This was very noticeable on Ornstein and Smough for me. I just could not beat these dudes. It took longer than my first playthrough on PS3. It was just something different about their attack mix-up and I could not cheese them with the pillars as much. I mean I have one shotted these dude so many times, even as early as two weeks ago when I did a new playthough on PS3 in preparation of PC release. I even spent 2 hours wiping on Gargoyles. I dunno something with the AI just feels different.

Other things. Backstabs seem more responsive. Like no more of that you are behind an enemy yet it swings for some reason because you were a pixel off.

My favorite gamplay change though, is they added more warp points. Basically, every major area has a warp point now like the Undead Perish by the Blacksmith; even the Painted World (cannot warp out still though). Very good quality of life change here.

About performance, the elephant in the room. The game is locked at 30 frame per second. Any attempts to raise the frame rate to 60 causes the game to speed up twice as fast. The good news is areas like Blighttown do not drop in frames if you have a good computer. Smooth Blighttown is all I wanted, and I got it.

To get those better looking textures in my pictures requires a simple mod that allows you to increase the Internal Rendering Resolution. Shows off the great work the artist put into those texture but were hidden behind the blurry lower resolution of the console version. Yup the HD textures were always there, just rendered in a lower resolution so performance could be stable. But yeah, there are details in the enemies I never thought were there before. It's amazing to see in motion.

Even without the texture mod, it seems the draw distance is a lot greater on PC though.

Lastly, I have run into a couple hackers. One of them was clearly bot and in area of the game you cannot access, like on a rooftop you cannot jump onto on. So have to be careful when invading or being invaded. However, most of the people are total noobs. Like seriously, playing PS3 was hardcore. If you got invaded or invaded someone there was a good chance you will be destroyed. Here 90% of the people are new it seems. Which is good, in my opinion, it makes the game feel fresh. Since people are using messages and co-oping, it felt like Day 1 all over again back when the PS3 version was released.

Overall the game is worth it with the new content and better performance. This is the best version of the game. Also, you can find the game under $30 with discount promos on Green Man Gaming. I heard a few direct2drive places had it for $21.

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