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Star Wars: The Old Republic, MMOs meet Lightsabers & creet deepz
post Apr 30 2011, 06:37 PM
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I didn't notice anything in the forums about this recently, but bioware's new Star Wars MMO is slated to be released sometime this year in 2011.

Main site:

Cinematic trailer:

Hungry Star Wars nerds:
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post Dec 21 2011, 09:31 PM
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Let alone the endgame shit in FFXI, I would love to some wow players fight that crap, they moan about fights lasting long then 5 minutes, let alone the 3 hours some bosses had

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post Dec 22 2011, 03:53 AM
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QUOTE(Knightsword @ Dec 21 2011, 10:31 PM) *
Let alone the endgame shit in FFXI, I would love to some wow players fight that crap, they moan about fights lasting long then 5 minutes, let alone the 3 hours some bosses had

Most of that was artificial difficulty and artificial longevity, which is usually considered bad game design by today's standards. There is a reason that type of stuff rarely exists in games in this decade of gaming. A game should test actual skill and not be a bladder bending endurance match. Nor should you have to take days off work in order to progress. Consequently games are not suppose to be a substitute for work or cause health issues, like holding your bladder for the 3 hour marathon boss. Cause let's be honest all that crap was designed that way to keep players playing longer, which equals more money in subscription fees. It's generally understood the old model had flaws because it was designed to keep players playing because of length, with psychological placement of rewards, that kept you on the hamster wheel. To be fair WoW has it's own hamster wheels that needs to go out the door too.

Seriously, do you miss that? I would be with you if I were my younger self, but at some point we get older and are not able to do that anymore even though we enjoyed it back in the day. That's where I am at and coming from. The game industry has realized this too because a lot of the gamers who made gaming mainstream are getting older, however they are still buying games. Some of those people are taking the helm of game design while the Miyamoto's of the world will be retiring in the near future.

I am not saying you are wrong to like that design, just it is unfair to say WoW players are incapable of something that takes that long when in fact the demographics and numbers say they have no desire to participate in that kind of gameplay. It's like trying to score points against a team that has no interest in showing up.

Blizzard added those mods to default because they tuned to raid encounters around the assumption players had them, leaving anyone without handicap. Watch some of the ex wow players in swtor try to heal without healbot and grid, its pathetically hilarious.

First off, I was never originally talking about addons, I just realized this might be a misunderstanding based on your response. When I said the "option to change it," I meant in the preferences. As in something you check off to change how buffs display. I worded it that way because I thought that while I don't like how the UI displays information I am used to, it may not be fundamentally broken. To determine that would require a sample of people completing multiple Operations over different types of mechanics (1 tier is not enough imo).

In other words Bioware may not think their UI is broken in this regard. Therefore, they may not want to force a straight up change on everyone just because I THINK and many others think it will be better for endgame, you know. Like, I don't think being able to move the UI is that important, but you do. Different preferences vs Bioware's design choices and implementation.

The only tuning Blizzard made because of mods was it challenged them to try and come up with new types of mechanics that could not be overly-simplified with mods (Wrath had this problem). They have gotten better at this. This is not a bad thing. But, they did in fact add stuff to the UI because they felt information was not available right away to the player. It was brought up in Blue posts with the reasoning behind the Dungeon Journal as a relevant example.

Some ex-WoW players are failing at healing in SWTOR because they don't have mods, especially Healbot and even more so Grid as examples? I understand where you coming from. However, those two mods work functionally the same as what you can do with the Operation frames in SWTOR (minus buff/debuff filtering and incoming heals). Even if you do think mods are the issue, you must also consider the problems with SWTOR's UI you and I have mentioned; not able to move it and even resize it to where the UI would work optimally for those players coming from a different UI setup. Maybe those people are looking for health bars in the wrong place because they are used to finding it in a certain place out of long term habit?

That or they are just typical bad WoW players. I've ranted about how most WoW players are bad at gaming before. They are a bad demographic example to measure any type of skill in a MMO. So saying "fail WoW healer" is not saying much because there is a ton of those people out there with and without mods: and they've been waiting to jump on the next MMO SWTOR hotness.

So to blame mods and say WoW's player-base is handicapped without them, which is largely made up of non-gamers that wipe on the new "brain-dead-just-hit-buttons-collect loot" mode Looking For Raid, is not taking a hard look at that specific demographic as a whole. It just does not hold water if you've actually pugged easy as hell content, or spent time recruiting for progression. No mod can fix a "not paying attention" handicap. No mod can fix a "not putting enough time in to learn the game or understand encounters" handicap. All of this is regardless how idiot proof mods, like DBM, are or Blizzard's updates to the UI seem. These people are just handicapped when it comes to gaming. I am speaking based on my experiences with other WoW players, WoWProgress statistical data, and why certain nerfs were made.

You do know now in WoW that if you die to something the game whispers you info on how you died and what to do about it? YET PEOPLE STILL FAIL THE NEXT ATTEMPT! Now you got me started, sorry.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It just takes some adjustment, that's the heart of that issue I think. I'm playing Jedi Sage healer for my guild and I have no problems healing and moving out of shit. It feels exactly the same as WoW, in which I've healed on and used Grid and mods. Indeed, there is no mouse over functionality on the Operation frames like I'm used to in WoW. So clicking on frames then pressing my heal is a bit inefficient for my taste. But, it's still not an issue if you are worth your salt.

However, there is self-targeting and focus target modifier bindings in SWTOR which do in fact work functionally the same as mouse overs or mouse clicks in HealBot. Good for flashpoints and main tank healing and keeping yourself up. I am going to play around with those more this week.

Anyway, I found the the color of the UI in SWTOR can be an issue for some too. My guild leader is color blind and is having a ton of issues with the reds on reds for the health numbers on the bars. So if he was playing a healer he would have a very hard time. He's really struggling. So some color blind options should be in the game.

Other things, let's see, I don't understand why you can't display all of the map icons on the World Map. You can only do one at a time. They have the magnifying glass that can show everything in area, but that is an extra step to show information that should be available at a quick glace. The mini-map has proper filters but not the World Map. It's odd design choice.

One thing I like that bothers other people. I like not being able to queue up for individual Warzones. Fixes issues of people gravitating to one Warzone over the others, and even people farming the easiest Warzone. It's also a plus that PVP is pretty damn good, as is the maps.

Stats stats stats! Very simple stats and formulas. Once you get around the language barrier of it being Sci-fi Star Wars instead of fantasy is quite easy to understand. You don't need to be a number cruncher to understand how much of something you need. For example, I need 20% more accuracy to hit 100% of the time with my attacks. WoW is unnecessarily complicated with stats. The equivalent in WoW is I need 791 Expertise rating to get my Expertise to 26 which will translate into a percentage of how often my attacks will not be avoided. Very good how stats are handled. Though I don't quite see why there needs to be a Power and Force Power stat, when Power handles everything. My best guess right now is how they itemized things at endgame, as it could possibly upset the balance on what certain classes can obtain loot if they got rid of Force Power.

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