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Star Wars: The Old Republic, MMOs meet Lightsabers & creet deepz
post Apr 30 2011, 06:37 PM
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Badass Billionaire Extraordanaire

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I didn't notice anything in the forums about this recently, but bioware's new Star Wars MMO is slated to be released sometime this year in 2011.

Main site:

Cinematic trailer:

Hungry Star Wars nerds:
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post Dec 22 2011, 11:44 AM
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Badass Billionaire Extraordanaire

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Dyne :Jedi Guardian
Adol: Jedi Sage

It would be good to see if we can create an Apocalypse Tribe guild on both the republic side and empire, but that's going to depend on the population of ATer's that jump on this *cough getthefuckoncrush&DJ cough*. Don't let FF14 traumatize you, this game is actually really good.

QUOTE(Scan_Man @ Dec 22 2011, 04:53 AM) *
Anyway, I found the the color of the UI in SWTOR can be an issue for some too. My guild leader is color blind and is having a ton of issues with the reds on reds for the health numbers on the bars. So if he was playing a healer he would have a very hard time. He's really struggling. So some color blind options should be in the game.

Other things, let's see, I don't understand why you can't display all of the map icons on the World Map. You can only do one at a time. They have the magnifying glass that can show everything in area, but that is an extra step to show information that should be available at a quick glace. The mini-map has proper filters but not the World Map. It's odd design choice.

Personally I want Macros for this game. It needs them

I never considered a color bind UI function. I won't make a cynical response about it, but you definitely don't want to downgrade a feature to appease the minority, yet take away from the flexibility of the majority. Something like adjusting color or add different textures to stat bars would be an option.

All those WoW gamers are definitely adjusting to SWTOR's UI, mostly because it doesn't hold your hand. Learn to play, as they say. As for me I have ZERO issues with the UI as it stands, minus the stat-debuff visibility/awareness, which to me would be a nice bonus. Even then I don't "QQ" about it, because I do this radical thing... I look at my buff and debuff bar often *gasp*. On the healer side, there will need to be something to show them larger and more pronounced, since many of the icons are reused and it can be tough for healers. If you have skypee/vent, a quick shout out doesn't hurt either "oh shit I am bleeding Heeelp" or "taunt it off me". I don't always need a UI to tell me taunt something off a team member. Shouldn't I be paying attention to their health bars too? Maybe if I had ADD I could justify the need for giant words popping up on my screen. I am like the one dude in WOW who tried to use as little mods as possible. I would see screenshots of certain people's Mods and I'd think they're on the deck of the starship enterprise, with all this added crap on their screen. After they made the UI changes in Cata, I shut off all my mods and just manned up. Look guys and gals, the SWTOR UI is not perfect and IMO it could use some changes to make things easier, but in the mean time were just going to have to be more visually aware of what's going on and communicate.

To me I always saw Mods as a luxury and shouldn't of been mandatory to play well. I do agree that through the evolution of WoW, changes had to be made to the UI to reflect the increased complexity, but things like deadly boss Mod just totally made boss fights easy. Also, getting one shot wiped because your eyes were in a different part of the screen for 2 seconds isn't exactly "fun" either, so for that purpose I could justify its use.

As for the mini-map vs the world map. Yeah, it annoys me that the world map is so vague, but it seems like it is intentional, as a reason to go out and explore.
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post Dec 23 2011, 12:23 PM
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QUOTE(HC82 @ Dec 22 2011, 11:44 AM) *
Dyne :Jedi Guardian
Adol: Jedi Sage

It would be good to see if we can create an Apocalypse Tribe guild on both the republic side and empire, but that's going to depend on the population of ATer's that jump on this *cough getthefuckoncrush&DJ cough*. Don't let FF14 traumatize you, this game is actually really good.

From my understanding it just takes 4 players to start a guild, and requires 4 to keep the guild going, oh and a one time 5k credit fee. So we should have enough to start one now.

QUOTE(Scan_Man @ Dec 22 2011, 03:08 PM) *
Who else loves datacrons? Man I love "gamey" stuff in MMORPGs. That's my problem with a lot of MMOs is they don't feel like games to me, but chat rooms with graphics. DC Universe Online added "gamey" stuff with it's challenge mission. Platforming and environmental puzzles in an MMORPG? Great stuff. Even if you have a guide on their location, it still can be challenging to get them. Really good design imo. Though kinda bad design that they are mandatory for endgame. Also, annoying if you roll alts I can imagine. Some of them are a real pain in the ass.

Some? Taris' were just plain evil, though not all are required, just the ones that boost your main stats (about a 5th of them), and the matrix ones are optional too, since you can get relics from crew skills and vendors.

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