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post Mar 27 2012, 09:30 AM
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Holding these random memories

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We've discussed it in the skype channel, but nothing posted on the site about it.

Some pretty big news about PSO2 has been dropping, first and foremost, its coming out on PS VITA as well as PC, and Sega is "trying" to ensure that PC and Vita will be cross-compatible. Awesome! The PSV release won't be out till 2012, though.

They've also confirmed the game will be FREE to play. You can download the PC client for free (and to the Vita a well?), and we can most assuredly assume there will be premium upgrades for costumes and weapons and crap, par for the course with F2P games nowadays.

Sega also announced that there will be a version of PSO2 for iOS and Android.

according to Andriasang, Sega promised "social game elements," and simpler controls and character creation. Data will be shared between the phone and PC/Vita versions, but crossplay will not be possible. This version is due winter 2012, between the summer PC release and the 2013 Vita release.

I wonder if the "Shared Data" is specifically your character, or if its like a side-game with Mag Raising or some shit?

And now Most importantly, they're releasing a BETA, first they're releasing a version of the character creator on April 5th (boob sliders!) Later that month they'll hold a private beta for 100,000 invitees. I don't know how to register yet, but I'm sure Donkey can figure it out.






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post May 3 2012, 02:12 PM
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Here's Vitamin D, Kaz, and myself squaring off with the Vol Dragon for the first time (or 2nd time, I don't remember).

Wish I spent a bit more time with the beta but so far, it's pretty damn fun. It definitely has that PSO vibe to it with a bit of Monster Hunter mixed in.

Oh yeah, the "free field" missions are the shit. These missions are just your typical PSO run through. You go in, kill shit, proceed to the next area, then eventually teleport to the boss. What makes these missions awesome are the random encounters with big mobs. For example, we were rummaging through the volcano area, killing the standard monsters that spawn then all of a sudden, the fucking Vol Dragon comes up from the goddamn ground. Shortly after we put him down, some fucking catadoran spawn (they're wingless dragons that can extend themselves). These guys were bosses in one of the volcano missions. Then we still had to kill the Vol Dragon at the end of the mission. This happened all in one play through. In another play through we randomly encountered this big insect boss (I forget it's name...). After we kill it, another one spawns.

Interrupt events that randomly happen during a mission, with a voice that goes "EMERGENCY: CODE..." followed by:
DUEL - Usually a battle with a boss.
RESCUE - In my case, I was captured then put inside this dome-like thing and D had to come and rescue me lol. We had to break the dome but it took a bunch of hits to break free. Enemies were spawning also.
COLLECT - Basically collect whatever that needs to be collected.
CHANGE OVER - I think this happens when a bunch of emergency codes overlap.
PROTECT (I think it was protect anyway) - In my case, I had to protect this downed npc airship until they repaired it.

Some things I like:
  • The hub. All the basic stuff you need are here like sell/buy/deposit/heal as well as start/restart missions. You can do all of this without ever going to the ship lobby. It's basically a Pioneer 2 that's localized in a small room.
  • You can deposit your items to your bank from anywhere. Even during missions. Though if you want to take stuff out from your bank, you'd have to go access it from a terminal.
  • Rangers. Even though I didn't devote much time into them, I had a blast using the rocket launchers. Also, 3rd person aiming works really well. It's almost like you're playing gears of war or lost planet (more so).
  • Telepipes are back but they're not placed where your character is. Rather it shows up at a predetermined spot depending what section of the map you're in.
  • You can revive more than one person with only one moon atomizer as long as they're within its AOE.
  • Cards for forces are kinda awesome. Other than doing melee damage, you can proxy techs from it. For example, throw a card towards your teammates, then cast resta from it while avoiding danger. The card lasts only for a few seconds though if you are casting techs from it but you can quickly toss out another card afterwards. The cards stop in place when you charge up a tech.
  • You can set text macros for certain events. Whenever you finish a mission for example, you can have your character shout a phrase (mine was "ballinnnnn" for testing purposes) or if someone levels up, you can say "congrats" automatically without even touching your keyboard.
  • The random area effects. In the forest area, fog and rain can occur. When it rains, thunder can come crashing down and do damage. The rain also causes the river to run rapid so you can't stand in it without being dragged with the flow. In the volcano, magma can erupt through the ground, knocking you into the air and doing damage.
  • The overall atmosphere of the game is pretty cool. The graphics aren't hyper detailed but it definitely has style. The little UI stuff, animations, and other bits of detail are impressive.
I only dabbed a little bit into the symbol chat thing but I can say its pretty robust. You can even use shortcuts that used for design programs. It was only the beta but its a huge improvement over what PSU was when that game was released.

A little quick edit: There was an update today about the new stuff including a desert planet and an ice planet. PSOW has some of the scoops here: http://www.pso-world.com/news/02447-second...riefing-summary

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post May 3 2012, 03:05 PM
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System Id

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Yep, I pretty much love this game. PSO is definitely back!

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