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post Jun 7 2012, 11:57 PM
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I noticed there wasn't a thread for this game so I thought I'd make one for those interested.

If you've never heard of it I'll give some info: It's an MMOFPS currently in a "Friends and Family" Beta and is being offered completely free from the start with no monthly fees. The business model is going to support microtransactions for cosmetic items as well as having an eSports league which I'm sure will gather money for sponsorships and the like. The dev team is comprised of a lot of ex-Blizzard guys who worked on WoW as well as the guy the who served as the lead designer for the Tribes series; he also is the lead designer for the Firefall. The game uses a cell shaded engine and for an independent team it's a very nice engine. Gameplay consists of old-school fps style gameplay, while you can site in with assault rifles it's really about fast jet packing, rocket jumping and circle strafing combat. Pretty much the bread and butter of a bygone era in FPS it seems.

The PvP aspect of the game is currently based around standard match based gameplay with some standard gameplay variants. The real shining point is the PvE, basically the entire planet is covered in this mysterious blue death fog called the Melding. There are very few pockets of the planet not affected by it, the only one that is currently known is the area surrounding the wreckage of a massive space ship called the Arclight that crashed just as the Melding showed up. From this humanity figured out how to push the melding back, however there is a certain mineral that they require called Crystite. So basically you start off as a mercenary hired by the military to gather Crystite by venturing from the safety of your base which is in Copacabana, out into the field to find some Crystite which you do by smacking the ground with a giant hammer that will send sonic vibrations into the ground and let you know whats around. So you find a spot and you call in a "Thumper" which drops in from the sky and starts to drill and pound the ground to gather the Crystite. Now the fun begins because a race of insect like aliens (similar to the bugs in that crappy Starship Troopers movie) don't enjoy the loud vibrations and show up to crash the party. Now you and your team have to hold them off until the Thumper completes and you send it back into the sky and everyone receives a bunch of resources they can use for crafting. While that sounds simple enough the game gets a bit more interesting in that from out of the melding come ships of an Alien design carrying some nasties called the Chosen who have a serious hard on for killing every one and everything. The Chosen serve as the main antagonist for the game and have some nasty toys from what I've seen in some of the videos. The team plans on the core game being based around the entire player base gathering enough crystite to power the repulsors that push back the medling and in doing so the players unlock new content in the game, not the devs during patch week, meaning they'll be well ahead of the player base in content creation. At the same time, the Chosen will be launching patrols and incursions into your territory and even going so far as to assault your towns and outposts. Should the players fail to stop them, they will occupy and whatever missions/bonuses that town provided will be lost. This last part is what I think will really set the game apart, there has also been some talk for after launch development to allow for areas that are free of military control where merc units can found their own bases built with the resources of their entire unit and it will require them to protect their base from other players as well as Chosen. Vehicles have been discussed and there is even a section in the keybindings menu that shows "vehicle controls" so I can assume we will see them at some point. Lastly there is no launch date and there never will be, the launch is similar to the way gmail launched with small numbers of people being given access who then added some people they knew and so on until finally enough people were using it (and it functioned properly) that they opened it up to everyone, thats pretty much how they've described their launch. They have stated that their goal is to open the game up sometime this year once they've gotten a large enough playerbase and the entirety of the core game implemented. That part is what the "friends and family" beta is, once you have an invite your in for good. There will probably be more character wipes so don't get too attached to your character.

Thats a very basic outline of the game, I'm currently in the beta and it's a lot of fun. If your interested check out the games website: www.firefallthegame.com

Also I have one key left for anyone who wants to give it a shot, just send me your email and I'll send it to you.

Finally, if enough of the Tribe is interested I say we start an AT for Firefall.

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post Jun 8 2012, 01:29 PM
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I am in the beta, but I got access the same day Diablo III came out. Ouch! I am interested, but still very much into Diablo III at the moment. I will check it out eventually.

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