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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, FF14 2.0's official release
post Jul 26 2012, 10:54 AM
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Holding these random memories

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So they finally got their shit together and "2.0" is on the horizon. This includes the PS3 release.

Apparently there's been a shitload of changes to the game in the time since we last gave a fuck about it. I won't lie, I've kept the game installed on my computer this whole time with the hope that they'll somehow make it good and fun so I can try it again. I'm definitely going to give it another month spin once this 2.0 version drops. It certainly LOOKS very much like the Final Fantasy MMO I actually wanted.

A boy cat furry?


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post Oct 12 2012, 09:20 AM
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Holding these random memories

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Official PS3 screenshots, this is actually happening:

The screens look a bit blurry compared to the PC ones, apparently the game is running at 1280 x 544 upscaled to 720p. The controller based menu system looks good though, and you can have up to 128 different hotkeys set (8 X 16 slot hotkey pallets).

Some deets from a translated interview:

- They (somewhat) ended up changing the map/layouts of the three cities after all.

- Amon, the re-introduced boss from FFIII, is going to be (one of?) the boss(es?) in Crystal Tower.

- Titan is confirmed to be in ARR from the start.

- Odin will 'appear differently' compared to that of other Primals.

- Depending on how one raises one's chocobo, what they can wear in equipments will also be different. (ex: If you raise it as a mage-type chocobo, then it can wear mage gear; if you raise it as a tank, it can wear tank gear, etc)

- The new dungeon in the concept art will be one of the many leveling dungeons introduced in ARR, this one being one from R40~R45. Compared to the current slew of dungeons where it's mostly 'cave' type dungeons, there will be more 'ruin/tower' type dungeons introduced in ARR.

- Hamlet will undergo a complete revamp. It will no longer be the 'closed' type content it currently is. The reason why it's the way it is the current version is due to 1.0 limitations. In ARR they can finally implement a more open-style content, which is what they originally wanted to do.

- Monster AI will operate under a FFXII-style 'gambit'-type system. Likewise, Chocobo AIs will operate under something similar.

- Depending on what class you start as, your starting city will be locked to where that class' guild is located. (ex: If you start off as a MRD, you start in Limsa)

- Raid bosses will always drop some type of reward - somewhere around 2~3 rare drops per party, random lotted. Even if one didn't get the rare drop, the players will be rewarded with tokens which you can then exchange for rare drops. In exchange, the chances to participate in the random lottery will be limited to 3 times per week. (Stanislaw's notes: The text in the interview here isn't really clear. What I'm assuming this means is that the chance to get that 2~3 rare drops is limited to 3 times per week, but one can still get tokens by trying the content over and over again. On the other hand, this can easily mean the return of horrid re-entry times.)

- All 1.0 players will get a chance to remake their character (appearance) for ARR. However, this can only be done once, and within half a year after launch.

- ARR's PS3 base resolution is 1280 x 544, which is then stretched/adjusted to 1280 x 720. Reason: PS3 memory limitations, etc. It's possible to set it higher as they're trying to fit every model into 10GB (the limit is 20GB), but with future considerations in mind, they want to set the bar relatively low for the sake of smooth performance.

- PS3 UI elements is still somewhat customizable in the sense that it can be moved around. Resizing the UI, however, is still up in the air.

- With the gamepad cross-bar system, one can register up to 128 actions (there are a total of eight 16 slots) on the bar, per class.


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