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Sim City
post Mar 8 2013, 09:17 PM
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Grand Armor

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Maaaan EA you blew it big time here. Did you not learn from Diablo 3 launch?

Anyway this game is excellent, if you manage to play it. But there are so many servers problems because EA decided to make a single player game online only. I have not been able to play it since launch because servers are busy. Hell, they are so incompetent that at one point they had the busy servers labeled as available and the available servers labeled as busy. And I've had the servers log me off only to try to come back with 30 minute waiting queues. Problem is if you pick another server your city is not there. Hell, I've had cities roll back or be completely erased when I came back to a server. It's very annoying. Yesterday, EA actually removed features from the game because they were causing server instability. What the fuck?

Say what you will about the Diablo 3 launch. Nothing competes with this failure.

But yeah the game is awesome and very deep despite the city size is a lot smaller to past games. But there is a lot more "simulation" to this game than past games though. I like that you now have to gather and manage resources, or import them. People are giving this game a lot of shit on the gameplay side of things, and they are wrong. I understand the city size thing, but I don't think people have played the game long enough to understand the mechanics inside and out. Sim City 4, considered the best in the franchise (which I agree), had 10 years to develop through patches, an expansion, and mods. In this new one, there is a lot more shit you have to pay attention to or it will just domino into a complete disaster right before your eyes. It's really neat and at the same time while makes the game more challenging than Sim City 4.

Like I tried to get away with not building a police station at the start (in Sim City 4 you can wait quite a while before crime levels get to a point where you need police). Well I had criminals coming over from a neighboring city taking advantage that I did not have police. The game is very sensitiveness to these types of things. To add to that, not only is there a lot more money sinks, but building things seems more expensive compared to Sim City 4. To add insult to injury I had a Zombie infestation, which lost 80 percent of my population because I had no money to defend my city. And this is neat too because you can zoom in and follow Sims and it was cool to see them fighting Zombies and hearing gun fire going off in the streets with some people running for their lives and others defending their homes.

It's moments like above that really suck you into this game.

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post Mar 31 2013, 11:02 PM
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Holding these random memories

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I really hate how fucked up and essential un-simulating the simulation is in this game, but I still can't help but enjoy playing it and fucking around.

I truly hope they can fix what's broken with the aspects of the sims, traffic, and... shit well everything because despite all that shit I really do like this game a lot, and keep coming back to it.


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Oddies da Nerfed
post Apr 1 2013, 08:19 AM
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Pray for Mojo.

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You can help beta test on the test server. Currently you can beta test cheetah speed, a release feature. They also supposedly fixed the recycling center bug, but wont release patch notes for the test server so what you are actually beta testing is a guess.

The problem with this game is, and now confirmed by the devs themselves, they designed this game for the lowest common denominator. It is a fancy 3d Facebook game (farmville city variant!) and nothing more. Because of those design decisions the simulation aspect of this game will never actually simulate anything meaningful. It will take at least one very large patch just to get the multiplayer aspect working in any useful non-broken way. RCI will most likely never be fixed properly, the best we can expect is taxes being nerfed so you can no longer do this retarded shit for a simulation game that is supposed to be the bestest simulation ever. The chances of them fixing the agent system to anything more than gang banging the closest and most direct location regardless if it fills up before the agent arrives are minimal at best being the game core would need a major rework. Unless the stars align you cannot fail at this game. (excluding show stopping bugs).

The only reason I keep playing a game inferior to 24 years of predecessors is to showcase how utterly incompetent Maxis developers are, and what is wrong with the gaming industry as a whole. I want to like this game, I really do, I mean its fucking SimCity! Hell, I think the first time Crush and myself really talked was in TLC class when we were assigned together to build a city in OG SimCity. Unfortunately this new version is a SimCity box filled with runny foul smelling shit laden with undigested corn and peanuts that cost us $60+.

Unless the modders get access to this game to fix asap, it will be a ghost town by end of summer, and risking abandonment by the end of the year if left solely to Maxis incompetence and EAs greed.

This game is like the perfect storm. Incompetence, greed, thinking they know what people want to do for fun, and just the pure shit that is the gaming industry today.
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