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E3 2013 Predictions, XBONE PSQUAD WII U
post Jun 5 2013, 12:53 PM
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Alright guys, its out there. Xbox One vs. Playstation 4 vs. Wii U.

Next gen console wars have officially begun, and its the first time we have an exciting E3 with brand new hardware from all 3 companies in almost a decade!


Old IP resurrections? Exclusive Deals? Hopeful wishes? Who will "win" E3?

Unfounded Crushinator Predictions below:

  • I feel like this is make or break for them. They have had a year head start on their competition, came out the gate with underpowered hardware, and have had pretty much shit support for new titles both first and third-party. In my opinion it isn't a matter of what they can do to win this gen, but what they can do to mitigate how bad of a 3rd place Wii U takes for the next 4-5~ish years.
  • More exclusive Dragon Quest bullshit - I love this series but I hate that 9 was DS exclusive and 10 is a stupid MMO. Nintendo will flex the exclusivity again for some other DQ shit. I don't think DQX will get a localization on Wii here, but probably will be announced for Wii U in the US.
  • New proper mario game - In the line of Galaxy, not the NSMB shit that they think passes as a next-gen Mario release.
  • Resurrection of another long-dead IP in a desperate attempt to get nostalgia favor, like they tried with Kid Icarus on 3DS. Rumors flying that it's StarTropics, and I think its farfetched but would be amazing.
  • Wii U Mario Kart is a lock, and a new Nintendo Land/Wii Party type game making use of asynchronus multiplayer for party games.
  • Halo 5 - I think MS will announce it, but not show anything of an actual game. However, I think there will be some kind of "bridging" Halo game, like Halo 2 anniversary, or some Halo 4 multiplayer that is ported to Xbone... That will tie into that Halo TV series thing they announced. Maybe also extending the Infinity co-op mode into a season 2 that is compatible with both Xbone and 360.
  • EA Exclusives - Aside from the sports bullshit that's already out there... I dunno. EA has a lot of major franchises that are kind of dead in the water now. Mirror's Edge 2 is heavily rumored, and Dragon Age 3. I doubt games like that would be exclusive only to xbox though, but maybe timed release DLC bought with MS Money hats.
  • Reveal of an exclusive streaming partnership with Twitch.TV, and specific partnerships for e-sports involvment. Perhaps making XBL the official platform for console MLG and broadcasting. If they could make xbox/twitch the destination for like COD, competitive Halo, and fighting games that would be a big win.
  • Killer Instinct from Rare.
  • Announcing that they are ending MS points and using regular cash transactions on XBL going forward for both 360 and Xbone.
  • I also expect a relaunch or rebranding of xbox live arcade into something else... merging XBL Indie Games, XBLA, and Game on demand into one single digital brand, and offering day and date releases for retail games as well. This way there's no distinction between "tiers" of games on xbox live, every game is on equal footing.
Sony - We'll finally see the physical box, of course. No idea what to expect as far as the look goes.
  • We'll get specific details on what new features are coming to PSN+, and I predict that a lot of the cool features of PS4's social sharing and Gaikai integration will be kept behind the PSN+ paywall. However, Sony will continue to keep online play free, but most advanced stuff will require PSN+.
  • The last guardian... I feel like this will finally show and be a PS4 game this time. Remember that Ico was originally a PSX game and then ended up on PS2 because of the long development cycle.... Same deal here.
  • Naughty Dog will be pushing the last of us heavily since it comes out the next week, but I think we'll get a teaser of a next-gen exclusive IP from them as well. I think uncharted has run its course and we'll get something brand new, and it will be awesome.
  • I think we'll get pricing announcements of both systems, and I think they'll follow suit with a Premium and Basic model... Premium is going to be $499 and a basic will probably be $399... The rumors of Xbone using cheaper DDR3 ram compared to the PS4's DDR5 may allow them some wiggle room to undercut PS4 by $50 or so but I doubt they will do that at launch.
Other random shit:
  • Capcom will show Darkstalkers finally.
  • Square Enix will NOT show FF versus 13... But it will have assets and concepts reworked into FF15 which will be multiplatform.
  • We'll get an announcement of Fallout 4 for next gen systems and PC from Bethesda, and Doom 4 will finally be shown.
  • GTAV cross-platform announcement, will come to PS4/Xbone some time next year.
  • Dark souls 2 will be current-gen and PC, will be coming this fall.
Overall Winner Prediction: Sony - I think MS will bring it to bat and try and dig themselves out of the debacle they've made since the Xbone announcement, but Sony will swagger away with the better showing overall.


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