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I'm Tanshin, Tanshin Doragon, I like to ninja, ninja get it on
post Oct 31 2003, 02:14 AM
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Fighting Spirit

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Hello. wassup.gif
This is Tanshin. I'm Crushinator's room-mate. I was hoping to be able to walk through the lands Vana'diel spreading pwnage with you guys. I sometimes watched crushy play with you guys on pso and you guys seem pretty cool.

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post Sep 27 2010, 01:17 PM
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chocobo.gif what about any friend of tanshin's? hallo there minoru hyar. me and tanshin are new buddies on ffxiv, , but he told me you guys were into all kinds of games.... primarily pso :D:D:D thought i might stop by and check out this silliness. i hear i get a whole month of "hazing" where you decide if i'm cool enough to chill here, so i thought i might start off by pointing out all the games on my desktop and maybe making some connections? lets see myah...
geometry wars, ddo, wow (not playing anymore), starcraft II, a folder full of roms mostly for gameboy and n64, a few for NES and a few for gamecube... borderlands, ffxi (not playing), ffxiv (totally playing), codmw2, aion (just coz i was trying to get on a free server, but the download client "ncsoft launcher" was being a bitch) maplestory hehe, lotro, plasma pong, axysnake, airxonix, a digimon emulator, PSU, PSU online kind of server thing that doesnt quite work, but you can get in and chill in the lobby/town with the other 3 people who are ever on, and of course PSOBB (available here: http://www.schtserv.com/download.php). lol i have phantasy star portable too, but i already beat it :3 lets see i love ze console games too of course, and loves to roll around in my hubbys maaaaaad collection. lets see gameboy, gameboy color, gameboy advance, 2 gbaSP, DS lite, 2 psps (his is the white japanese psp, sooooo sexy, only plays japanese vmus lol), ps1, 2 xboxs, xbox 360, 2 dreamcasts, 2 genesis, fc twin, nintendo, super nintendo, n64, wii.... idk there might be more but i'm not home right now to check. and of course there are like 6 computers hanging around, but i likes mine the best, coz i built it mahself and dont even get me started on its awesomeness :3 k so thats all i got to say for now i'll check back later, nice meeting you guys :D (^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ
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