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Lo & Behold!!!, Episode II Challenge Mode is here!!
post Dec 12 2003, 08:22 AM
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It gets uploaded on the 16th!!!
And it seems only stage 1 will be available at that time.
I know some of you are still stuck on FFXI but at least
come back for this.
Even if its just one stage.

And in case some of you don't post at The Arcade,
theres a stage 1 beta map in the PSO forum from Ah-King himself.


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post Dec 17 2003, 07:39 PM
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My bad crush, I thought the dick-lasers you were refering to was from his side.

I just completed EP2 C1 today(Yes, I renewed my HL and will be on everynight). The stage wasn't that hard for our group. We only had 3 people, but one of the hucaseals knew what "he" was doing. We totally owned barba ray. His piercing lasers missed us I think, and we gave our HP mats to the lowest hp character. Actually I think I got pegged by the laser. I had 98HP at the time with my HUmar and i might of dropped to about 40ish or 30ish hp. If the FO has over 60 HP they should be able to live. I could see how a Fo could be owned royally. We had a large amount of enemy spawns in our go, so even though we started at level 5 we were level 9 at barba(we skipped alot of uneeded enemy spawns too). We completed the stage with a hour and change to spare. As long as the FO has one scape doll to spare, barba shouldn't be a problem. Of course since this is our first times fighting barba, he's gonna give us trouble on the first go. As time passes Barba will soon know his role.

The Hucaseal in our group knew the map(cause he probably had a map), and his fastest time was like 42 minutes or something. My guess is that I have room for ALOT of improvement.
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