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Sitting here in the school library between classes, ultimately bored and exhausted, I've come up with an idea some of you may either immediately disregard as a waste of time or find some interest in. What is it that we do? How many of us are high school students? College students? Which major? How many of us have completed that tedious part of our lives and achieved a career?

I'm a college student, who after months of trial-and-error has finally settled on Philosophy as an appropriate major. I entered school as a psych major, then chem, then physics, then math, then philosophy and physics, and now just philosophy beigebigrazz.gif I finally realized that I wasted entirely too much time trying to pick one and just decided to go for the shortest and most enjoyable. Nothin' better than arguing with a classful of people about the validity of the substance of an inanimate object :D Anyway, I plan to eventually become a professor and mess with my own students' minds. I'll throw enough Nietzsche, Plato and Descartes their way to make them question society and reality all the way to the looney bin. I love my major :D How about you guys?

Also, hobbies. Other than gaming, do you guys like anything? I used to take martial arts for a very brief period of time, but temporarily injured my knee, so I'll switch to archery until it heals. I'd call myself an avid comicbook fan, but after recieving more disappointing news in the direction of the X-Titles, I plan to quit them cold turkey (I've said this at least a million times in the past).

Any writers out there? If so, please participate in the FFXI role playing game on (Heh! Shameless plug beigebigrazz.gif)

Anyway, this happens to be the aftermath of my sleepless, in-between-class, Tuesday boredom. beigebigrazz.gif
Hey, you all know what I'm not about. I like cheeseburgers, french fires and long walks on the beach. During my spare time I enjoy doing cartwheels off 80 foot buildings. I think it's cool for everyone to get to know each other a little bit more.

Actually, I'm a business major with a focus on management. I think my interests speak for themselves *coughgamingcough*. But I'm less of a gamer at times and more interested in the developement aspect. Other hobbies? Well, I like to do a lot of things, but listing them all would seem so generic.

Anything else about "me" can't be described unless you know me personally. But i'll try. I'm fairly capable at understanding people and the reason they do/act in certain ways. That isn't something you can easily see or find out about me unless you know me personally "face to face." But on the same end, even though I might know what a person is feeling and symphathise, I'm going to be very blunt about something if it is a serious matter. There is a CLEAR DIFFERENCE between being rude and being blunt, and I'm not a disrespectful person. If someone is an adult, I expect people to be able to swallow their pride and take it as is. The way I see it, you can't think without feeling and you can't feel without thinking. Get too logical and things become sterile and uncaring. Get too emotional and a person stresses over nothing without thinking about the greater good.

I'm just stating all that cause it's a part of who I'm and also relates the neccessary skills utilized in my field.
HC, your post is USELESS! I already knew what you did! *SMACK* Just kidding :D *passes out* Damn lack of sleep -_-
Have we been bitten by the "shyness bug?"
> Everybody
QUOTE (drunken_chibi @ Feb 11 2004, 05:38 PM)

The whole idea of the topic is so that the forum member can talk a little bit about themselves to one another.
i gathered that. just an "eh" in general. besides, i'm not interesting enough to merit rambling about myself for any great lenght of time. beigelaugh.gif
QUOTE (drunken_chibi @ Feb 11 2004, 07:33 PM)
i gathered that. just an "eh" in general. besides, i'm not interesting enough to merit rambling about myself for any great lenght of time.  beigelaugh.gif

Then just make it a short post, chibi. ;p

Myself? I'm a college student... still. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in electrical engineering about a year ago. Since the job market sucked ass (and still does, really) I decided to go on to grad school. I also decided I'd had enough of the east coast, having lived there over a quarter of a century, so I moved out to Colorado... only to find out that one college town is about the same as any other. Oh well... I made some new friends, and kept all my old ones, so it's all good I s'pose. Anyways, I'm out here studying robotics to earn my Master's degree in EE. I should finish that up in a year or so. After that, who knows. \o.o/ I support myself with a TA position, (I'm teaching the electronics lab for the second semester in a row) which is where the whole Professor 'Rinn thing came from. ;p

Hmm... other hobbies besides playing video games? Uuhhmmmm..... >.>;;;;

*has to think for a minute* ;p

Well, I'm into fast cars (surprise) and doing stuff to fast cars to make them even faster. (again, surprise >.>) I know my way around an engine bay pretty well, and I've worked on some pretty serious projects in the past. There aren't any projects currently in the works... cars can be a pretty expensive hobby, and that TA job doesn't pay that well. I can barely afford what I drive now, never mind trying to modify it. ^^; Besides, it's pretty damn fast already. ^.~

Every so often, my artistic side rears it's head. I've done a little digital illustration and a little roleplay/fiction writing. If you dig around the forums, you can find some of both. Unfortunately, my inspiration for both seems to have left me around the end of last fall. =/

And, of course.. there's gaming. Currently on my plate are: FFXI, FF Crystal Chronicals, R-Type Final, and Metroid Zero-Mission. (which I just beat tonight ^^)

Ok, so enough about me.... who's next?
ok ok ...

i'm an on-again, off-again writer/"artist"/idea man/cartoonist/hatemonger/satirist ... oh and a drunk. i'm heavily tattooed, enjoy motorcycles, barroom brawls, hockey, living the white trash lifestyle, bad tv, drinking, anime, horror movies, celtic art, any channel on the discovery network (discovery, history, tlc, bbc), history, videogames and long walks on the beach at night... hahaha. there have been 4 attempts on my life at various stages of it, honest injun. somehow i managed to find a woman who doesn't mind these things, though. amazing. i spend entirely too much time on videogames and comic books.. money too. uhh.. this is fucking retarded.. ok ok i'll continue.. i live in boston.. well not in the city anymore, the suburbs.. i got tired of living in the slums, so i moved to the south shore.. which is now becoming a slum.. fucking lovely. i don't play well with others, especially if i'm drinking. but i've been fight free for about a year now. woohoo.. boring, but the gf is happier. i work for one of boston's larger universities doing monkey work for the IT department. it's a living, but not very satisfying. at the end of the work day i come home, get drunk, and play videogames until i pass out from booze or exhaustion. i hate just about everybody. don't it personal... actually do. haha. what few friends i have find it odd that someone with such misanthropic tendencies not only chooses to interract with people in videogames and to a lesser extent online, but that i seem to enjoy it. it's some kind of dissociation thing most likely... i'm sure the shrinks would say it's healthy for me. hahaha. at the AT BBQ, i'd be the guy sitting on the cooler, by the keg, alone, enjoying my beer and exchanging jokes, odd stories, and quips with people who went to get a refill.. then i'd drive home drunk entirely too fast on my bike, and hope i didn't crash or get pulled over, pass out and wonder why there's blood on my pillow. mine? someone elses? who knows? the joy of it all. hahaha. all right enough fun... anyway for all my faults, i'm a reasonable enough fellow, and i do have fun with all of you retards, go figure... beigelaugh.gif
Um, yeah not much to say about me...

I'm a high school student (as well as a military brat....*waves "I hate life" flag*.) Um, I've ADHD so I'm pretty hyper all the time; I play video games and read manga. I watch the occasional anime but I'm moreof a reader *shrug* I also do school sports and I play alto saxophone in our schools band. Um, when I graduate, I'm going to college and thinking of going into the business field.

I do a little photography to pass time by, since there's not much to DO in the damned state of New Mexico (Yay, dirt!) and like looking at stuff about cars (Must...get Gran turismo...4....*twitch*).

Er, yeah can't think of much moreeee...But I DO need to find a more recent pic to whore myself with.
haha... nm.. i used to live in that horrid place for a few years.. awful awful..
Ok... Ok... My turn. How to start... Him, name seems like a good place. I'm Nick, Astrids better half. I'm a computer geek by trade, to ba dI don't get paid for it, I build em, program useless programs from the and so on, heh. I'm a pacifist, bisexual, all around nice guy. Which is sort of oppisit of Astrid, she's a pacifist who will kick anyones ass who messes with me. I aint afraid to let my woman do my dirty work! I'm a huge fan of unconventional thinking (philosophy), art, and literature. As most of you know, my fave. book is The Picture Of Dorian Gray. Nothing better than a book about a bunch of man in love with eachother, HAH! I'm a college drop out due to agoraphobia. Which is developed from years of getting the shit kick out of me, heh. I like to drink (salutes Zerika) but I become sort of cynical when I'm drunk. For example: sober Nick, "oh you need a raise? No problem." Drunk nick, "You need a raise? 9,999,999 gil!"

All in all I enjoy my new family at-emote1.gif buttrock.gif and think we should all get together in RL one day and get shitfaced and murder people.

See ya in the game world! war.gif
i guess i'll share too. shades.gif

well i am 23 years old, a California native. and a piscies witch means i am mucho artistic. beigebigrazz.gif I have put my schooling on hold for the last 5 years or so to take care of my Grandmother, who recently passed (rest her soul) hence all my free time to spend with you awesome people. buttrock.gif i plan a carreer in computer animation/game design witch is looking like will lead me to florida for a 14 month bachelor of science heh... >.> umm... i enjoy all kinds of music from 80's rock to regae and hip-hop. i love action/fantasy/horror movies and basicly anything that makes you use your imagination. oh and I am the founder of the Apocalypse Tribe! buttrock.gif i've watched it grow and mutate since its infancy 3-4 years ago. *gasp* im so proud of joo guys!
Hmm I'm usually shy about this but here it goes...

I'm a 17 year old guy of Filipino decent that lives in California under Ahnold the Governator. My name is Alexander but everyone seems to call me Alex hehe so that nickname stuck. I'm currently a high school senior and hope to attend college later this year at either CSU Stanislaus, CSU Sacramento, San Jose State or our community college,(I got accepted to all 3, but I'm trying to decided still >.<) San Joaquin Delta College. I plan to major in nursing then go back to school a bit later in life and become a Pharmacist. My hobbies are reading (seldomly >.<), playing video games and playing tennis, basketball and football. I'm a really passive and introverted person, but overall I'm a really nice guy =D (Sometimes TOO nice).
Im Michael. In my veins flows the blood of the ancient mayans. Im 18 years old and a junior in High school. Thats right folks im here for the 5 year plan. Thats because i dick around in school alot and Im told to be a very bright person who doesnt apply himself, prolly becasue I dont know what i wanna do in life. I do know that I wanna change the world, for the better that is. My utimate goal is to be remembered. Im all for non conformity and free thinking. My pastimes are drawing, working out, anime, games, and paintball guns. When im not cutting school and hanging out with my friends shooting at the local crackheads with our paintball guns im trying to better my art skills. But ever since i stood back I have reformed big time and spend more time doing homework and writing essays. I have even cut down on my gaming time. I must say that school has really reformed or made me conform to society....>.<
On weekends I work at a local pizzeria where I take alot of shit from my boss and customers all day but alawys end up keeping a cool head. I live in NJ like a half hour away from NYC. Its a really urban area with an increase of wanksters swearing they are bloodz and crips running around stabbing people. It has really gotten out of hand round here. Anyway thats some of me. boo.gif
Well... I'm a 16 year old Junior in high school. I like MMORPG's, girls, alcohol, and other stereotypical things I should like. As for music I like alternative, and occasionally a weird-ass quasi-classic nobody else likes. I do fairly well in school, but don't try exceedingly hard to do well, because I don't care that much. My favorite movies are Donnie Darko and The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, I'm an Atheist who goes to a Catholic high school, which means not a popular kid in school, and I'm addicted to Coca Cola Classic. That's me.
Pfft, I'm going to break the mold of these little biographies of yours and type a long entry no one will read, seeing as I read every one of your meticulously..

Lets start with school..

I'm a high school student with quite a bit of college under her belt :) I'm not a self-proclaimed genius, but apparently a genius in denial, how terrible is that? I've got extreme apathy and disinterest towards anything that does not captivate me for a long period of time.. thus I'm quite lazy and disinterested in my supposed education but I do get by..

Anyway, onward.

I'm Ferra :D .. or Kari, depends on how much you talk to me, really. I'm Irish, so I'm a lucky little stiff, and I have freckles to spare. I wish I was fat. I make fun of emo kids. I use to have black hair, now I have red hair.. No matter how hard I try the roots are aaalways red ;)

Hobbies.. hobbies.. passions? Hobbies and passions!

Music! First and foremost is my music. I'm terrible with a guitar, but I'm quite a determined little girl :) I'm definitely not a lyricist, but I manage. My vocal talent is to be decided by those listening to my vocal.. err.. stuff. I never pass judgment on my own vocal talents.. albeit I believe I'm terrible. </hypocrisy> I don't have a specific genre of music I adore, but I dislike rap and country.

Whoah. I guess music is my life =| That's so lame, I'm such a kid.

I don't really have a terrible lot of friends my age, most of them are insufferable, and not too terribly bright if you know what I mean. I feel like an old lady when I say that =|

Oh! Hobbies! I'm an in-the-closet RPG geek unless you make me talk first :X It all started one dark stormy night.. me and my Xenogears were cuddling..

I uh.. cosplay? Yeah! I make costumes then end up not attenting any cons! I'd like to attend Anime expo, Otakon, and Acen! Hopefully I'll make all three this year without having to commit seppuku 'cause I let too many people down :3

I'm leaving for Japan for a study abroad program in September, and hopefully the transfer of FFXI will be a possibility, if not I'll just post here and ya'll better keep your poor ferral kitten company ;D

Yeah, it's 2:00 AM, I'll add more in an edit if I remember anything :D Yay!

I'm leaving for Japan for a study abroad program in September, and hopefully the transfer of FFXI will be a possibility, if not I'll just post here and ya'll better keep your poor ferral kitten company ;D

That sounds really interesting. Two of my friends did that last summer and absolutely loved their trip. Funny story about that: apparantly, in Japanese, "father" and "homosexual" sound very similar. Jessica, whose Japanese is only at an elementary level, had consequently, mistakenly called her Japanese father a homosexual. I just found that amusing :D

Regarding your hatred of emo kids: I doubt you'll find anyone with a greater sense of anti-pathy for self-pitying whiners than me. I've written countless rants on the talent-retardation of today's music, and self-induced depression that's most likely the aftermath of being too spoiled and bored. Wow, I just realized that there are three, neatly lined up uses of "Japanese" in my post ... Amazing what you'll notice on lack of sleep beigebigrazz.gif
Okay, I'm gonna try to break it down as best I can.

Lets start with my present...

Currently I'm 19 year old Fine Arts major at a state college in the city. Yep, I study/do all that free-form abstract painting, sculpture, drawing.. along with the classical techniques of the old masters. Its really fun and different from last year when I was a Graphic Design major. Although I enjoyed it... I just felt like I needed more time to express myself freely, inspire, and ferther develope my own style.. without all the rules and restrictions of corporate design.
After I get my A.A.S in Fine Arts, I'll be going for a B.F.A in Computer Animation & Interactive media. Aiming for a career animating in either Film, Game/Character-Design, Web-Design and the such.

During the school semesters I like to spend alot of time to myself. Everyother weekend or so I'll go hang out with my good friends and just take it easy.
Im pretty stright-edge (no smokes, booze, drugs), but I don't preach it... I have a big dislike for preachers of all kinds. Other's do their thing, and I do mine; we all have our reasons, right? ^.^

Now, hobbies and interests...

Art...heh. Well yeah, I pretty much grew up as a child of the arts. Both me, and my younger brother inherited the skill from our father. I have an interest for many kinds of visual expression; from classical, modern, ethnic, architectual to web-design, graphic-design, Anime/Manga, sculpture, 3-D animation and photography.

Music... for the most part I listen to alot of EMO/core, although I'm not a "EMO kid", my personality is far from the whiny, crying, super sensitive type. Anyone that knows me even alittle bit can tell you that. I guess I just enjoy the feelings this type of music envokes on me, feelings that I usually wouldn't feel or think about. Some of my favorite bands include Saves the Day, Emery, SAOSIN, Rufio, and Funeral for a Friend.. among others. Also I enjoy music by such bands as AFI, Rise Against, Abandoned Pools, GooGoo Dolls, Weezer, and The Used. Im sure Im missing alot more but I wanna move on...
J-Rock, also another type of music Im into... but this, Im not into for the words or lyrics as much. Mainly just the melodies. Whenever I get sick of listening to english words, or just the language altogether, I turn on some HYDE, Larcenciel, or Pillows. I enjoy the presentation of rock&roll this culture brings...

Which brings me to things like Visual-Kei. V-K is basicly Japan's version of 80's glamrock but taken much farther in terms of style, visual presentation, and the overall coolness (atleast to me beigebigrazz.gif). Most V-K bands/artists dress very androgynous and their clothing style is pretty much extreme bondage mixed with a flair of gothic type, feminine cut clothing. They put their look on the same level as their music and most of these bands/artist are male, although you'd swear they were female. Some Visual-K bands/artists are Periotte, Gackt, Malice Mizer, and Luna Sea. The only female V-K artist I've come across is the very cute Kana.

I also find cosplay very fun and interesting.. although I don't do it myself. If I ever were to do it, I'd probably try and do a visual-kei style outfit ^.^
Alot of people wrould probably find all this stuff to be kind of bazarr, but since I'm a very visual type person... things like this really draw me in.

Ah, gaming... I've been playing games for as long as I can remember. I had an Atari (don't remember the model) in my house before I could even grip a joystick. My uncle would absolutely spoil me in terms of video games... he'd bring home a new cartridge for me all the time and I'd sit there jamming buttons and rotatating the joystick mindlessly. Probably by the time I was 3-4 I was able to somewhat understand and control the relationship between me, the joypad, and the moving colorful shapes on the TV. By six years old I was beating Mario 3 over and over just to improve my time. On the weekends my uncle would take me down to the local arcade and just let me go wild with quarters... ahh, those were the days.
These days Im more picky with the type of games I play. For the most part I've seen and played every genra out there and very little new games captivate me enough to waste my time. My favorite genres are Console RPGs, MMORPGs, Fighting, Racing, and 2-d Side-scroller type action adventure, shooting and platformers. I also enjoy flight and mech simulations.

Other things I enjoyr are Sci-Fi (cyberpunk) & fantasy novels, comic books, and graphic novels.

Personality...last because I don't really have much to say about this.

I guess I'm a quiet kinda guy, maybe alittle aloof... some people would mistaken this for shyness, but I really just don't have much to say most of the time. I speak when I'm spoken to, or when I think its important for me to share my thoughts. I'm an absorber... taking in infomation for myself, and not caring to share it.
I can seem alittle more outgoing online, mainly because its a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to me, and also more effortless to try and share thoughts with people.
I rarely judge people... but when I do its on actions, words, and personality. I have a huge distaste for things such as cliques, trends, ignorance, posers, self-induced depression and people who cast opinions (good or bad) before getting the bigger, or whole picture. Alot of these reasons in why I tend to shut myself off from most people (including reasons that deal with my childhood, but I don't feel like getting into that) and just look for my own way towards things. Right or wrong, I still did it 'my way'.

Other stuffthat might tell you somthing about me...

My name is Thai (pronouced like Tai, Tie, Tye, etc). In Chinese/Japanese it means 'Peace', 'Calm' or 'Tranquility". I think it matches me well.I was named after my brithplace, and came to the US before I was two years old. I was born in a mountain village.. Chinese from my mother's side, Vietnamese and Cambodian from my father's. I'v had an adoration of Thieves since my early teens... and um, dunno..thats all i got for now.

If I come up with anything else I'll edit. But thats the jist of it...or atleast what I can come up with.
A tad off topic, but Kazicht, is this V-K?

I go to a forum and someone has that as a sig. Never knew what the hell was going on but now, I may.
re: jp bands -- it's all about yellow machinegun
QUOTE (Marn @ Feb 18 2004, 12:31 PM)
A tad off topic, but Kazicht, is this V-K?

Yep, thats pretty much it... thats the band Dir~en~grey.
So we're listin' music favorites now, 'eh? Well, I'll jump in, too. Why not? beigebigrazz.gif I'm a *huge* fan of oldschool Dead Kennedys, specifically the Jello Biafra years. Of course, since his departure from the band, saying they went downhill would be a huge understatement. I mean, you go from intelligent, tongue-in-cheek, satirical, political rock, to "Mari-marijuana, they'll catch you if they wanna..." Please ... utter stupidity.

I'm also a fan of AFI because their song-writing style reminds me of the 19th century gothic romantics, even though I'm a bigger fan of the original romantics (like S.T. Coleridge!) and later Transcendentalists (like Thoreau!) beigebigrazz.gif

I also love the Subhumans, Minor Threat, Fugazi, etc.

My "fun" bands consist of Motorhead and the Danzig Misfits.

Of course, recently, Dorian's managed to slightly transform my taste in music and mutate it to fit his. Damn beigebigrazz.gif *steals Dorian's Dream Theater cd*

heh ..I also really, *really* like the Cowboy Bebob ending theme. Does anyone else think it's surprisingly alluring?

Anyway, I really appreciate everyone's responces. Zerika's seemed the most interesting to me, particularly because he reminds me of my old friend, Vin. Vin's dream life consists of jagermeister, metal and a harley. He's probably one of the biggest doses of honesty and loyalty you'll ever get. He may not be the warmest or friendliest person in the world, but if he is a friend, he will be for life.

Anyway, I appreciate all the responces. Thanks a ton beigesmile.gif
muuusssiiiic! i am a fan of music.

favorite bands?

red hot chili peppers. been a fan since fifth grade. flea is my god. i just got my bass guitar and i'm trying to learn how to play it. he is... wow.

death cab for cutie. ben gibbard is an amazing lyricist and all of his music is powerful. a recent favorite.

postal service. singer from death cab, back-up singer from rilo kiley, everything else by the guy from dntel. death cab's amazing lyrics combined with the most perfect pair of singers imaginable combined with kickass technorifficness in the background. right up there on my list right behind rhcp. <3

dashboard confessional. i've got a lot of emotional attachment to most of their songs. it's my sad/spiteful music.

i like all kinds of music really.

Ok, I will feel guilty if I read this post and don't respond...since I not posted much in a while.

I am current a Junior at a University pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. I may have around 2-3 years left for my undergraduate degree.

I quite enjoy living here on campus is so nice!

I joined the message boards here around May 2003 but my official date of joining was in July 2003.

I quite enjoy playing PSO and I (was) quite a challenge mode addict. Don't get me wrong, I still like it much and have the maps burned into the back of my mind...but I just have not had as much time lately to play...

I enjoy mostly anything to do with electrical engineering, programming, etc. I had fun working on a keyboard adapter using a PIC micrcontroller...very similar to 'Rinn's design...with credit to him as well for some help! That is really my idea of fun. Does anyone agree with me???

I had a major addiction with PSO...and it started to interfere with my life earlier...gosh that sounds familiar, doesn't it?

I have since gotten away from that addiction...I am glad too!!!

Besides studing EE in school and computer science I have taken an interest in Japanese language 日本語...I typed some on my last post...if you have the fonts installed to view the characters. I find it quite facinating, especially the Kanji (Chinese characters). I can't seem to get enough and being here at the university makes it so much worse! I can actually have friends teach me now!!!笑 I would LOVE to do a study abraod program, or even better a echange program! That would be so cool!

Besides that I have done quite in high school from maintaining computer networks (I used to have a administrative login with more access then almost everyone), to the school newspaper and yearbook designs and video editing (so fun).

I used to work in a retail pet store as a cashier, but have done everything in there form cashiering, to stocking, receiving, supervising, and forklift operating. Name it and I maybe have done it. I resigned from there after 5 3/4 years to move away to college back in January of this year. So, I am now jobless and relying on student loans and parental funding...yeah!!!

またね~(see you again)
I don't remember much about where I came from. It's been along time since I have been back. They sent me here to destroy the world, but I haven't been able to fully complete my task. Other things keep getting in the way. A series of photographs were taken that I have posted elsewhere on this site.
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