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did anyone else get this i picked it up tuesday and so far i love it and have about 20 hours so far a lot of magazines try to say single player is boring but i disagree ive been having a blast in single player it plays like the secret of mana games but its a lot better than legend of mana and the more i play it the more i wish i had more gba's to play multiplayer
I was really close to getting the game, but I just didn't seen the thrill in only being able to play the multiplayer game on weekends. So I decided to just pass on it and wait a month. Especially with classes going on now.
My roomate has it I guess we are playing it tomorrow.
man this game rocks hard i called off work twice this week to play more beigebiggrin.gif
QUOTE (Alisha @ Feb 14 2004, 09:14 AM)
man this game rocks hard i called off work twice this week to play more beigebiggrin.gif

Lmao...I used to not go to school last year just to stay home and play pso stuff but since im in HS I guess I shouldn't do that anymore.=-X
Holy shit game is AWESOME in mulitplayer. We hooked it up 4 players and were screaming at eachother, and matching up our timing for combo attacks and shit. Problems stared to arise when EVERYBODY TOOK THE GOOD PRIZES at the end of the match, and were purposely making me lost my "objective" so I couldn't get the best prize...but that was just more fun and yelling I guess.

I played for a bit, solo after everyone fell asleep, and I gotta say the game doesn't quite have as much pizazz. You don't get as many cool items from the monsters, and the battles change from a frentic combo-fest to you using the same attack and/or spell over and over again until the boss dies. It's easier to go through the towns though, and using the REAL GC controller is a plus.

Here's my impressions so far:

+Multiplayer is way enjoyable, co-op is always great, in any game.
+The combos are really cool, and how you can join spells together for Firaga, Gravity, Holy, etc makes for some great teamwork.
+The graphics and voices are excellent.
+The gameboy screen thing is actually useful, as it keeps the game pace flowing while you flip around your spells and use items.

-Single player mode is blah compared to mulitplayer. I probably won't play this game solo much, but will defintely hook it up on the weekends.
-Playing with a GBASP is about the worst long term controller you could possibly hold. Stupid corners and tiny D-pad sucks ass after playing for 4 hours.
-Stupid character creation on the GBA that doesn't let you see what your guy looks like until you create him, and then you gotta go back and do it all over again if you picked a dorky look.
-The story is completely pointless, and just slows the game down. We were more interested in getting to the next level than watching some dumbass scene where some generic NPCs blather on to our characters.
-No sorting on the item menu makes finding stuff a pain.

If you already have enough friends with GBAs to hook it up mulitplayer, then drop the 10 bones each on a GC>GBA link cable and pick this game up. Its solid gold multplayer entertainment. However, if you can't get your friends together (or are a lonely loser) then I would only give it a passing recommendation. Its a lot like PSO, where the pizazz is in the multiplayer and human interaction, not the solo gameplay or story.
Vitamin D
Yeah this game is tiiiight. I played with 2 other friends. (If Gamestop didn't screw me over...I'd have a 4th cable >_>....) Working together is a must. And once you all decide on who does what (melee, mage, etc.) It gets really cool. And boss fights are SO much easier when your party cooperates. Also, the bonus system is only stupid if you're not playng with friends. If there's something that you really want (or NEED) your friends will hook you up. And combining spells is an awesome sight. Yeah, I'll be on this game pretty hardcore.
LOL Vitamin D, you must have much nicer friend than me. For our bonus missions, we would purposely try to hide what it was, because once the others found out they would purposely thwart EVERY attempt you made to achieve it so they could bogart the strongest items. Of course that's just another kickass facet to the game...competition amidst cooperation.
Vitamin D
QUOTE (Crushinator @ Feb 16 2004, 05:09 PM)
LOL Vitamin D, you must have much nicer friend than me. For our bonus missions, we would purposely try to hide what it was, because once the others found out they would purposely thwart EVERY attempt you made to achieve it so they could bogart the strongest items. Of course that's just another kickass facet to the game...competition amidst cooperation.

Haha that's true too. There ARE some times where i'll get something like "take damage" and I'll abuse the hell out of it, just to get what I want. beigelaugh.gif And yeah...there are times when I wanted something and my friend was like "too bad" lol. (I coulda used that extra slot dammit!) And now that I've played this..I can't wait to try out Four sword for GC. shades.gif
Oh hell yeah, Four Swords will totally rock the cazbah. I can totally see what nintendo's vision with the GCN>GBA connectivity, and how fun it can be. If they would have implemented cool shit like this from the get-go, maybe people wouldn't be so dismissive of the possiblities.
Errr....if someone wants to delete that last post that would be great considering I forgot to log in..DOH! >_<.
Haha I just picked this game up yesterday (after trading in like 4-5 games for an amazing $68 bucks 0.0...)but ya I havn't really played it much but I'll prolly be able to get 1 or 2 friends up here to play sometime when I'm not playing runescape or FFXI (WHICH I JUST GOT MY VIDEO CARD FOR TODAY SO I SHOULD BE FINALLY ON TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!) But ya I'm excited to see how the multiplayer is on FFCC.
My overall review on multiplayer(we played for a long time too) It differs with some of the more positive reviews on the boards. I just saw the game as being a very solid multiplayer experience,

Played multi over at a friends house(4 peeps). IMO it doesn't compare to PSO online, but the degree of team work required is far more intense. The aspect of teamwork has it's pros and cons. The goal of farming areas and maximizing equipment is a lot of fun, and it being an overall new experience adds a lot too the game.

The teamwork required in some cases is just simple communication(ie. i have the gba map, he sees the treasure on gba, she sees the enemies on gba etc.). This may 'sound' cool, but IMO it's truely a burden having to yell out, "DUDE, you see any treasures on your gba, I wanna know if I should go up or down?" "Chill DUDE, I'm trying to swap my magic in my inventory." I'm all for relying on people, but in reality it's putting an uneeded burden on everyone and doesn't tap into the true nature of teamwork.

Relying on others strengths to benefit you and vice versa is part of teamwork, but the differing gba maps feel too forced to create a reliant nature with your memebers, whereas discussing strategy and calling out combo spells is much more fun. If people like the differing GBA maps, "yea!" for them. I think everyone should have a basic map.

I also dislike the bonus point goals. Some goals are just plain better then others and having to conform your playing style, which in turn can hurt the dynamics of teamwork just doesn't work. Example, Don't cast spells. Ummm...If my team members need to do a fusion or need a heal, I'm gonna cast a spell. If I choose not to cast a spell to get the bonus, it's hurting the team so I can benefit, yet if the game requires teamwork to survive, the very ideal of the hidden bonus contradicts its self. Also the dual aspects of competition and teamwork essential clash against themselves. "A house against it's self cannot stand." When we play together, we just give the right artifacts to whomever needs it the most, so trying to fight over the artifcats defeats the purpose of working together as a group to find all the goodies. I think the bonus should of been redone so it rewards teamwork and or how well you play an an individual, not "pick up items!!!"

The combat is much too simplistic for my tastes. I personally crave depth, but that also alienates other gamers, so I'm not going to hold it against the game. 3 hit timed combos with no variety or strategical implication are much too cliche and does very little to add to the reflex and coordinated nature that makes "twitch" games fun. PSO uses 3 hit timed combos as well, but changing them up, delaying them, and limiting their useage to effect stagger times adds more strategy to the situation.

At times, despite all the crap flying around on screen, your characters seem a bit too slow to truely become one with the "twitch" nature of these types of games. I'm not refering to their movements, but without a true defense manuver(ie.dash) that is easier to access, the intensity of the game is capped. I breathe twitch, so maybe for someone else it's just the right speed. I just don't like seeing an attack come at me, yet cause I was charging I can't move out of the way in time.

Boss battles are very cool, no complaint there.

The dungeons are straight foward at times, yet the puzzle designs keep you interested enough to continue onward. Nothing revoluationary, but done well enough that it can be fun in multi.

Overall the game in multi is enjoyable, but I'd much rather be playing Guardian Heros for the sega saturn in multiplayer. The fact that the overall game is a new experience for me is why i'm enjoying it.

People are going to like and dislike certain things that are the reverse of why I liked and disliked the game, but hey...what ever floats their boats. The game is very solid.
Sword of Fire
Single player is boring but multi is awesome!
I rented this game last week and I have to say its fairly enjoyable, I didn't get to play Multi because I don't know anyone with a GBA, it gets fairly repeatedtive though after a while in single player though, i guess the second to last and last boss makes up for that by making it even more harder skullcross.gif

I might have to rerent it again to finish it up, but I wouldn't buy it mostly because I can't multi with other people crash.gif
( gotta go get the last heart artifact and get my stats above 50, oh and can't forget those hard to get Rings.... I still need Cure and maybe Life for that holy focus with thunder/blizzard )
What happened to multiplayer games using extra controllers? I really dont get the whole needing multiple GBAs part of this game beigeconfused.gif
It's basically so you don't have to disturb the flow of the game while you fiddle with your menus, using items, adjusting spell commands, etc.

If you've played the SNES game Secret of Mana, you'll recall how it was a little annoying when the other player would have to freeze the entire action of the game so they could switch weapons or cast a spell.

Although it seems cumbersome and expensive, it does actually help improve the way the game works not having to change screens for a menu. The single player FF:CC doesn't give the option to use a GBA, so you are stuck using the lame separate screen menus, and it gets really annoying after you are used to the multiplayer-GBA style of play.
Here's how FF:CC went for me playing with my roommate:

Year 1 - Awesome! Love the game .. so much fun
Year 2 - Awesome! Love the game .. so much fun
Year 3 - FUN!
Year 4 - Fun ... but is this all there is?
Year 5 - Ok, this is getting silly ... it's stupid easy and amazingly repetitive.
Year 6 - *snore* wake me up when we are at the final boss so I can beat this dumb game and sell it.

Ps. The GBA thing is complete crap and I'm pissed off that I couldn't use my wavebird. The Idea of using the GBA to access your menus without disturbing the other players is great, but fact is, when you're playing you have to stop moving anyway because of the magic bucket and frankly, you don't want to be getting into fights when one person isn't there. SOOOOOOO, if you have to stop ... WHY NOT SHOW THE DAMN MENUS ON THE SCREEN ... IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!


Ok, I'm done.

FF:CC is lame ... C-

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