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Full Version: Bastok Eco-Warrior Roll Call!
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Ok, if this is really going down on Saturday night its time to organize! =D

So far from the previous thread this is what it looks like we've got:

Team Members:
Woe Drk/War
Zerika Drg/Sam
Chirawurm Mnk/Sam
Zorya Rdm/Mnk
Dive Rdm/Whm
Alisah Mnk/War
Kylindar Rdm, War, or Drg
Taramis Whm/Blm
Crushinator Nin/War
Silphied Pld/War
Kitsume Whm/Blm
Erdwin Nin/Thf
Robynflye Drk/War
Dankeru Thf
Kazicht War/Nin
Dorian Whm/Blm

Astrid Rdm

16 Team members so far, and if we don't have as large of a support team as before, its going to be a tougher than the San d'Oria Eco-warrior, this means balanced teams are essential so I think its a good idea if we get our teams set up ahead of time.

So, whether you are on the above list or not, if you are able to do this on Saturday night around 10pm Eastern simply post yes so we can get rolling on this.
Thief/MONK thank you. ^^ Like it matters.

I'm still in. Hope we get a sweeper team or we might have to try twice worst comes to worst.
Ah sorry, I've been meaning to add my name up..

Kazicht: WAR/NIN
yes -- i'll be there.
I should be able to make it. Thanks for organizing this!
Don't forget Dorian! He got the Bastok quest, too. He's a lvl 28 whm/blm

I, however, got mine in Windy, sadly :(

But I'll be there for support in killing the surrounding mobs :D
I'm in.
I'm in as well.
I'll come. I have red mage, white mage, and warrior above level 20 and numerous possible subs... so stick me in a team and tell me what you need. (as long as it doesn't involve wearing pants ;p)

Nothing beats a flexible elf chick. ^.~
Bumping for the lazy viewers.
Ok, I'm in it too. I just hope I can get the quest... if Not I'll bea proud member of the support team. I'll either be a DRG/WAR or WAR/MNK
Horosha Onikage
Still in. (Never left anyway. beigebigrazz.gif)
QUOTE (Dive @ Feb 20 2004, 09:07 PM)
Bumping for the lazy viewers.

Do you really need to bump topics that are front page news? beigelaugh.gif
ummm.. oh yea!! I guess not. heh beigelaugh.gif
Reporting for duty.

On second thought, I can be rather flexible here as well....

Drg - 20
War - 25
Whm - 33
Blm - 18
Mnk - 55

I have low lvl gear for all except Monk, sadly. I'll fill a warrior/tank slot if necessary....and my spells are up to date. In case of accidental death I'd hate to lose exp on my main job....20k tnl really forces you to pick your fights carefully.

- -a

--There with bells on....
Yes =p

Judging from B's reaction, I will probably go WAR...or DRG...just depends I guess.
Anyway, I'll have the LS on so you can tell me what's needed.

Squad 1:
Taramis WHM/BLM
Crushinator NIN/WAR
Robynflye DRK/WAR
Zerika DRG/SAM
Dankeru THF

Squad 2:
Dorian WHM/BLM
Silphied PLD/WAR
Kylindar RDM/?
Chirawurm MNK/SAM

Squad 3:
Kitsume WHM/BLM
Kazicht WAR/NIN
Alisah MNK/WAR
Erdwin NIN/THF


here are teams balanced out with 1 healer, 1 rdm, 1 tank, and 2-3 damage dealers each. with room for 2 random people to boot, + any extra sweepers that wish to join us.

Exactly what we have to do:
once we enter Gusgen we will take the west passage around to the large room as seen on the first map in the other bastok-eco thread. once we clear out the large room we will need to activate the ??? at (G-12) which will begin the NM fight, and the rest is history.
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