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Full Version: Bastok-Eco warriors
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Squad 1:
Taramis WHM/BLM
Crushinator NIN/WAR
Robynflye DRK/WAR
Zerika DRG/SAM
Dankeru THF

Squad 2:
Dorian WHM/BLM
Silphied PLD/WAR
Kylindar RDM/?
Chirawurm MNK/SAM
Layrinn WAR/WHM

Squad 3:
Kitsume WHM/BLM
Kazicht WAR/NIN
Alisah MNK/WAR
Erdwin NIN/THF


here are teams balanced out with 1 healer, 1 rdm, 1 tank, and 2-3 damage dealers each. with room for 2 random people to boot, + any extra sweepers that wish to join us.

Exactly what we have to do:

NPC for quest : Reifa (D-6 Port Bastok, Seaming Sheep resturaunt)

once we enter Gusgen we will speak with degga to recieve the Level Cap. from there take the west passage around to the large room as seen on the first map in the other bastok-eco thread. once we clear out the large room we will need to activate the ??? at (G-12) which will begin the NM fight, and the rest is history.
Please don't forget to fit me in there somewhere. As I said in the other thread, I can bring Warrior, Red Mage or White Mage with pretty much any sub you want.
adding you now Rinn beigesmile.gif
Thanks, Woe. My friend Calidus would also like to come... so if you could put him in that last spot, that would be great. He'll be WAR/MNK, I think.
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