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Full Version: Argh my computer hates me
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Stupid spyware... my task bar kept freezing up, until I get a pop up ad, for some really weird reason O_o

ARGH STUPID RETARDED SOLICITORS! Can't even get away from 'em online ;x

Sorry I feel like venting, it's been pissing me off for the past 2 1/2 hours...

Edit 2- Marn fixed me :O (99% sure anyways >.>)
Well, we'll see, but you shouldn't have any more problems. beigebigrazz.gif
Ad-aware is your friend!
Yeah seriously >.> I never had a huge problem with this until lately though, so I was stupid and didn't bother getting it ;x

I love you Marn >.>
Personally, I like using Adsubtract. It is pretty well featured and not too spendy.
yea i ran ad aware on my friends computer the other day and it removed like 500 items LOL
I just use regedit and manually sniff out all those pesky browser hijacker. I don't trust those ad-aware enough to use em. Anything that is free will always have some hidden catch.
or you can open up your task manager, and list every process running.. then look up what each process does, and track it down that way.. lots of ways to catch the spyware shit without adding more to your system
mmm...I have really watched what I install, and don't install a lota share-ware kinda stuff. I have never really had a the fact that I think I format my PC about once every year or when I start to see junk accumilate on it. at-emote1.gif
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