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Full Version: Ferra the white mage..
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Alright, so it's crappy, but I thought it was funny in it's own little way ;)

I apologize in advance for the terribly not-cleaned image, I'm in a bit of a hurry otherwise I would've colored it a little pretty ;)

user posted image

For those of you who can't read the hand writing.. (I can't blame you, it's terrible.)

--Quifim Island--

Cldstrf invites you into his party
<Cldstrf> Welcome!
<Ferra> Hiya!
<Cldstrf> Sum1 pull!!!!!!11!!one
<Ferra> Uh.. I don't have any MP. MP = 23/346
<Ferra> Plus we're surrounded by pugils -- they link..
<Cldstrf> STFU and heal me!!!1!
Ferra casts Banishga

--Port Jeuno--

<Ferra> >3
(There are no party members)

The end!

Haha, awesome. The picture and words are equally well done. Heh, you can't make that stuff up... it's so true.
Nice drawing. Although I think it's messed up that so many people can relate.

Heh, as a white mage you have a lot of power in the group. I'd just make threatening comments toward a dumb tank, especially if they are doing something blatantly wrong.

"If you pull now I'm not healing you EVER!!!"
HAHA, I'd probably have that macroed just for kicks.

If they don't listen, just leave the group ASAP. It's not too hard to get a PT invite as a white mage. If people don't listen to reason, i'm not one to put up with their bullshit.
Hehe, thats awesome. Cute, but sad ^^;
lol. Sadly, I've faced the same problem in Kazham groups and I'm a $^&#in' red mage >:/ This means that I obviously have less mp, and arguably mind, than a white mage, yet they still would stubbornly pull when my was at one fourth of its max. Idiotic, hell-floor-2 players -_-
As sad as it is to admit this, I've made a shortcut saying "Pull again and I'm using scroll of warp"

I love that drawing! lol And the lines were perfect of the idiots we see in Qufim >=/ *Wishes he could draw like that*
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