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Full Version: Martha Stewart busted!
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Convicted on all 4 counts. At least her cell mates won't have to worry about decorating if they throw the book at her.
Let this be a lesson. If your going to do something illegal, make sure you don't get caught...


Or just don't do anything illegal in the first place. Although if YOU knew your stock in a certain area was gonna take a massive drop, who the fuck wouldn't pull out? I really can't blame Martha, because practically everyone would of done the same thing if they had the insider information. It's just because she's in the spot light that she is getting all this attention. Not too mention her "diva homemaker" image is enough to make most people gag and despise her(because people aren't perfect and having that image proliferated makes others despise you more because they know they aren't). The more people despise you, the more they want to see you fall, especially if you are preceived to be one way but aren't that way.
"And now I'll show you how to add a flower border when you press a license plate"

I'm hearing all about it on court TV right now, haha.
I honestly will feel bad for who ever the cell mate is.
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